No, AMERICAN HORROR STORY: HOTEL is NOT Cancelled! August 12, 2015

8fd241feff7749d8ad99d27eef830a9bSigh. The Media Witch strives for accuracy in reporting. She sure as heck doesn’t like spreading rumors. So when she sees blog posts like this one, which is trying to spread a rumor that the upcoming season of AMERICAN HORROR STORY (a show that’s been written about here quite a bit, since Season Three, COVEN, was all about witches) is being cancelled, she tends to see red. And not in a good Myrtle-Snow-wearing-red-for-a-pop-of-color kinda way, either. You know how I can tell this is a made-up news story? Because the quote offered from series co-creator Brad Falchuk is full of grammatical errors and completely lacks his usual eloquence. The guy is a writer, people. Ryan and I made the decision before the summer but have waited until now to announce these sad news. Despite a fifth season of American Horror Storytitled “Hotel” having been almost completed, we will not air it in October as we have previously said, in fact, we won’t be airing it at all. This decision has been made after some personal differences between Fox and us creators and I am afraid these conflicts are too dire for us to be able to salvage the show. I dearly hope that fans will understand our decision and remember AHS for what it was, not what it didn’t become”  So. That poorly written gibberish, along with the fact that this “news” does not appear to be announced anywhere else on the interwebs, leads me to believe this is a fake story. Which means The Stately Harold has some things to explain. But then again, The Stately Harold already makes it clear, if one looks around a bit, that it is a “satirical website.” OH, I get it. That story wasn’t supposed to be serious. But…if you’re satirical, where’s the satire? You know, well-written, humorous, thought-provoking. clever, SATIRE? Bad writing with fake quotes is not satire. It’s just lame. Am I missing something? This is at least funny, if not by-the-book satirical. Read it and learn something, wanna-be writers.

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