7 Proven and Highly Effective Principles for Christian Writers to Write about Sex

7 Proven and Highly Effective Principles for Christian Writers to Write about Sex August 12, 2016


As Christian Writers, people are concerned about being effective – highly effective – like, highly, highly effective. I can’t tell you how many people ask me, ‘Naked, how can I be a highly effective Christian write and talk about sex?’ [well, actually I can tell you how many, none; no one has ever asked me that question]. Many are searching for a proven, and highly effective, ways of sharing their non-ideas, while talking about sex in Christian terms. They desire to post, posts, where their posts, the ones they post, are posts designed to be highly effective posts, when compared to other posts, posted by people who post less effective posts about sex [say that 3 times fast].  That’s right, they desire to focus on posting, posts, that are posted to be posts that are effective posts, about sex. So, how does on post, posts, that are highly effective posts about sex? [and if you made it past this paragraph, the rest will be easy reading]

After reading a few [ok, maybe one] post, posted as highly effective, I have notices several points to share [or write a useless article because I have had a slow Friday]. Here are seven points I have found most Christian Authors use to post, the posts, they post to post their posts as an effective posts – which would be a waste of posting a post, where the post was ineffective. [dang, that is one confusing opening – I need a strong drink]

Let’s start:

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