Nepal Earthquake Relief

Nepal Earthquake Relief May 6, 2015

On April 25 at 11:26am, an earthquake with the magnitude of 7.8 rocked the country of Nepal. The damage has been mindImage: Powerful earthquake hits Nepal boggling:

  • 8.1 million in need of some form of humanity aid including shelter, medicine, medical aid, clean water etc.
  • 3.0 million in need of food
  • 14,062 reported injured
  • 130,000 homeless
  • 7,200 killed (and climbing)

I just got back from Nepal on April 2nd, so it’s sobering to think that some of the buildings where recently stood have been reduced to rubble. But many of my friends are still there. And although they are still alive, the destruction is overwhelming.

As you may know, Touch Nepal, the organization that I’m a part of, has been involved in several ministries in and around Kathmandu. Despite the quake, the gospel continues to shine through the believers in Nepal who are working night and day to help those in need. And the needs are overwhelming. Here’s a snap shot of some specific needs facing our friends in Nepal.

Pastor Daniel Chandra, who pastors a church in the slum settlement of the Balkhu region in central Kathmandu is in great need. You may remember Daniel from my blog a few weeks ago titled “Slum God.” He has a flourishing ministry in a largely avoided part of the city, where make-shift houses and stray dogs furnish the banks of the Bagmati river, which cuts through the city. A few months ago, his church and school was bull-dozed to the ground through a government project. Touch Nepal helped fund another building, but it too was leveled to the ground in the earthquake. Daniel’s home was also destroyed. However, Daniel continues to reach out to those in need. and although he’s homeless and churchless, he’s radiating the gospel through tangible acts of love and service.

Bikash Pariyar, whom I also blogged about, was in the middle of a church service on the third floor of a building when the earthquake hit. Instantly, he grabbed an woman who is 8 months pregnant and carried her down 3 flights of stairs and into safety. But Bikash’s leper colony where he lives is in great need. People are scared. The needs are overwhelming. And his new tutoring facility, which we inaugurated just a month ago, has been greatly damaged. Bikash and his family have been reaching out night and day to people in need. And they’re exhausted.

Beki Maharjan, a pastor friend connected with Touch Nepal, was in his church in Kathmandu when the quake hit. Beki said it was chaos. He gathered all the people at the church to minister to them and was also ministering near his home to his neighbors. He reported that his home was damaged and that all the people in his neighborhood slept outside together. Beki has recently moved back home and has been doing a lot of outreach with his local friends.

Babu Varghese is a pastor, Bible School Director, Church planter, and runs Blessed Children’s Home orphanage in Nepal2Hetauda, a town 5 hours (but only 100 miles) from Kathmandu. He was traveling from Simara to Hetauda on the way back to Blessed Children’s Home (BCH). He thought he saw a landslide so they stopped to take pictures. When he got out of car the ground was shaking violently and he realized it was an earthquake. When he returned to BCH, Sabitri (his wife) and the kids at the orphanage were all in tears and so scared. A large section of the back stone boundary wall fell over into the neighbors land. Kids tried to sleep inside but ran outside all night with after shocks. Babu has been reaching out to the people of Hetauda, and the local government is supporting his efforts. Babu is actually in California right now and my family and I will be heading there for Eternity Bible College’s graduation. I can’t wait to see my friend.

There’s much more I could say, but this gives you a small picture of the many needs. If you want more pictures and up-to-date information, please check out Touch Nepal’s Facebook page or its website.

If you desire to contribute to Touch Nepal’s earthquake relief fund, please go here:

All of your contributions will go directly into the hands of Nepali Christians, who are serving the spiritual and physical needs of the people around them. In spite of the tragedy, the gospel has been put on display through the Christ-like service by the hands of his followers in Nepal. Please consider playing a significant role in these efforts by contributing to the relief fund. It’s much, much more than just relief. It’s the stuff of 2 Corinthians 8-9; believers helping other believers put the gospel on display through tangible acts of Christian love. And if you can’t give at this time, please share this blog on whatever social media outlet you have. Even a small gesture like this can help give life to people living in the midst of death.

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