New Podcast: “The Gay Conversation”

New Podcast: “The Gay Conversation” January 21, 2016

Gabe Lyons (founder of Q) and I have been working on a series of podcasts on the QChristian faith and same-sex relations. Today, Q Ideas releases the second (of six) podcast, which looks at what the Bible has to say. I encourage you to check out the episodes HERE.

I’ve really enjoyed working on this project with Gabe. He’s one of the most thoughtful and compassionate people I’ve interacted with on questions related to same-sex relations. As part of our conversation, we interviewed several Christian leaders who have thought deeply about these questions on a pastoral and theological level. People like Tim Keller, Ann Voskamp, Russell Moore, Scot McKnight, David Gushee, Mark Yarhouse and several others. We also talked to Christians who are gay (or same-sex attracted), like Wesley Hill, Justin Lee, Chris Yuan, Julie Rogers, and Eve Tushnett, and others who grew up with parents (or a parent) who were gay, like Jeff Bethke and Caleb Kaltenbach.

I can’t tell you how enlightening it has been to talk to these leaders. They’ve all shaped my thinking—and more importantly, my heart—in many ways. The podcasts aren’t perfect; there are questions that we didn’t answer, and some of our responses could have been more thorough—it’s the nature of the podcast beast. But I believe that the conversational nature and repertoire of voices will help ensure that these podcast will both challenge and bless the church as we wrestle with many important questions related to faith and sexuality.

As Gabe says at the end of episode 2, we truly want to hear your questions. This really is a conversation. So if you have questions, you can send them in HERE. Gabe and I will spend our last episode responded to as many of these questions as we can.

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