Personal Confessions: One Tree Hill

Personal Confessions: One Tree Hill May 14, 2008

I think that I have fallen into the trap of being intrigued by the CW show “One Tree Hill.” I don’t know if it is getting married that has feminized me or if I was always soft and she drew it out of me. Either way, I look forward to watching the show every Monday night! I skipped some important work, just to watch. The storyline keeps on drawing me in!!!!

Now, here is the difficult part…. I never even had seen the show until part way into this season. I am told that everything is different now. Apparently from last season to the present, there was a four year break in the narrative. High School seniors are now 22-23 years old. Some married, some heartbroken, some successful, some still reaching for old dreams. Being that I have never seen an episode that takes place during the high school years, I wonder if the show still has the same appeal or not? Is there anyone out there that understands where I am coming from? Does anyone have any advice for me? How is the show during the previous seasons…worth watching? Well, there you have it; this is my first confession…

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