The Rapture IS Coming THIS Saturday: May 21, 2011

The Rapture IS Coming THIS Saturday: May 21, 2011 May 16, 2011

I grew up in church.  Not a typical middle class, white picket fence, awkwardly perfect church goin’ family situation, but in church nonetheless.  Most of what I recall from those early childhood and teenage years bring memories of good things.  People genuinely taught me that loving Jesus matters more than anything else in the world.  The world, after all, is corrupt and the place we truly long for is far, far away – heaven.  So we are to love Jesus and hate the world.

Now, this is not hatred toward the people on earth.  I did not grow up going to a church that taught that we ought to tell outsiders how much they suck, but that this “world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through.”  World and physicality = bad.  Jesus and spiritual bliss in a distant heaven = goal of the game.

This distinction came with a subset of beliefs about the destiny of God’s world.  Eventually this planet would be destroyed and we Christians would “fly away” to heaven at the rapture of the church.  Certain Christians understood the timing of the rapture as it corresponds to the book of Revelation differently than others, but no one ever denied the imminent return of Jesus to evacuate the church out of earth.   Today, there is a group that believes that they have calculated the exact date of this escape from earth: Saturday, May 21, 2011. This sect does not represent most of those who believe in rapture, but what they have in common is that a day is coming when this world will be “Left Behind.”

What I’ve come to realize is that the church of my youth probably had the rapture all wrong.  You see, the Bible flows from Creation (Gen 1-2) to Renewed Creation (Rev 21-22).  This is the narrative of Scripture.  Nothing in the text (if read in its proper context) alludes to the actual complete destruction of the planet.  This world’s worth to the Creator runs deep and because of this, the world as a whole ought to be intrinsically valuable to us.  Physical / earthly realities such as social injustice, violence, hunger, preventable sickness, and the destruction of nature are invitations to the church of Jesus to get our hands dirty and proclaim that this world matters (even in its broken state)! Christ will complete creation upon his return, uniting heaven and earth for the life of the age to come!

The famous “rapture” passage is found in 1 Thessalonians 4.15-17 and reads:

According to the Lord’s word, we tell you that we who are still alive, who are left until the coming of the Lord, will certainly not precede those who have fallen asleep.  For the Lord himself will come down from heaven, with a loud command, with the voice of the archangel and with the trumpet call of God, and the dead in Christ will rise first.  After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And so we will be with the Lord forever.

This passage, when placed in the larger context of the chapter, is answering questions that Christians in Thessalonica had concerning death.  What has happened to our loved ones who have died before the return of Christ to earth? What is theirs and our ultimate destiny? Paul’s answer: bodily resurrection at the return of Christ to earth!  Not an escape into the sky*…

In this passage, Paul borrows two specific images from the Old Testament that would have been familiar to Jewish converts and Gentiles who were familiarizing themselves with the Hebrew tradition.  The first of these that Paul employs in the text has to do with Moses who comes down from Mount Sinai with the Law with the great blast of the trumpet.  The second image is taken from Daniel chapter 7 where the “one like the son of man” and the community he represents is vindicated over the enemies of the people of God.  Clouds here symbolize the power and authoritative judgement of God about the rescue of his people. This idea now seems to be applied to Christians who are facing various forms of persecution.

Finally, there is a third image in the text that comes from outside of the canonical context.  This is the image of an emperor who visits a city.  The people of that region would have gone out to meet him to usher him into their home in a royal procession out in the open air.  This, Paul seems to apply to the church who will usher in their King into the new creation.**

Rapture, as it is popularly understood, is nowhere to be found in this “rapture” passage.  Christ will return, to resurrect, to purge, to heal, and to ultimately establish the eternal kingdom of God on this earth.  That’s it.

So, will the Rapture happen on this coming Saturday May 21st, 2011?  Well, not the kind of rapture that folks at Family Radio are talking about.  Christ certainly can return whenever he wants, but I am not counting on it this coming week.  I wonder how the Family Radio followers will feel on Sunday?  I pray that rather than lose their faith in Christ, that they will leave behind radical fundamentalism and discover a hope-filled faith of New Creation!


* For a study on the word for “air” in this passage that demonstrates why the common interpretation is probably flawed, go to: The Air ‘Up There’ OR The Air ‘Down Here?’ A Word Study in 1 Thessalonians 4.17 (rapture?).

** N. T. Wright, “Farewell to Rapture,” Biblical Review (August 2001). (accessed October, 2009).

*** All images in this post are to be attributed to this website:

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  • When I was 10, an older man told me that the Anti-Christ was going to find me and murder me and when all of the Christians were gone, God would come back to destroy the earth. Glad to see he was rooted in scripture and a hopeful vision. Great thoughts Kurt.

  •  Very nice commentary on the whole May 21 – October 21 series of unexpected events.  I think it is tragic how folks are so eager to abandon their friends and families for some future promise of paradise.  It’s sort of like opting to leave behind your spouse to go on an awesome honeymoon vacation to Jamaica without him/her.  Why would God make us choose that?  It is so contrary to the way I read scripture.  Here is my contribution to the whole May 21 + 5 months thing, if you’re interested.  Thanks for the post.

    • PplRCrzy

       your article was right on the money man.  I wish a few more people shared your sentiment.

  •  I’m officiating a wedding this saturday – anyone know what time the rapture is happening?  should we move the wedding to friday? ;<)

    • Move it to Friday, especially is you are marrying young Christians…  They may not get a chance to “seal the deal” hint hint!

      • Hazel90650


  • Jim

     my thoughts while eating a chipotle burrito in Omaha.  saw the billboard saying the end of the world was coming.

  •  Nice thoughts, Kurt.

    I agree we need a creation-embracing rather than creation-effacing eschatology.

    Here’s my take on this week’s rapture, with some help from The Big Lebowski:


  • Do I recognise a Larry Norman quote?

    • @brambonius:disqus… not sure I know who “Larry Norman” is…

      • He was an old christian rocker in the time of the Jesus people; some even call him the first Christian rocker.  I like some of his music, but he was a bit freaky sometimes and he also was really deep into rapture ideas and pre-mil dispenastionalism.

        He uses the sentece  “this world is not my home, I’m just a passin’ through.” at the end of his song ‘readers digest’ from his 1972 album ‘only visiting this planet’, so I thought I recognised that frase. See The same album also contained his famous ‘rapture anthem’ called ‘I wish we’d all been ready’, which has even been covered by DC talk. I’m sure it can be found on youtube too.

        (I grew up with some people around who used to be christian hippies in the Jesus people times)

        • Oh, that phrase predates Norman by a bit (isn’t he the guy who sang “I wish we’d all been ready?”  Another awful gem of my youth…).  “Passin’ Thru” is a song we used to barbershop when I was a kid.  It was composed by Albert E. Brumley, the same guy who wrote “Some bright morning when this life is o’er/I’ll fly away.”  (List of Brumley’s songs here).  This particular song is copyrighted 1965 according to this site.

        • Hey Bram, how do you attach files to comments?

          • Weird, I didn’t attach any files, it must have been automatically attached from the youtube-link in the text…

      • Kurt… you dont know larry norman… come on… “I wish we’d all been ready…”  DC Talk re did it on one of their live albums.  Come on kurt, get with it on your 90s Contemporary Chistian Music.  

        • OK, I remember the DC Talk version… but seriously, too much Christian bubble culture for me to handle on this post!!!!!!!!!

  • Academiachurch

    Great article. I’m astonished that this is being taken so seriously. Its propagators are are clearly basing their calculations on faulty and motive based (monetary?) eisegesis. A critical and carful reading of the passages (like yours above) employed as proof-texts  for their end-time scenario will yield the precise opposite meaning. The station should be ashamed of itself, and I hope come Sunday morning, they are humble enough to admitt their guilt and publically apologize, but I presume that excuses are all we will hear. Thanks for being a voice!

  • AStone

    I have deep concerns for the soul-health of those who expected rapture, only to find themselves “left behind.” Will they show up to church on Sunday? Will pastors who have preached this message be able to show their faces? I heard a testimony of a couple who have budgeted all of their remaining personal funds to run out by the 21st (they were on NPR last week), and they aren’t the only ones. I pray that they do not lose all hope.

  • Luke T

       A few thoughts on this one:
       First,  had an ex-roommate of ours explain and try to convince me to join in the May 21st rapture belief.  It is even more unfortunately associated with a belief that it is necessary to believe in the rapture to be saved.  That is belief in May 21st is connected to salvation and to be apart of this salvation you must leave the church.  I have more details if anyone wants them.
       On another side, I would challenge you to look at some of the scholars to get where they are coming from who support a rapture.  There is a pretty big difference between these guys and say the progressive dispensationalists at Dallas Seminary now.  Sometimes I think your arguments against dispensationalism and the rapture are made at the headline radical and not at what is being taught in the rapture churches. 
       Personally I hold to rapture pretrib, premill with open hands (you could convince me one way or another with the right argument).  I have no idea when Jesus’ return is.  The strength of the view is in the immanence of Christ coming at any moment with no one knowing the day or the hour.  


    • Luke,

      I am gonna have to ask u what roommate that was…

      • Luke T

        Blair, weirdest conversation I have had.  He called me at Immanuel in the middle of class so that I could meet him at Starbucks and speak with him.  I had not seen him since moving to Oregon and returning.  I went through great joy to hear from him and then great sorrow and disappointment to hear why.  

        • That is quite a surprise.  I guess this issue hits closer to home than I thought.  I  haven’t seen him since about the same time as you.  Sorrow indeed.  I guess he wouldn’t change his mind?

          I sure hope that his faith is not in some radical teaching but in Jesus himself.  Blair may be in for some confusing and angering times after this is all said and done.


      Luke ,

      I am gonna have to ask u what roommate that was…

      On another note… I have heard better things about progressive dispensationalism. I personally think guys like Dr Bock are pretty impressive. Unfortunately, I think their more reasoned views have not intersected as much w the conservative pew.  Even so, u are right to highlight the distinction.  That said, I still feel that even that view fails to appreciate the eloquent literary devices of Paul here, an in the NT as a whole.

      Thanks for ur comment ol friend!

      • luke

        Finally got back on.  I think my other computer has “comment” issues.  Fair enough, I don’t think I would agree on your view Thessalonians.  However, I will leave that as a free to disagree issue.  I have a whole thought of pluses and minuses on future vs preterist and views of the end.  Some other time though…. 

        • Luke, “free to disagree” is a fine approach 😉  I should make clear that I am not a preterist on this text.  I simply believe that when Christ returns it will be final and that we will be resurrected unto the renewed creation (the gathering up of all things).  We will not leave this world behind.  some other time indeed!

      • Something

        Luke i’m going to have to ask you did you know i’m your father

    • Charlie

      Luke, I am -very- sad to learn that many or all of those proposing the May 21st rapture are  also insisting that believing in it is essential to receive salvation.  That is so against the whole of the Gospels.  I would try to remind them of the Nicene or the Apostle’s creeds, those beliefs the early church held essential to the Christian faith and not this idea of rapture soon.

  • Charlie

    Kurt, as a fellow also influenced and educated by a lot of Rev. Wright’s materials, I wholeheartedly agree and thank you for the post.  I saw some references to the May 21st date, but had no idea a particular church was really pushing it as the date of the proposed rapture.  The thing we will need to do is to not mock them but be ready to share with them on Sunday the 22nd (smile) some of the things we have learned, if we get the chance.  They may be mistaken, but we have been so too. 

  • Anonymous

    If only the rapture would come on May 21, then Christians could avoid dealing with the consequences of their fossil fuel use…if only…

    Makes me wonder how many are/will be drinking kool aid. *sigh*  Christians can so self delusional.  Which leads to another question…how fast do lemmings jump off cliffs?

  • Kommunistkarl

    This can all be explained in one word:

    Especially that picture 2nd from the top, with the 2012 crossed out and the phrase, “The Bible Guarantees It” underneath May 21, 2011. It amuses me when people don’t actually read their own Bibles and yet make such outlandish claims about dates, timelines, and what-have-you. As I’m sure this has probably been stated numerous times before, there’s some phrase in the Bible that goes along the lines of “no one knows the date or time but the Father himself” or something close to that.

    Just out of curiosity, there’s always talk of dates of the apocalypse and people pointing fingers at who they think the Anti-Christ is (usually a political figure they dislike). How come you never hear about the “False Prophet?” I mean sure, there’s a ton of false teachers/preachers out there at any given point in time, but isn’t there supposed to be a particular False Prophet that paves the way for the anti-Christ? I don’t know, I could be wrong.

  • Andrew


    of the Pangea Blog : you sound like an offshoot of Jehovah’s Witnesses.  You are mocking the words of Christ and making the rest of us REAL Christians downright embarrassed.


    No one knows when Jesus Christ will return. I’m sick and tired
    of you so called “Christians” trumpeting May 21, 2011 as “the day.”  Who died and made you God?Crack open your Bible to Matthew 24:36-44, and stop messing around with the precious words of Jesus Christ.
    Or, if you’re too lazy, I’ll post the scripture for you in black and white.

    36 “But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father. 37 As it was in the days of Noah, so it will be at the coming of the Son of Man. 38
    For in the days before the flood, people were eating and drinking,
    marrying and giving in marriage, up to the day Noah entered the ark; 39
    and they knew nothing about what would happen until the flood came and
    took them all away. That is how it will be at the coming of the Son of
    Man. 40 Two men will be in the field; one will be taken and the other left. 41 Two women will be grinding with a hand mill; one will be taken and the other left.    42 “Therefore keep watch, because you do not know on what day your Lord will come. 43
    But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time
    of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not
    have let his house be broken into. 44 So you also must be ready, because the Son of Man will come at an hour when you do not expect him.

    • Anonymous

       Takes an idiot to know an idiot.
      At least read the article and responses before making a judgement. You ever heard the phrase: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”? Well, the title of this here article is tad misleading in that it’s not in agreement with the aforementioned date.

      Read first, troll later.

    • Are you serious? but did you even read the post?  seriously… he was debunking the whole May 21, 2011 thing. 


    • Andrew… you obviously did not read my article and the word idiot is quite rediculous to use in this situation.  You call us “too lazy” and I would say you might be “too lazy” as you failed to read a simple 800 word article that you critique…

    • Charlie

      Andrew, please read Kurt’s article again.  His premise is the same as yours, that no one knows exactly when Jesus is going to return.  The article critiques the May 21st date.  We don’t know why this organization picked this date and is pushing it.  There’s a lot of speculation, and I hope along with the speculators they are wrong, as it involves bilking people out of their money, etc.  
      I think rather than  calling others ‘so-called Christians’, an important thing here for us to remember is what John taught us in his Gospel, quoting Jesus, “By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” (13:35)  If, indeed, the Rapture occurs this Saturday, I hope to be among the going, but I don’t think it’s going to occur as they expect.  When we find ourselves still here on Sunday, Monday, and following, it will be a time to take these Christians who are mistaken and possibly embarrassed, and show them the love of Christ.  Can you, Andrew, or I, say we are without sin, that we are justified to throw the first stone?  I certainly am not.  If I encounter any of the May 21st folks on May 22nd or after, I would like to tell him/her I understand, I have made similar mistakes in my life, and being still here does not mean we have lost our hope in Christ, not by any means.

    • Pilotsteve-08

      You remind me of my new sister in law a huge mouth and absolutely no cluw what is going on around you XD Nice hahahaha. 

    • Hazel90650

      Thank you Jesus someone finally quoted Matthew 24! NO ONE KNOWS! ONLY GOD THE FATHER! PERIOD!  

  •  I just had a crazy idea…what if this Kurt guy is satan misleading all of you with his alternative interpretation in a final effort to secure  some last-minute souls before the rapture!  Chew on that for a while!

    • Anonymous

       Not as crazy as getting 2011 from the following summation:
      -4990 + 7000
      This adds up to 2010, yet they somehow got 2011. Sure, it’s a minor mathematical error, but in the case of mindlessly trying to come up with a day that the world ends using poor logic based on assumptions that have no clear documentations, the least they could have done was get their basic math right. I mean being off by 1 year does not appear much, but that’s actually a full 365 days (not counting leap year). Technically, by their own reasoning, Christ returned LAST year and the world has already ended. Whether or not that is true is based off of your own philosophy and concepts of reality, which we shall not discuss.

      • Steve

        I don’t agree with them at all but the math actually does add up.  -4990 + 7000 does equal 2011 when you calculate in the fact that there was no year 0 so you have to move it up one year. 

        • Anonymous

           You strike a good point. I hadn’t thought about that.
          However, in my defense, they don’t mention that either; they just assume you agree with them on everything and know their logic without the details.

          I get the feeling the pamphlet is not even a proper attempt at a persuasive argument, it’s much more along the lines of “preaching to the choir” in the sense of assumptions made and presentation of material. Even the chronological order in which the pamphlet is written hardly flows correctly.

          The guy claims to be a civil engineer; I’d like to know the specifics on that. Besides, even IF God had actually intended to place dates and times of future events into His Word using a complex code of numbers and such, I do believe it’d take more than basic algebra to solve. Fortunately, there is no hidden “code” to the Bible; what’s there is there, in plain site.

        • Pilotsteve-08

           I can put numbers on anything and make it right. Technically if one was to use a calculator it equals 2010, but why did they just not use -4989 then they could have gotten it right. Of course kom is right. If your going to put numbers to something it really needs to be right, it has to have a foundation.

  • EXCELLENT post. Thank you!

  • Lauren Sheil

     If there is one thing I can’t stand it’s “Sound Bite Exegesis”.  Do yourself a favor, read the whole bible before you comment on one small part of it.  I read through a family radio track on this a couple weeks ago on this and at the very end they said as much, “Any instruction we receive, including what is presented in this paper, must harmonize with the entire Bible. Focus on the Bible, it is the Word of God, it is the only way God is speaking to us.[Nothing is More Important pg69]”

    Too bad they can’t seem to follow their own advice.  

  • Anonymous

     “I pray that rather than lose their faith in Christ, that they willleave behind radical fundamentalism and discover a hope-filled faith of New Creation!:
    Amen, Amen, Amen. 

    Seriously good post. I wish I had read it back when I was teen and was scared to death God would rapture us before I could get married.  *snort.*

  • Danialee34

    gods fake 

  • Ian

    Yes! Fantastic post, Kurt. 

  • iGreg

    There is no question from the Bible that this world will be destroyed by God and then he will create a new heaven and new earth.

    “But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.  Seeing then that all these things shall be dissolved, what manner of persons ought ye to be in all holy conversation and godliness,  Looking for and hasting unto the coming of the day of God, wherein the heavens being on fire shall be dissolved, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat?  Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness.”[2 Peter 3:10-13 – KJV]

    “And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.”[Revelation 21:1 – KJV]

    The rapture of all believers, living and dead will happen this May 21. They will be safe with Jesus Christ during the following months of judgment on the earth. On Oct. 21, 2011, what is left of this world will be destroyed. The God will then create the new heaven and a new earth “wherin dwelleth righteousness”  (all those saved in the rapture).

    • Hurray4USA

      So I guess I’ll see you on Monday the 23rd huh….?

    • um, still here dude.

  • da ace

    god said the earth is forever!!!!!!!!!

  • da ace

    im bbq ing this saturday so if i see jesus n god imma hook em both up with some fat plates!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlie29431

    sounds like more kool-aid drinking to me!! come on are u serious the bible says no man knows the day of the lords return not the angels that hold the for corners of the earth not even the son of god. The preacher harold camping and family radio said the same thing about 1994 and nothing happend

  • Flash

    I’ll be with the magnificent David Romo getting my hair cut. At least I’ll look good! 

  • Pilotsteve-08

    The Holy Bible says itself that the end will come like a thief in the night AMEN, and see you on Monday. 

  • bro, mario ibarra

    my heart is sad because intsead of preaching the gospel.. they are basicaly telling people its to late for them, people are turning away from GOD. what happened to the death, burial and resurrection of our lord jesus christ. baptizm and receiving of the holy spirit.. the devil will deceive many even going so far as the elect (the chosen).  my heart mourns and screams help wait a lil longer while others come dont close the gates LORD.  We cant run from what god has planned for us. ON MAY 22/ 2012  im going to church and praying for those souls that are left with delusions. I LOVE YOU all nomatter who you are. the peace of our LORD JESUS CHRIST be with all of you.    

  • biblebeliver

    The bible says ‘noone knows the day nor the hour’ … im stickin to what the Bible says .. 

  • Jdubbz07

    Everyone who believes this has been mislead and deceived by a false prophet. period

  • Fabian_2398

    God says in Matthew 24:36 “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but My Father only.” No one knows when God is coming only he does. It ends when God wants the world to end.

  • Cheriebbrown

    hello  im from austraila 8:25 21 may 2011 im a christan and im NOT in heaven 

  • austin

     Fake bitchesssss

  •  wake up!  if you read the revelations chapters  you will see.. even if rapture began may21 2001..  at one point after 2/3rds of the earth was destroyed.. satan in the form of a dragon/serpent is cast to the oceans.. he has a mortal wound on one of his 7 heads which heals.. so the last 3rd or the earth populus worships him for  42 MONTHS! as in earliest end of world is December 2014!!!  read the scriptures!

  •  makes me sick that some 90 year old man can think he predicts the end of the world  whn GOD says  No man can predict when the rapture will occur..  and when satan is cast down to the oceans.. according to the revelations.. people will worship him 42 months  b4 anything else happens.. if these fanantics would read the bible they would realize  they said the wrong thing/date..   get real!!

  •  Well, now what?

  • Anthonyburkert

    Yeah this just makes people not trust the church.  Hope they got enough tithing.  With this sort of power you could make women and their daughters sleep with you like ran a Texas compound.

    • AStone

      It’s important to note that Harold Camping is not part of the church. He teaches that the worldwide church has fallen away from God, that the Holy Spirit no longer functions within any church, and that believers should abandon the church. Harold Camping is not a Christian and should not be associated with Christians in terms of beliefs, teachings, practices, affiliations, or interpretations of scripture.

      While it is sad to see that so many people have been led astray by him, Christians do not need to be defensive. Harold Camping does not speak for any part of the church.

  • Pawn_broker

     Satan is the one who will show up any minute bringing peace and prosperity disguised (see the word anti in the strong’s concordance  “anti” means disguised as in Greek) as TRUE CHRIST to try and harvest you out of season!(pray your flight not in winter) As Christ warns us in Matt 24, Mark 13 and Luke 21 where HE plainly says HE returns AFTER the great tribulation and AFTER satan sits in the temple proclaiming to be GOD.

    If you believe satan’s great illusion you will be apart of the great falling away (apostasy). You will recieve his mark of belief as his child so when the tares who fly away can be separated from the wheat who remain. Those 2 workers in the field, one taken by lies to hell fire the other remains on earth to live with Christ 1000 yrs till the final judgement. You lose your spiritual virginity (II cor 11:2) and you reject the oil of truth giving you an empty lamp.

    II thess 2:9 Christ comes AFTER satan, at the last trump 7th not the 6th, so when 6th seal viol and trump he’s satan. Eze 13 is about those who teach false rapture.
    Rev 6:1 and Rev 19:11 there’s 2 white horse riders which will you believe in?

    DO NOT BE FOOLED BY FALSE anti Christ and fly away with the tares!!!!!!!! the watchman bible study website and Arnold Murray are teaching the doctrine of Smyrna and Philadelphia ..truth.  These people who are quick to condemn them or use a few verses like in Thess to prove they’re fly away doctrine are dumbfounded to those of us who can READ the verses in thess are NOT about rapture but the ressurection of the dead in Christ when we die. We do not go to the grave unless your unsaved (richman and lazarus) , thess says in 4:13 catch the subject IF you believe Christ Jesus resurrected then you believe the saved resurrect upon death to HIM. Do not be ignorant, those coming out of the grave(hell) are the unsaved to be judged and WE ALL go through the second tribulation of Christ for 1000yrs.

    I HOPE YOUR NOT FOOLED TO HELL! and don’t kid yourself, if you receive his mark by belief in him you WILL go to HELL!

    • Pawn_broker

      one other thing… No man knows the day or hour yet we do know the season. Daniel predicted 7 yrs of tribulation, it was shortened to 3 and  half yrs then to 5 months for the elects sake. satan comes in the season of the locust May-Sept so Christ comes as soon after as HE said in Matt 24, Luke 21, Mark 13, II thess last trump, after the working of satan.

  • michael lashova

    Greetings and Salutations; – I Do Apologize for the Long Message, but it is not SPAM! 
    So Merry Meet….  
    I’m a Messenger for God and my name is Victor Michael LASHOVA 3/31/71.  So please I do ask you to respect I’m a human-being with real feelings and real passions.
    I’m from 4 tribes of Israel – Naphtali, Judah, Benjamin & Leviticus. I’m from High Priest family of ZADOK, the royal line of King David of Israel and royal line of a Caesar of the Roman Empire. My father’s family last name traces back to a city capital east of the Dead Sea and is mentioned in the book of Genesis 10:19. I’m a representative of the two olive leafs because of a dream I had about me being a refined olive branch fig.
    My commission is I’m Messenger for God, Priest to the people, Seer of the truth and of visions, Disciple and Apostle of Christ. I speak to you as a disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ who shed his blood for all mankind. I deliver this article to you because I am the Apostle Bartholomew, Abel the Biblical Patriarch, and the Seer Moses Prince of Egypt born again. My call of anointing was by the Sophia of God to be a Priest in 1984 and Messenger of God and Goddess in 1997. Sophia is God the Father Bride. The Goddess is ELOAH. Please do not tell me there is no such thing. We’re born of a malle and female. Same thing spiritually. I do not like to accuse, but why do you make life hard. Read Jeremiah about false Pastors.
    I’m a Servant of God because I have a letter from my Pastor Jack Kelley of Epworth United Methodist Church that says I served him well as a youth and the church community by doing Godly virtues. It states I’m a Servant of Pastor Jack Kelley on it. Sadly, I had 1000’s of letter testimonies stating my Christian virtues but I threw them in the garbage stupidly. Even sadder 95 percent of these people are now with the Lord. For all those that touched my heart. Thank you and R. I. P….
    I ask you regardless of how you believe or think to read the full content length of this epistle. Before you lay judgment on me or this ritual you read about at the end of the letter research it is all I ask. Even a dog will thank you. I don’t want to hear your foolish judgment because you will judge me wrong. Notwithstanding the content will appear at first to you rather bizarre but, I am not making any of this up even so. If I shorten the content in this letter or do not be bold in how I spell it out to you clearly you will not comprehend the meaning of any of this letter content. Why God is asking me to do something uncanny in this long startling revelation I learned about I cannot explain. I only mean well despite the yoke on my neck. 
    If you do not accept this messenger’s message simply delete this message. You will only receive enlightenment and truth if you believe the content in this notification. So please do seek to learn about the wisdom, truth, understanding, ideology, dogma, theology, and mysticism in my article’s testimony declaration I wrote and I am sending out to others in this long communique. Take in my mind God does everything his way and we do not understand why. Pray and fast but by all means do not tell me how I should talk about any of the subject matter in this letter. I have to say all of this is no one will listen. Many will say I’m false prophet just because they interpret the Bible to their own liking and understanding. If you cast a stone at me more than likely you are not numbered in the proper flock. The Bible is not God and God can do all things. I am not a prophet. And I was anointed by the Holy Ghost ELOAH to speak.
    Please, I ask that you do not make any judgmental condescending innuendos on me or thy letter by any merit system. The divine content of this letter will go viral on the internet soon no matter what once your eyes are opened up to some truths of the supernatural world. This knowledge has to be given to all no matter what the cost to me, but leave my family out of it. They know nothing about why I’m sending a long letter like this with content such as it is in these precincts. 
    Holy Angels tell me tens of millions will find the true Christ Jesus through this letter once it goes viral on the World Wide Web. That comprehension is beyond my scope of imagination or understanding. I have traveled all over & I have also received one of the best educations in the world.
    I’m not the Elijah to come, the Messiah Jesus Christ, or one of the two witnesses Enoch and Elijah the TISBITE. I speak as a Servant of God representing the LAW of the most high who is also our Heavenly Father.  In this document you will learn why I want peace on Mother Earth. I learned something about Tree of Knowledge that leads to the doorway of Death being Enmity mention in chapters 2-3 of the book of Genesis and the relationship referring to an ancient Hebrew ritual custom called BRIT MILAH – HATA FAT DAM BRIT.
    Whether everything in the Holy Bible presently is completely accurate or not to me myself is not important. But, sadly many fight over these trysting issues every day. My advice to all is this. All you need to comprehend from any sacred text is to have LOVE and FORGIVENESS one to another.
    We are all unique diverse beings of God who are not on the same page as God/ Goddess wants us to be currently. For this reason they’re many factions of religion dogma on Mother Earth. And, each one has its own bias of knowledge of different precepts & laws they abide by & in. These added sources only make it harder for us to live down here on the planet in the long run. This only brings added division amongst the separate denominations of believers in God. 
    Please feel free to do research for it will take time to learn about BRIT MILAH. My spirit guides, my holy angels informed that most do not even understand anything about this custom and do not even read most of this message anyway. They have informed me most do not even understand the English language enough to even understand the innuendos of my grammar syntax structuring of sentences in this letter. That in itself is very sad.
    I happen to write very articulately. At the same time I write with the passion of simple philosophy. My holy angels remind me that this letter is to long for most do not have the time to read my message thoroughly. Even the lay people of churches are not educated enough to get through my message. This is really what God wants because of the fall by humans when we were kicked out of the mystical Garden of Eden. If I make this letter less informative people delete me.
    We need only recognize and obey the Ten Commandments of God & Two Golden Commandments Christ Jesus taught us. The Two Golden Commandments is love God with all your Heart & love your neighbor as they self.  Keep in mind John 3:16! Jesus Christ asks us as being part of humanity to please protect women from getting raped, prevent children from being further physically abused or sexual molested, take care of the orphaned, fatherless, the widower, protect the weak disabled people, feed the hungry, & protect the sick. The most important issue to solve in the world at the moment is to cease wars & make peace treaties.
    Whether you believe me or not or doubt anything one iota in this document it is your God given right. I don’t expect many to comprehend much of why the reason this letter needs to be given out anyway. Nor do I expect most to understand much of the contents of the text jargon in each written paragraph especially the last subject written about in this letter anyhow. 
    Soaring in space an unnoticed comet will strike Earth in thirteen years or less splashing into two oceans & one continent.  The governments of the world will first target this comet with a tactical nuclear device. It has worked twice already. This will cause this rock to break into three smaller fragments. At full size more than likely this comet would have destroyed all life on Mother Earth. This will trigger a series of events that will unfold on Earth. Then massive Tsunamis will strike several coasts of the Indian & Pacific oceans resulting in devastation & much loss of human & sea life.
    Massive Volcanic eruptions will occur around the world when the comet crashes into Earth also causing many tremendous earthquakes all over the planet’s surface. The volcanic ash will cover parts of the planet’s upper atmosphere in a circle pattern of ash blanketing a third of the Earth from the Sun during daylight hours & a third of the Earth will be blanketed from the starlight & moonlight. There will be great loss of life but, if this comet doesn’t strike Earth & these sequence of events don’t unravel, unfold, & come to pass taking place; life on Earth will parish.
    In nine years or less a great famine will strike the whole planet. Chemical trails are going to be the cause of this worldwide famine. The pollutants coming from dozens of daily flights of airplanes around the world for over seven years now destroying the air we breathe, the water we drink, & the soil we use to grow food, plants, trees, etc….  I believe Extra-Terrestrials might be behind this or fallen angels. I could be wrong because maybe it is just a secret faction of rich disgusting bureaucrats wanting to control the world too. The two main toxins coming from these planes are broken down aluminum & barium trace elements of Earth being sprayed in very large quantities.
    The New World Order has pigeon stools ready to take front stage once the great disappearance of people happens. Whether you believe in the physical rapture, ascension, or snatching away or not a great disappearance of religious people will still happen in the next ten years. Whether this is caused by man, ET’s, or God it will happen. 
    During this time 144,000 Jewish Males will accept Jesus Christ as the Messiah. Few entities will step on the world stage claiming to be able to solve all the world crises of famine & economics of the time ending suffering if they accept them as the truth. They will be able to clean water in large quantities. They will have seeds of foods & plants they claim will grow in the polluted land that they were the cause of. These seeds will be genetically bioengineered. These seeds will make the secret faction of humans, fallen angels, & extra-terrestrials very rich given them more reign & tighter control of Earth’s climate & human inhabitant’s very quickly. 
    A computer chip will be offered to the citizens of the world for protection because they will be lead to believe most of the people were up standing citizens of the world that disappeared. 
    The atheists will say good riddance to the book preaching religious folks. The secular religious people who preached everyone is going to burn when they go up will still be on Mother Earth. The new rulers on the planet will preach making the elect & masses believe the mark is here for their protection because as time goes by their will still be no logical or scientific explanation for the great disappearance of many religious people. 
    The world governments will unite. Israel the country will make a seven year peace treaty. They will start animal sacrifices again, also. The ones really in charge during this period on Earth will know what really happened to those that vanished mysteriously. It will be coined & labeled “The Great Disappearance”.
    & Lord Jesus EKKLESIA (true Church/ Greek word) is the body of Christ to help those called forth that need repentance for transgressions committed against the Ten Commandments (book of Exodus chapter 20!) of God and against the precepts of the Lord (book of Exodus chapter 16:28!).”And the LORD said unto Moses, How long refuses ye to keep my commandments and my laws?” & also those that do not heed that break the Golden Commandments taught by Jesus Christ recorded in a few verses scattered throughout the New Testament of the Holy Bible’s four Gospels. 
    I would suggest also reading the Lost Books of the Bible and the Dead Sea scrolls.  Bible means a set of letters or books. In Greek this word bible is called a Cannon. Scrolls were written on papyrus, leather or parchment. What was found on these sources was called archaic (which is a written message!). 
    I am saying give me a chance to swim and catch a breath of air before you lay an unrighteous judgment on me. I will either float or sink according to your interpretation of scripture passages in the Holy Bible. But do not rely only on your own understanding either.  Seek more counsel I ask of you to learn about this ancient custom mentioned in this memo. 
    Please seek more understanding from others in the church assembly gatherings. The more understanding and insight you will ascertain for as to why I wrote this jargon and sent my written letter to the masses. 
    This letter reveals why I am the true and real Messenger of the Covenant between Abraham and God the Father. I am mentioned in Malachi chapter 3:1-4.  Read Hebrews chapter 8 and 9.  It says God will make a new covenant with the people of Earth and that God will write the law and put it into mankind’s hearts.  
    Look I am not an evil person for being the one who reminds human-beings on Mother Earth while we are all free of the bondage of the Torah the Old Testament Laws because of the sacrifice of the Lamb of God Jesus Christ on the cross.  He is the reason we can do away with the old covenant the Torah which Moses wrote into existence because the Jewish people had hard hearts.  
    For those that lay judgment on me without the counsel of Sophia/Doctor Love which is also is the Wisdom the Holy Ghost will suffer the wrath of God.  You don’t understand.  I hope you trust me and you also pass this information on or you will become an enemy of what God does not want of Earth anymore and that is the Spirit of MASTEMA aka Enmity. Yet this came from Adam & Eve eating/ -partaking the Forbidden fruit.
    Soon I will step on the world stage. I am a Seer, Priest, Disciple, Apostle, Decipher Translator, Servant and Messenger for God.  My birth rite is this.   I am a Hebrew Priest by birth rite and a Rabbi ordained by Angels of God.  I have been educated by angels of the Holy Spirit the Holy Sophia of God. I am from Jesus Christ family
    Anyone associated with BRIT MILAH HATA FAT DAM BRIT and does not claim it is Jewish hogwash represents God. Use a dye on the needle when doing BRIT MILAH. Learn it this ritual. I am not telling anyone to do this ancient ritual. But God has taught me much and I am preparing to step onto the world scene.
    This is added wisdom I learned to do for this tradition which has been on Mother Earth since the time of Abraham & Sarah at least. It is mentioned in the book of Jasher & the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. Some of this ancient ritual itself is not included in any scripture.  It has been put in some out dated books & written about by sages so forth in the past times. 
    Getting back to what else is needed for this custom to be done properly. Take a natural dye & stick it on a small sharp needle’s point like a safety-pin. Then insert it into the male penis. Hit the shaft of the penis the sphincter muscle that opens & closes where the urine enters the urethra canal & then exits the penis at the whole on the outer part of the male membrane. Prick it lightly the Sphincter Muscle that leads into the bladder. All you need to do is get a drop of blood, not a river of blood. It will hurt for a few weeks afterwards… This blood vessel in the males’ body leads directly to the heart. You will circumcise the male heart this way and Jeremiah 4:4 will be done. Then Enmity will flee your seed genesis 3:15. 
    This is a scripture passage from the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. Please read Hebrews chapter 8 & 9 for better understanding of the conditions of the New Covenant. Further understanding is excerpt from the Dead Sea Scroll the “Damascus Covenant”.  
    “Jeremiah 4:4 – Circumcise yourselves to the LORD, and take away the foreskins of your heart, ye men of Judah and inhabitants of Jerusalem; lest my fury go forth like fire, and burn that none can quench it, because of the evil of your doings.”
    “Genesis 3:15 – And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; they shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise their heel.”
    “Excerpt from the Damascus Covenant document “2 And on the day on which the man imposes it upon himself to return to the Law of Moses the Angel of MASTEMA  (ENMITY) will depart from him if he make good his word.” …
    “Acts.15 [1] And, certain men which came down from Judaea taught the brethren, and said, Except ye be circumcised after the manner of Moses, ye cannot be saved.
    BRIT MILAH TRADITION!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Basics: Traditions.  Anyone can do this CUSTOM.
    HATA FAT DAM BRIT: When a child is born as if circumcised, or has been circumcised before the eighth day in a hospital, a ritual called HATAFAT  DAM BRIT is required. This symbolic circumcision involves drawing a drop of blood from the shaft of the penis. The child is also named at this time. 
    Conversion/Adoption: When both parents are Jewish, the child is Jewish. If only one parent is Jewish, the child’s religion is determined by that of the birth mother. If the birth mother is not Jewish, the child must be converted. For a boy, the first step in this process is BRIT MILAH, followed by immersion in a MIKVEH (ritual bath), usually at the age of one year. If a male child born of a non-Jewish mother is adopted by Jewish parents, he also must undergo conversion. The process is as described above. The adoptive parents assume responsibility for circumcision and MIKVEH as well as for the many other educational obligations that lead to the child’s understanding and acceptance of Torah and MITZVOT. An older child or adult male who wishes to convert to Judaism also must undergo circumcision, or HATAFAT Dam, and MIKVEH. 
    The three main participants, the father, MOHEL, and SANDAK, wear TALIOT. 
    On the first Friday night after a boy is born, it is customary to celebrate by gathering in the home of the newborn to welcome him. This is known as Ben ZAKHOR (also Shalom ZAKHOR). G-d finished the creation of the world with the Sabbath and introduced peace and rest. Thus Shabbat surrounds the newborn with an aura of holiness and enhances his entry into the Covenant of Abraham, our father. The redemption of the first born son of a Jewish mother requires a PIDYON HABEN. If the father or mother is a KOHEN or Levi, the child is exempt. The ceremony takes place on the 31st day of the child’s life. If this day falls on Shabbat or a Yom Tov, the ceremony is postponed until the first following weekday. A religiously observant KOHEN is needed. 
    At 7:50 am 02/04/11 the Principality Angel Mariel came to me. This entity said to me, “Tell people that they need to do BRIT MILAH.  This is a commandment of God.”
    The light you have inside to show to others one needs to take a deep look at how they treat others. To repent means you realize ceasing to work deceptions, Stop stealing, stop use false scales, stop lying, stopping accusing others & stop tempting others passions. 


    June Summer Solstice 2018 We will meet Christ in the clouds. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air…
    (I Thess. 4:17)

    I do not Judge anything. If you lack love it will test you this way soon. The new commerce building where twin towers use to be will be the lead place in North America for 666. One in Europe is a computer called the beast.

    Watch this you tube movie on the Rapture or the snatching away. Rapturo is French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin derivative word.

    God bless you all,                                        
    Shalom & Selah
    Micheal Lashova

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