Calling All Blogger Friends – Help Me Create a New Blogroll

Calling All Blogger Friends – Help Me Create a New Blogroll July 12, 2011

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As I announced and you probably noticed, I moved my website from Dreamhost to Patheos last week. This move has already been quite fun for me. If you found my site as a result of my affiliation with Patheos, welcome!

One thing that we weren’t able to bring over to the new site was my blogroll.  This is where I list many of the friends who read my site and of whom I try and read theirs.  So, this is my casting call for anyone who would like to be on my blogroll!

Here’s what I need ya to do:

  1. Add a link to “Kurt Willems – The Pangea Blog” to your blogroll.
  2. Leave me a comment with the following info: a) Name, b) link to your blog, c) a brief description of what you blog about, d) your social media links [twitter / Facebook] and e) confirmation that I’m on your blogroll as well (5 brief things).  In the blogosphere we often call this “swapping links.”
  3. Add me as a friend in various social media contexts if we aren’t yet connected in some way. Twitter, Facebook, email list.  On Twitter specifically, make sure you let me know that you followed me so I can follow you back.  Sometimes people slip through the cracks 🙂

That’s it.  In the next several days I will be creating a thorough blogroll.  Also, for those of you who already have me listed, do me a favor and at least remind me so I don’t forget to add you on the new site!

Thanks again for connecting with me!  It’s really amazing the way the world continues to shrink as I get to know folks on the web.  Thanks for making my experience such a good one!

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