4 Views on the Apostle Paul (video)

4 Views on the Apostle Paul (video) March 30, 2012

To say that I’m excited to read this is a bit of an understatement šŸ™‚
Info: Coming out in June is Four Views on the Apostle Paul (Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2012), edited by myself, with Luke Timothy Johnson (Catholic View), Thomas R. Schreiner (Reformed View), Mark D. Nanos (Jewish View),and Douglas Campbell (Post-New Perspective View).

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  • I’m saddened by the lack of a New-Perspective view. the Post-New-Perspective view will be interesting, but is outside of the mainstream, considering his eclecticness.Ā 

  • Like Leo, I am surprised that New Perspective was not given more space.Ā  While Post-New Perspective is interesting, I am not so sure it is well established enough to merit the space apart from the context of New Perspective.

    • @9e8390542179c9cc76df7a0fd9201281:disqusĀ  and @facebook-577280121:disqus … It may be worth noting that Nanos represents what many call the “Radical New Perspective” which holds that Paul never quit living as a torah observant jew.Ā  And Campbell comes from the Post-new perspective.Ā  So, it seems to me that we have two views that resonateĀ  with the NPP but that have nuanced it in significant ways.Ā  For me, I think this book will give me a bit of a primer before reading NT Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God that comes out in 2013.

  • Anonymous

    I recently met Mark Nanos at a regional SBL conference. We had a REALLY good discussion about Romans and Romans 13.1-7 in particular. I actually just picked up his book on Romans. He definitely has a really interesting take that is worth considering alongside the others. I am also intrigued by Douglas Campbell.

    • I’m excited about reading the chapters from those two as well!

      Kurt Willems
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  • Nathan Dorris

    Looks interesting! I’m a fan of Luke TImothy Johnson; his literary criticism is usually pretty stellar. I’m also interested in Nanos’ take, which looks to be valuable. For some more really great work on Paul, I’d recommend either collection edited by Richard Horsley – “Paul and Empire” or “Paul and Politics.” There’s a lot of pretty incredible work being done by people like Horsley, Neil Elliot, and Elizabeth Schussler-Fiorenza on taking seriously the imperial context of Paul’s letters and how he interacts with that. NT Wright even contributed a chapter in Politics and Paul.Ā