Unfinished (Rich Stearns – World Vision) book giveaway! [just comment and share]

Unfinished (Rich Stearns – World Vision) book giveaway! [just comment and share] May 9, 2013
Unfinished: Believing is Only the Beginning


Rich Stearns is someone I first became familiar with through the book The Hole in our Gospel. In it, he advocates for the church’s role amongst the poor and marginalized throughout the world.

He now has come out with a new book, Unfinished: Believing is Only the Beginning. The flow of the book goes something like this:

  • God has invited you to join him in changing the world.
  • God has a dream for this world that Jesus called the Kingdom of God.
  • God created you to play an important role in his Kingdom vision.
  • You will never find your deepest purpose in life until you find your place in building God’s Kingdom.

These aims certainly line up with what Rich Stearns has devoted his life to as the president of World Vision US. This is the largest humanitarian organization in the world, one that I gladly endorse along with Mennonite Central Committee and Compassion International.

One thing that I think is good about a book like this is the way in which it gives American Christians a reminder that believing in Jesus is not the point… it’s the start of an unfolding journey of love.

Stearn states:

I believe there is a direct connection between the unfinished work of God’s kingdom and our sense of feeling incomplete in our Christian faith because there is a connection between our story and God’s story. If we are not personally engaged in God’s great mission in the world, then we have missed the very thing he created us to do. We are like birds meant to fly but living in a cage, fish meant to swim but floundering on the beach. It makes sense when you think about it. If the Author of the universe created us to play a key role in his unfolding drama, but we have failed to find our place in that story  then of course we would feel incomplete. But it doesn’t have to be this way (xxi).

These words resonate with me in a deep way and my guess is that many of you desire, more than anything, to find your unique place in that story. If that is so, then check out this opportunity…

Win a free copy of this book!

All you have to do is leave a comment on this blog post in which you affirm that you shared this blog post on either FB or Twitter. Then, simply make sure that you signed in to comment with an email address that you check regularly so that I can get ahold of you. 

This contest will run through the weekend. I am giving away 4 copies!!!!!!!!

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  • I would love to read this book! Shared on twitter 🙂

  • HisFireFly

    I shared on twitter and facebook! loved Hole in Our Gospel would love to win this new book!

  • Karen

    I loved Hole in Our Gospel and can’t wait to read this one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  • The Hole in Our Gospel was really thought-provoking and I look forward to reading Rich Stearns’s newest book, Unfinished. Thanks for the heads-up, Kurt.

  • I shared on Facebook and Twitter. I loved The Hole in Our Gospel. I am looking forward to reading this. RescueOrphans@gmail.com

  • I shared this post on Facebook and Twitter. paulctriplett@yahoo.com

  • Hyun Hur

    I would like to read this book. I shared this post on FB.

  • bo white

    shared on Twitter and am grateful for like-minded folks…appreciate the heads up and post (221bwhite@gmail.com)

  • Corey

    Shared on Twitter! Thanks!

  • Shared on FB. Stearns’ comment about incompleteness also resonates with me. Thanks for sharing, Kurt.

  • This book sounds great – I’d love to read it. Sharing on twitter and FB. Thanks!

  • Wow! I want this book for my summer reading!! I shared the link! 🙂 email is phillip_martin@etbu.edu

  • Adam Dickison

    Shared on Facebook!

  • Almost bought this yesterday at B&N. Bought “Prototype” by Jonathan Martin instead.

    Shared your article on facebook.com/thepeacepastor

  • Sharing it on FB and Twitter both…

    However, I’m curious… it seems like Stearns is starting from a “first step: salvation, second step: action” kind of gospel. I wonder how that compares to McKnight’s “The King Jesus Gospel” which, while it does not deny the need for sense of salvation in the gospel, indicates that the gospel itself is not salvation, but the inbreaking of the Kingdom.

    I’ll have to read Stearns book to be sure… but it sounds like he’s stepping into the same problem McKnight says characterizes evangelicalism already… that we have a hard time getting people to go beyond just the “sotorian” gospel and stepping into discipleship and that we, instead, need to reframe the gospel to be about entering into the Kingdom of Jesus.

  • Guest

    Sharing this on twitter and FB both.

    and, apologies if this shows up twice but it seems I “lost” my first comment.

    I’d have to read Stearns book myself but it seems, from your review, that he’s starting from the same place that McKnight says, in “The King Jesus Gospel”, is why the church has a hard time discipling people in the first place. Namely, that we’re preaching a “get saved” gospel and then trying to cajole people to “take the next step” and get involved where as we should be preaching a wholistic “Kingdom” gospel where “getting saved” is only a small part of it.

    Not sure if you’ve read McKnight’s book, but I’d be curious as to your take on it.

  • Shared on twitter, loved Hole in our Gospel

  • Sounds like a great book, if you still have it would love a copy, otherwise, I’ll for sure add it to my reading list for later.

  • I have shared this on facebook.

  • Shared on Twitter @pietvo and Facebook piet.vanoostrum.

  • Andy

    Shared on FB acatsimanes and twitter @herenowkingdom

  • Shared on both Twitter and Facebook. Sounds like a book I’d enjoy. 🙂

  • The theme of this book hits me where I am in my faith ~ more than believing, more than surrendering: As my life unfolds, He enfolds me into his greater plan, His story of restoration. Looking forward to reading this one! Shared on personal FB & Twitter & FB @CarmelsNotes

  • Shared on FB & Twitter. Can’t wait to read.

  • Jesse Ward

    shared on FB

  • Daniel Thueson

    Shared and promoted on Facebook!

  • Jeremy

    Shared on facebook and Twitter.

  • Ryan Carter

    Shared on FB! Sounds like a great book- if I don’t win I might have to buy it anyway. 🙂 (Shelly, not Ryan!)

  • Andrew

    Shared on FB!

  • Shared! But, I want the Kindle Version when I win it. 🙂 He.is@live.com

  • Joe Troyer

    It has been Twitter-fied! Now, You send books to Bangkok, Thailand?

  • It’s so great that you are running this competition and have such obvious enthusiasm for it! Thanks from World Vision UK – http://www.worldvision.org.uk