Biblical Basis for Women’s Service in the Church by N.T. Wright

Biblical Basis for Women’s Service in the Church by N.T. Wright August 19, 2013

I have shared the content of this video before as an introduction into why I believe that women and men can serve together in every role within the church (in the form of the full written paper). My conviction (and that of my denomination – Brethren in Christ), is that women ought to be invited (in so far that the Spirit draws them) to be pastors, leaders, teachers, bishops, etc… without distinction. Here’s N.T. Wright’s excellent paper via video:

For the full article, go here: Women’s Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis

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  • going to repost – thanks

  • Vicky Walker

    I have added N.T. Wright to my fantasy dinner party guest list (I’m sure he’ll be delighted…).

  • pastordt

    Thanks for this – I hadn’t heard this one before.

  • Marla Abe

    I wondered what the Brethren in Christ was doing about women’s ordination. Our sister denomination, the Church of the Brethren has been ordaining women for a long time. Good to hear this news.

  • Steve

    If one is to take his argument as true, I wonder then why female ordained pastors often dress identically to their male counterparts.

    That said, while I agree with all of his conclusions about the nature of Baptism being open to all – I do not think this observation reaches the conclusion that men and women should both be ordained. He notes that men and women should retain their character as men and women, which is certainly true, but I don’t think he disproves the idea that there are different corresponding roles.

    Perhaps he did that in between one of the cuts in the video, but his argument isn’t complete without addressing that point.,

  • Brad Kittle

    I disagree but don’t want to be contentious about it. Too many “perhaps” for my liking. You need to change or reinterpret a lot of other NT scriptures to get at his conclusion as well (I Peter 3 and others). I think these scriptures are pretty straight forward. I like N.T. Wright as well. I have a few of his books in the hopper.