Female Bishops: Good for the Anglican Church! (moving a biblical direction)

Female Bishops: Good for the Anglican Church! (moving a biblical direction) November 21, 2013

From Huffington Post:

CANTERBURY, England (RNS) The Church of England’s governing body has approved new proposals that would allow women bishops to be ordained by this time next year.

Meeting in London on Wednesday (Nov. 20), the church’s General Synod passed a motion by 378-8, with 25 abstentions, that paves the way for the endorsement of women bishops. Bishops also approved a declaration that sets out guidance for parishes that reject female consecrations.

The package would end nearly two decades of bitter and damaging conflict…

As you already know, I affirm women in ministry roles (even roles in which women lead men like pastor/elder and bishop). I didn’t always hold to that view, but in college became convinced that this is actually the BIBLICAL view. I affirm women in ministry because I affirm the authority of God as demonstrated through the Scriptures. I had no pressure to “change with the times,” but found that reading the biblical text in context rendered the marginalization of women from ministry leadership void.

Former Anglican Bishop, N.T. Wright helped me understand that women ought to be free to teach and lead – if we are to be a biblical church. His helpful article can be found here: Women’s Service in the Church: The Biblical Basis. Each of the biblical passages he covers in this article, he also covers in greater detail in his commentary series “The New Testament for Everyone.”

What’s really cool is that you can win all of these books as well as several others in our N.T. Wright Logos Book Collection Giveaway (36 vols.)! I hope you will stay informed on the issue of women in ministry and will enter to win some amazing resources!


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  • Bruce

    It only proves that the Anglican Church is moving further away from the scriptures which teach a message of complimentarianism. Any male pastor who would continue to sit under the authority of a woman is out of God’s divine order.

    • I couldn’t disagree with your reading of the bible more. Historical context demonstrates that your position is likely wrong. Wright’s article, linked above, is a great intro to reading the Scriptures in a responsible way concerning these passages.

  • Kurt, Appreciate the pointers to Wright’s work. It has been very helpful. I would wonder if it is best to say that this is the best you can make of what the biblical text is saying and not saying about women. To say something is ‘biblical’ rather than emphasizing that it is ‘your reading of the Bible’ makes it difficult to sit down and read the Bible together with people who read it differently. If we can do that and work through the text together with those that have different outcomes, the Bible speaks for itself. I’m with you on your conclusions and do believe that the Text best represents that reading, but if we use the same kind of rhetoric that others use to disagree, then we can’t move forward. I hope this is an appropriate place to have this conversation.