Logos 6: Why I’m a Big Fan

Logos 6: Why I’m a Big Fan November 7, 2014

logos 6 There are several ways to do bible study. The old fashion way, with a Bible, books, and journal works just fine. You can highlight, crease your favorite pages, and write notes. There’s something humanizing about this slow process of study. For those who are not worried about expediting study time, this post is probably not for you.

However, if you want to get more out of your study times when it comes to prepping a sermon, researching a biblical or theological topic, or preparing a lecture, then Logos 6 is the resource for you.

What I love about Logos 6 (and previous versions) is that the search functionality allows you to explore all of your resources simultaneously. Everything is indexed so that when you look up something, and say Matthew 25, everything in your entire library that mentions that passage comes up. In other words, you don’t have to second guess where you read that “one idea” that pertains to the topic at hand.

This connects to the second thing I love about Logos 6: it’s quickness. This version runs exceptionally smooth on my laptop. I’ve loved to previous versions, But admittedly there were times when it felt like the lag time was a bit long. Thankfully, that has not been the major issue with this new version. In fact, it runs about as quick as my Internet speed. Of course your computers speed will make a big difference, but no matter your hardware, this software runs noticeably better!

I’ve got to say that Logos has been working on their graphics as well. Every time I do is search and I clicked the media tab, I get excited! Graphics are clean, often look cool, and easily integrate into sermon notes. I love the Interactive Media features!!!

And then comes the coolest part of the graphics: Visual Copy!!!!! Seriously. This. Is. Cool. Any time you are reading a book in Logos 6 you can highlight it and select “Visual Copy.” This takes the quote and puts it into social media “meme” format with several backgrounds to choose from! Great for sermon notes or for sharing with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Here are two examples, the first for fun, the second for Sunday’s sermon… Wright On Earth as Heaven

Angels quote, T. Scott Daniels, Seven Deadly Sins

Come on now… that is flat out cool and convenient.

The Visual Copy feature, although not significantly related to research, is my favorite addition.

For quick information on a given topic, Factfinder is great! Simple questions like: “who was ____” and also an excellent diving board for any topic. This is nice, especially if you aren’t a “specialist” in a given area. Quick info = great info!!!! (Well, that’s not always true but in the case of Logos it is 😉 )

Are there any “negatives?” Of course. Nothing too dramatic. But I would say that one thing that a person with Logos needs to do is filter out some of the older materials. Many of us who preach, teach, and do theological/historical research aren’t usually interested in commentary sources predating the 70s, for instance (at least not normally). This is why getting some helpful add ons of commentaries and resources might be a way to further utilize the functionality of Logos 6. Personally, I’m moving toward having most of my commentary resources in the Logos system. Having them all side-by-side when analyzing a passage (with copy/paste) functionality is such a time saver (and helps keep mental connections at the front of your mind).

So, I highly recommend Logos 6 (available on their website). If you will utilize this tool, it can be a great help to preachers, teachers, researchers, and anyone interested in studying the Scriptures in a deeper way! This is why I’m a big fan of Logos 6!

If you order a Base Package, this discount code will give you 15% off: PANGEA5.



***Disclaimer: Although I receive products for review, it is my policy to only report my impressions. I’m not “paid” to have a favorable opinion about any resource, etc. and will gladly report negatively if the product experience warrants such.

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