Watershed Vade Mecum: Life Together, Open Call for Writing Submissions

Watershed Vade Mecum: Life Together, Open Call for Writing Submissions March 25, 2015

KURT NOTE: This comes from my dear friends at Watershed Church in Kansas City!!!!! Writers, take note!


Life is messy. It is full of surprises. Rather than taking the roads less traveled, alone, why not look for a tour guide and dare to ask some friends to join you for the adventure?

Inspired by the theme, “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Watershed Church invites you to experience the goodness of God’s diversity through a collaborative writing venture. We’d like to reflect God’s creativity through an array of voices from those who seek out Jesus as their guide for life, and who delight in sharing their journey through writing.

We ask if this is you, consider submitting a writing and potentially offering your voice for the 2015-16 Vade Mecum. There is no carrot, in the form of payment or promotion, at the end of the stick to solicit your involvement. Our community was formed around a vision to live life together knowing and loving God, others and ourselves. The Vade Mecum was our attempt to connect our spiritual journey’s together more. Vade Mecum (vädē ‘mākəm), literally means “go with me.”

What we have realized over time is how important the other is to our own journey. We need others to know God, to know ourselves, and to more deeply live the life God created us for.

This realization lies behind this request for your involvement. We simply want this prayer guide to have a variety of voices from a variety of traditions. A guide for our journey – guided by the beautiful spectrum of voices that make up the Church today. These voices will truly say in God we can truly share life together.

Our desire is to list the name, community, and place on this planet every of each contributor, and potentially a very short bio. Also, each writing will be credited to its writer (naturally). So, you will have an opportunity to have your writing in a book – that is used daily by people who want to know God and love him.

Attached is a detailed description about the Vade Mecum and an example of an entry. (Here: Defintions of the Writing Sections)

We ask that you submit a sample of your writing using the template found below titled Vade Mecum Writing Submission.

All submissions should be emailed to watershedvademecum@gmail.com by Apr. 6, 2015. Once submissions are received, we’ll give more details to the participants. Thank you!

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