New Conservative Christian Documentary Calls Out Guns as Anti-ProLife

New Conservative Christian Documentary Calls Out Guns as Anti-ProLife October 23, 2015

armor of light

This documentary looks awesome. Seriously though. A hardcore conservative pastor calling out against gun violence.

Why is this awesome?

#1 This is the logical extension of prolife ethics.

#2 It is consistent with the ethic of Jesus and nonviolence.

#3 It is consistent with the ethic of Jesus and “love thy neighbor.”

#4 It trumps political categories!!!!

HuffPo says:

Bringing a preserved fetus to an anti-abortion demonstration would have been one of the more politically explosive moments of the Rev. Robert Schenck’s career as an evangelical pastor — if he hadn’t recently decided to challenge Christian resistance to treating gun violence as another “pro-life” concern.

Schenck is the subject of a new documentary, “The Armor of Light,” which tracks his realization that being “pro-gun” is morally incompatible with being “pro-life.”

The film, which debuts in theaters on Oct. 30, opens by establishing Schenck’s anti-abortion credentials. The pastor is shown driving down the street in Buffalo, New York, where he and the group he co-founded, Operation Rescue, participated in massive demonstrations against abortions in 1992….

“We have a downside, and one of our downsides is, when you break with the community on what’s seen as a fundamental principle, you get punished,” Schenck said.

But the pastor hasn’t allowed this to inhibit his newfound passion for preaching about guns.

“Pro-lifers have been way too loud on some things and way too quiet on others,” he wrote in an op-ed for USA Today. “The time is now for us to bravely overcome our fears and generously lend our voices and actions to protect the whole of the human family — womb to tomb.”

Amen, Lord Jesus. Amen.


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