Episode Four of “The Dean Abbott Podcast” is Now Available

Episode Four of “The Dean Abbott Podcast” is Now Available March 19, 2018

A new episode of  The Dean Abbott Podcast is now available. Find it here.

My guest this time is Irish philosopher and journalist Mark DooleyDr. Dooley is the author of a number of books on political, religious and philosophical topics. In this episode, we discuss his book “Moral Matters:A Philosophy of Homecoming”, a fantastic introduction to traditionalist thinking.

I continue to struggle with getting iTunes to recognize the show’s RSS feed. I will keep you updated as soon as that problem is resolved. In the meantime’ you can use this URL to add the feed manually to your podcatcher:


You can, as always, listen on the player below.

Listen to “Ep. 04 The Dean Abbott Podcast- Mark Dooley 3/19/2018” on Spreaker.

The interview is also available on YouTube, should you prefer to listen there.

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