Obviously the Lord has created us with different personalities, as well as differing degrees of energy, interest, health, talent, and opportunity. So long as we are committed to righteousness and living a life of faithful devotion, we should celebrate these divine differences, knowing they are a gift from God. We must not feel so frightened, so threatened and insecure; we must not need to find exact replicas of ourselves in order to feel validated as women of worth. There are many things over which we can be divided, but one thing is needful for our unity—the empathy and compassion of the living Son of God.
Patricia Holland

The Round Table is a conversational exploration of Mormon womanhood intended to foster understanding and cooperation among Church members with differing points of view. Produced in monthly installments via podcast, the ongoing discussion features representatives from a variety of organizations headed by Mormon women, and includes an array of influential guests who share our common purpose: to build unity and honor diversity as we further the vital work of strengthening and celebrating Mormon womanhood.

Our endeavor was inspired in part by this roundtable of women painted by Mormon artist Jeanne Leighton Lundberg Clarke (shown at right), which integrates an assortment of strikingly different female personas rendered in a wide range of artistic styles. The richness of this company, and of the feast they share, captures our aim to gather divergent perspectives into a lively collaborative whole. In our gatherings this year we hope to promote and exemplify inclusive sisterhood, and emphasize that there’s space at the conversational table for every Mormon woman of faith.

For more information, meet the contributors and review our schedule of topics. We welcome your feedback at table.round.the at gmail.com.

Art credit:

Jeanne Leighton Lundberg Clarke, (1925-    ), Provo
Entertaining: Favorite Ladies II 1992-94, oil on canvas, 42” x 60”

Used by permission from the Springville Museum of Art. For more information about the artist and the painting, click here.

Podcast music credit:  fingerstyle guitarist Austin Weyand.

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