Join the Round Table for this special holiday edition where we discuss favorite family traditions and memories, navigating family dynamics during the stressful holiday season, and how we can teach our children more about gift giving. Plus, a bonus challenge that includes great gift ideas from the Round Table! Check out these free gifts offered for Christmas at Power of Moms.  WAVE has this great gift idea. And don’t forget gift subscriptions to Segullah and Exponent II. To listen to this… Read more

Part 1 of our special holiday edition: Visiting a soup kitchen, holding a charity Christmas concert, hiking to give the homeless root beer floats, the Round Table participants reminisce about favorite holiday memories and traditions. Plus, what are some specifically Mormon traditions? Listen to Part 2 here. Listen HERE. Read more

Part 2 of our special holiday edition: Families want to be close during the holiday season, but how do you navigate the all the different dynamics and personalities who come together? Listen to Part 3 here. Listen HERE. Read more

Part 3 of our special holiday edition: Christmas can be a beautiful time of giving and receiving, but in the midst of all the commercials, how does you help you kids avoid the gimmes? Plus, some last minute gift ideas from the Round Table! Happy Holidays from all of us! Listen HERE. Read more

October’s Topic: Redefining Manhood This month, guest Tiffany Lewis joins the Round Table to discuss issues relating to her Deseret News article, Raising our boys into men.  Here are some of our initial reactions to the article, which we share with Tiffany in our group discussion. From Lisa: “The thing she says that I do have some interest in/ sympathy for, is the idea that boys can benefit from having defined markers to look forward to that mark them as… Read more

In Part I of our October conversation, Neylan, Chelsea, Kathryn, and Emily along with guest Tiffany Lewis discuss concerns about the development of boys and young men. Listen to Part II here. [audio:] Read more

In part II of our October conversation, we continue the discussion with guest Tiffany Lewis by considering gender issues in education and parenting. Listen to Part III here. [audio:] Read more

In Part III of our October conversation, we conclude our discussion by considering how mothers and fathers can work together to maximize the father’s involvement in parenting. [audio:] Read more

September’s Topic: Evaluating Equality Our September conversation is a response to a thoughtful comment made by one of our listeners regarding a previous podcast. She wrote: You can see a disagreement here, among the participants, about whether a woman has the right to be her own ultimate authority on whether she is experiencing equality, both in her marriage and in the church. One participant seems to argue that it is how the woman feels that is most important, while others… Read more

In Part I of our September conversation, Emily begins a discussion with Saren, Chelsea, Neylan, and Kathryn about how to evaluate equality in the Church and how to manage conflicts in individual perspectives regarding gender equality. Listen to Part II here. [audio:] Read more

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