In Part II of our September conversation, the discussion continues about the complexities of evaluating equality and how to manage tensions between individual and community perceptions. Listen to Part III here. [audio:] Read more

In Part III of our September conversation, Lisa joins the ongoing discussion and the group considers how our individual views of gender equality can be influenced by the patriarchs in our lives. [audio:] Coming in October: Female Spiritual Power Read more

Our August podcast was recorded live on August 4, 2011 at the Sunstone symposium at Weber State University, where all six Round Table participants gathered IRL for a panel presentation titled Around the Table: Increasing Unity and Community Among Mormon Women. In our small-group discussion as well as the ensuing conversation with our audience, we approached the question, How can Mormon women who care about gender issues transcend the cultural tensions that hamper positive change? In a departure from our usual format,… Read more

July’s Topic: Women’s Institutional and Spiritual Power To listen to this podcast on-site, begin here. To download this podcast via iTunes, click here. Challenge: A few months ago WAVE was contacted by a bishop searching for ways that he could better incorporate women’s voices into his calling. After several discussions we created a list of 26 things that priesthood leaders can do to help increase and empower women. We’ve included this list here as a resource for church callings as well as… Read more

In Part I of our July conversation, Rosalynde Welch joins Emily Jensen and Kathryn Soper for a conversation about traditions and trends of female power in the Mormon faith, especially the potential impact of the paradigm for ward councils outlined in the latest Church Handbook of Instructions. [audio:] Listen to Part II here. Read more

In Part II of our July conversation, Emily leads Neylan, Saren, and Chelsea in a discussion about the apparent paradoxes arising from the interplay of Mormon institutional and spiritual power. [audio:] Listen to Part III here. Read more

In Part III of our July conversation, Emily asks Kathryn and Lisa to add their perspectives on dynamics of female authority and influence. [audio:] Coming in August: Increasing Unity and Community Among Mormon Women Read more

Compiled by members of WAVE in response to a bishop’s request, and posted here as a resource for the Round Table’s  July’s challenge. These ideas are drawn from the doctrine and principles found in talks from Church leaders, the newly revised Church Handbooks, as well as the ideas and feedback from other inspired women of God. Equalize funds and funding sources for YW and YM programs. There can be some built-in differences in the YM and YW programs, with Scouting awards… Read more

June’s Topic: Mormon Marriage To listen to this podcast on-site, begin here. To download this podcast via iTunes, click here. Our June podcast on marriage led to three distinct and valuable discussions. In the spirit of those conversations, we would like to present a different challenge for each podcast. After listening to the podcasts choose which one was the most applicable to your life right now and try to complete the following challenge below. Interfaith Marriage Deborah Kris gave such wonderful insight… Read more

In Part I of our June conversation about marriage, special guest Deborah Kris shares her personal experience with interfaith marriage and explains why and how Mormons should develop more inclusive cultural narratives about marriage. [audio:] Listen to Part II here. Read more

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