To Keep Silent

To Keep Silent July 7, 2018

The witch’s pyramid is a concept with a lot of mystery around it. The actual origins of the witch’s pyramid have been hotly debated, but the first writings come from Eliphas Levi in his Transcendental Magic. The pyramid is made up of four corners or pillars. These four pillars come together in a point, just like a pyramid, as a focus. Combined the pillars direct the power of the witch – the power of magick. The four pillars or points of the witch’s pyramid are: to know, to will, to dare, and to keep silent.

Exploring the energy of these points is a lifetime of work and could easily infuse all of your magickal exploration. Each point of the pyramid is important in and of itself, possessing its own deep magickal information. Of the four points the one taken for granted, the one point social media has ruined, the point that is the most important, is the fourth pillar; to keep silent.

One theory on the pillar – to keep silent – being born is due to the dangers of being a witch. Secrecy was (and is) required for the safety of the coven and the witches involved. Many covens today still have a requirement of not speaking about who is in their coven for the protection of its members. Yes, silence is needed for the protection of the witches, but it is also more than that.

First Rule of Magick – Don’t Talk about Magick

Talking about your magickal workings diffuses the power of that magick. When you first complete a spell, the power of that spell is potent, pure, and strong. Talking about that activity, sharing your spell, or posting about it on social media, drains that power. Just like poking a small hole in a balloon, the power begins to leak. It may be a slow leak or the whole balloon may just rip apart; either way it weakens your spell.

Additionally, when you share your spell workings with others you have no idea how they will hold that information. You may have complete faith that they will honor your spell and hold it with good intentions, but they may be jealous, curious, worried, or disbelieving. Any of these negative or competitive emotions will drain the power of your spell.


I recently attended a Witchcamp where we spent a week working with the Goddess Aradia. Throughout the week Aradia was given many opportunities to speak to the witches. Over and over again she reminded us of the power in silence. The power in keeping magick a secret. Aradia said to speak of our witchcraft weakens its efficacy. And she would know.

Aradia, Goddess of the witches. Sent to earth to teach humans witchcraft. She showed the people how to break free from their oppressors. She taught the magick of breaking these bonds. Aradia is a Goddess that understands exactly what is going on in the world right now.

Yes, I see the irony of being told by a Goddess to keep silent and then writing a blog post about that experience.

But the message was clear, witches should not talk about the subversive magick that they are doing. Spell workings need to be kept quiet. The magick to tear down patriarchal structures cannot be posted on social media. For every witch that is working to tear down these structures there is a witch working to build them up. There have always been witches working both sides. Why let them know what you are doing?

All Magick is Silent Magick

Maybe you’re not doing the patriarchy smashing magick. Maybe you’re just trying to pay the rent, or working to connect with a deity, or sending healing to a loved one. That’s okay! The – to keep silent – rule still applies. Let the power of your working do what it needs to do without slowly diffusing it. Focus your energy on the magick taking hold, not on talking about the spell you just did.

To keep silent – try it.



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