Messages from Spirits of the Land

Messages from Spirits of the Land March 20, 2019

A few weeks ago I noticed something sparkling from the back yard. When I went to investigate I discovered a blue marble sitting in the very center of my back patio. I assumed it was a message from the Fae, but I’m also a healthy skeptic, so I waited. The next day, I found a hazelnut shell in the exact same place. The next day a whole peanut. The next day half of a walnut shell. These were clearly all messages from the Spirits of the Land.

Photo by Anouk Doe from Pexels

Somewhere after the marble, but before the walnut I left an egg in the same spot I had found the blue marble. Something cracked open, leaving only bits, overnight. Then I got another gift, so I left another egg, and so this went on. The Fae were talking to me.

Let’s be logical for a moment. It’s highly likely that a crow or raven had been eating things in my tree and dropping their leavings in my yard. It just so happens that these leavings fell in exactly the same place. You might be thinking, that’s not a mystical message from Spirits, but oh-ho – trust me – it is.

This may be potentially controversial, but the Fae, Spirits of the Land, and Spirits of Place, and even the wild, are all basically the same thing. We are looking at semantics. Yes, there may be subtle differences in each of these labels, but overall they are all in the same bunch.

A crow is no different than a Fae being, and that’s no different than a Spirit of Place. The crow that chooses to eat in my tree and drop bits in my yard is a member of my Place – a Spirit in that Place. It’s only polite that if that bird chooses (or randomly) leaves me offerings that I return the favor.

As Witches and Pagans we have a duty to connect to the Land around us. When we connect to the Land, we enter into relationship with it. In relationship, we want to take care of those we love. Environmental issues might feel overwhelming – and they are – but we can start with our own yards, our own blocks, streets, local parks, and neighborhoods. These places all contain Fae and Spirits that want to work with us and need our help to keep them safe from other humans.

The Spirits of the Land, the Spirits of Place, the Fae, they are the crows in your neighborhood. They are also the flowers that are blooming in your yard, the ground water, the trees, the air quality, and the subtle energy that is all around you all of the time.

All it takes to connect to the Spirits, to the Fae, is to look, listen, and pay attention. What in your area is healthy and vibrant? What in your area needs some attention and care? How can you help? How can you connect into the patterns of the wild world around you?

Who brings your blue marbles?

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