The Snark of Witchcraft

The Snark of Witchcraft April 12, 2019

I’m pretty snarky. I’m sarcastic, bratty, and sometimes a little rude. I know this about myself. However, even in my most rude state I don’t want to be mean, cruel, or hurtful to anyone. I generally wish people well. And yes, there are people I don’t like. There are a couple of people I immensely dislike. But I don’t want to cut them down, smash up their lives, or use my powers with the snark of Witchcraft to harm them.

The reason is simple; I have too much to do. I’m busy. Plus, there is so much beauty in the world. I would rather expend my energy soaking up everything beautiful rather than smash anyone else down.


The snark of Witchcraft helps no one. Being a spiritual bully does nothing but reveal a person who is cowardly, weak, and worried that there isn’t enough to go around. Let me tell ya, there is plenty to go around.

Ultimately, Witchcraft is about power, but it’s not about power-over. Power-over is patriarchal bullshit. Witchcraft is about self-power, power-with. We only become strong when we look at our own shit and do what we can to improve as humans. If we focus solely on what others are doing and use our snark to cut others practices and styles down, we don’t actually gain true power. Power-over is false, fake, it is gold plating, it’s not resistant.


As Witches we have a duty to improve ourselves. That’s really what all this magick stuff is all about. Focus on developing your craft. Look at making your local community stronger. Put energy into healing your personal wounds and becoming a stronger person. You will have a much happier life.


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