Merry Maypole Silly Dancing Flower Fueled Beltane Ritual

Merry Maypole Silly Dancing Flower Fueled Beltane Ritual April 21, 2020

Beltane isn’t my favorite of the wheel of the year holidays. I mean, there are a few things I like about it. Flower wreaths are cool. Dancing around in the spring sunshine is fun. And due to our current world circumstances I find myself longing for a merry, maypole, silly, dancing, flower fueled Beltane ritual. However, I’m not likely to have one of those this year.

Knowing that I’m feeling a little bummed out, there are likely others feeling that way too. So I came up with the following list of ways to celebrate Beltane while under shelter-in-place and practicing social distancing. These suggestions won’t work for everyone, I get that. Do what you can, modify for your own specific needs, and come up with some of your own creative ways to honor the day.

*I’m not going to constantly reaffirm social distancing, wearing masks, or other smart things for your health and the health of others. Please just do that on your own! Wear a mask and keep your distance.

  1. Go for a walk in your neighborhood. Notice all the beautiful plants that are growing, even if that’s just in the cracks of the sidewalk. Take pictures of things that strike your fancy and share them on social media.
  2. Pick flowers and make a head wreath. Wear it around your house, post pictures of it on your social media.
  3. Play music and dance; even if that’s just in your room.
  4. Sing, make sure your neighbors can hear you. There are lots of Pagan chants available online, but really, sing anything that makes you feel happy or reminds you of the warmth of coming summer.
  5. Host an online Beltane ritual.
  6. Donate to an environmental cause.
  7. Make paper flowers and adorn your living space with them. If you’ve only got white paper or lined paper no problem! Try making snowflakes like you would at the winter holidays, but turn them into flowers. Or dig up some old markers or crayons and go for the creativity points.
  8. Make or gather flowers and leave them on the doorsteps of your neighbors.
  9. Got any ribbon, yarn, or really long shoelaces? Affix them to your ceiling and create a family maypole, minus the pole.
  10. Get into your yard – or your patio, planter window, or single solitary pot – and do some gardening. Plant something.
  11. Do something nice for someone. Order someone food, send cash, donate to a fund raising effort, pick up groceries for a neighbor.
  12. Make something special for dinner, extra points if you are able to incorporate fresh veggies or herbs from your garden or local environment.
  13. Wash your bedding. Do a little spring cleaning on the high holy day.
  14. Reset your altars. Take all the objects off, wash the space, cleanse it, and reset.
  15. Make offerings to the spirits of your place, deities, or ancestors.
  16. Get dressed up and do all of the things listed above! Adorn yourself and feel the magick.

The important thing is to give yourself some time and space to do something. It doesn’t need to look a certain way or hold a specific tradition. The wheel of the years move along without us having to do anything to make that happen. But when we tune in to the subtle changes that are happening around us, we acknowledge that we are a part of that cycle.

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