How Are Your Magickal Practices Different Today?

How Are Your Magickal Practices Different Today? May 11, 2020

Every now and again, Phoenix and I look at our magickal practices to see how they’ve evolved. By taking an informal survey we can see where our practices have stagnated or shifted in some unexpected direction. As it stands today, our practices are both wholly recognizable and completely different. There’s quite a wonderful comfort in that paradox.

We reached out to a few of our favourite witches and pagans to see if they’ve noticed any differences in their magickal practices. Here’s what they said.

Heron Michelle’s Magickal Practices Went Online & Back Home

This Pandemic changed everything about my witchcrafting life. Our coven moved dedicant classes to Zoom, and cancelled all Esbat and Sabbats, starting with Ostara. My shop, The Sojourner ( closed as directed, and had to get creative to keep up with payroll. So, I started doing regular Facebook Livestream videos for donations called “Witch on Fire-side Chats.” These mini-classes on spell-crafting techniques, witch-hacks, theology and rites kept the heart-space opened while everything else closed down.

Combating the isolation, Witches from all over the country joined in to ask questions. We found new connections in unexpected ways. This magick shifted my focus from the fearful stricture of disaster, to the loving opening of my home altar. I felt vulnerable, but the work felt necessary.

Hail Hermes! Despite the financial chaos, my spiritual fires were stoked, my altar laid fresh and alight each day. Creativity flowed. By sharing virtually, trusting in the good-will of new and old friends, beautiful magick (and Payroll) were made! That love returns in countless supportive ways.


Heron Michelle lives in Greenville, North Carolina. She is the author of the Patheos blog Witch On Fire.  Heron also owns of The Sojourner Whole Earth Provisions metaphysical store.

Phoenix LeFae’s Magickal Practices Focus on Contemplation

Some of my life is vastly different and some of my life is pretty much the same. I am privileged to set my own schedule and as I am not a morning person my life has been set up not to really start until late morning. This hasn’t changed since the shelter in place orders. However, what I do with my time has changed dramatically. I am spending much longer in contemplation. My backyard and garden is getting a lot of my attention and my practice connecting with the spirits of my place has deepened quite a bit. I’ve also been doing a daily candle vigil specifically for health, strength, and compassion around the virus.

Much like other witchy shop owners our walk in shop is closed. I’ve spent a lot of my working hours ramping up the website for Milk & Honey , taking photos of products, updating the website, and learning new forms of technology. We could still use a lot more online traffic, which does make me wonder and worry what magickal shops fate might be in the future.

I’m trying to spend my time wisely, making improvements where I can and working on my next book. But I also find myself hit with grief, frustration, and even anger too. I’m allowing myself to feel all the emotions as they come through. These are challenging times and although it’s been a couple of months already, we are still at the beginning of it. I have to remember to pace myself.


Phoenix LeFae is the co-author of this blog. She is the author of several book including What Is Remembered Lives, Walking In Beauty, Hoodoo Shrines & Altars, Cash Box Conjure, and the forth coming title Life Ritualized – A Witch’s Guide To Life’s Most Important Moments.

Gwyn’s Magical Practices Are Focused On Others

In the early days of the COVID-19 crisis, my practice remained steady. My morning rituals remained a comforting constant. Spellcraft became geared toward provision, protection, and strengthening the health of myself, family, and friends. However, as the weeks have accumulated, motivation for these activities has waned.

Right now, I’m lucky if I remember to light a candle or speak words of devotion to my deities, let alone practice witchcraft. Beltane held no appeal for me to celebrate.

But what has kept me at least somewhat engaged is a commitment to those who listen to my  3 Pagans and a Cat podcast and the readers of the 3PaaC Patheos Pagan blog. Therefore, even when I do not feel up for it, I’m dressed and leading a live guided meditation on Facebook every morning at 8 AM Eastern from Monday through Friday. I’m writing a new blog post at least once or twice a week.

Holding onto these things provided the impetus to lead a short online ritual for the Witches Grand Sabbat on May Eve and moved me to offer online rituals during the lunar cycle. So, this situation has allowed me the courage to step forward, make sure others’ spiritual/magickal needs are met, and in doing so has bolstered my practice as well.


Gwyn is an Eclectic Green Witch and Clairsentient Medium. She loves working with herbs, essential oils, and plants. writes the Patheos blog 3 Pagans And A Cat

Gwion’s Magickal Practices Are All About The Now

I’m generally a very social person. I love to be around other people. Hugging a friend is wonderful. The ritual room my coven meets in is pretty tight quarters. It gets really hot when we’re all in there raising ritual energy. Practically every month I travel around North America, talking about food magick or teaching magickal classes or leading rituals. In that way, my magical practice is really, really different.

But I have to tell you, my current magical practice is so incredibly foundational. There is no tomorrow in my practice. I cook what is available today. I tend to the seeds that are sprouting now. The magic happens in the moment. Which spell, incantation, recipe, or ritual will shift my energy, my partner’s energy, the house’s energy? My magical practice is more direct, almost instant. It’s profoundly satisfying.


Gwion Raven is the co-author of this blog. He is the author of The Magick of Food, and the forth coming title Life Ritualized – A Witch’s Guide To Life’s Most Important Moments.


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