5 Ways To Use Salt In Your Magickal Practice

5 Ways To Use Salt In Your Magickal Practice May 11, 2020

Salt is an excellent magickal tool. You don’t have to look very hard to find it either. It’s likely in your cupboard right now. You can use salt at pretty much any time for any magickal purpose. There is no need to wait for the eclipse of the full moon in Pisces happening on a Wednesday. Salt is powerful, clearing, transforming, and already in your kitchen. At its roots Witchcraft is about working with what you’ve got, which is another reason salt kicks witchy ass. Here are 5 ways to use salt magickally.

#1 Using Salt for Charging

It’s easy to charge salt for any magickal purpose. Charging salt basically means infusing it with magickal energy. It takes on energy really well. Add a little incense power, herbs, essential oils, or energy to charge up your salt. It gives a boost to any spell or ritual when properly prepared.

Salt absorbs what is in the air around it, like odors for instance. It will soak up the energy around it too. That’s a good thing. Salt will need to be replaced and recharged as time goes on. If you are in a particularly negative environment your salt may need to be cleared up more frequently. Incorporate it into your home practice by making Salt Bowls for your home.

#2 Using Salt For Cleansing

Salt is a powerful cleansing agent, both for your physical body and for your spirit body. A scrub is easy to make and use in your regular bathing routine. Mix a little salt with a little oil of your choice. More salt than oil, so you have a slick, but gritty paste. We use 3/4 cup of kosher salt to 1 tablespoon of jojoba or almond oil (olive oil works great too). Add essential oils if you are so inclined (and not allergic). When you’re in the shower use this scrub to gently exfoliate your body. Pay attention to your energy centers, clearing out energy that no longer serves. You might consider singing or making a tone while doing this.

#3 Using Salt for Protection

Salt makes an effective barrier. Do you ever watch television shows like Charmed or Supernatural? The characters frequently use salt to draw a ring of protection around themselves to keep out bad spirits. This isn’t far off from reality. Salt is used to draw lines of protection around your space or rituals. Black salt is especially effective at this. Making black salt is simple. Mix regular salt with charcoal and incense ash. Use a mortar and pestle and grind up charcoal and then slowly stir in the salt. Less salt than you might think, otherwise you end up with grey salt. Add Incense ash to give a little kick to the magick and a more pleasant odor.

#4 Using Salt In Kitchen Magick

Human bodies need a certain amount of salt. Bonus! You can add magickally charged salt to your regular daily cooking. This is an easy way to step into the magick of kitchen witchery. Not sure where to get started? Charge up some salt for health or happiness and add it to this recipe on Dill Pickle Pasta Salad.

#5 Adding Salt To Water

Salt can be mixed with lots of things, and one common way is with water. Having a bowl of salt water is like bringing a bit of mother ocean into your home or ritual. Can’t go to the beach to collect actual sea water? No worries, make a big bowl of salt water. Soak in salt to relieve sore muscles.

Next time you gather with your coven put a big bowl of salt water in the middle of the room and let everyone release their energetic crap into it. Shake your body, sink your hands in the water, put some droplets on the top of your head or your third eye, and let the salt water do it’s thing. Don’t save this water! It needs to be poured out. Just be cautious of where you pour it. salted water can damage plants.

There you have it. Five simple ways to use salt in your magickal practice.

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