Famous Pagan Pics. Well, Sort Of…

Famous Pagan Pics. Well, Sort Of… April 6, 2020

The Witches Next Door have been cooped up for about four weeks at this point. Shelter in Place began on March 16th, 202o and we’ve been taking it seriously, very seriously. And then something happened. We got a little stir crazy and we got a little silly. We decided to recreate pictures of famous Pagans, Occultists, and Witches with our own little spin on things.

Play along with us. Name which Witch, Pagan, or Occultist we’re portraying. If you get it correct, score one point. For bonus points, recreate your own version and post it in the comments. We’ll select our favourite picture and send one lucky recipient a complimentary copy of The Magick of Food by Gwion and What Is Remembered Lives by Phoenix. Already have a copy of our books, well then we’ll send you… Actually, there’s no real Plan B here.

Famous Pagan Pics #1

It’s been said that Gwion is the “Wickedest man in the kitchen”

Famous Pagan Pics #2

Phoenix is a mother, a witch, and practices the Craft. Maybe she’s this “mother of modern witchcraft”

Famous Pagan Pics #3

What exactly was this spell intended to do? Gwion is going O.G. here.

Famous Pagan Pics #4

Phoenix hasn’t decided whether to flog Gwion or poke him with her wand after making her pose for this picture. It is said this influential Witch once worked at Abbey Road. Phoenix once worked at Togo’s.

Famous Pagan Pics #5

Quarantine has resulted in a little day drinking. So here’s The Witches Next Door’s version of this famous photo of a couple consecrating the wine.


Well? Did you get them all? Answers below!

Remember, post your pics in the comments and we’ll send one lucky person a signed copy of our latest books!

Be well. Be Healthy. Be Kind. Wash Your Hands.


  1. Aleister Crowley
  2. Doreen Valiente
  3. Gerald Gardner
  4. Janet Farrar
  5. Maxine & Alex Sanders
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