I Heart Chevrolet.

I Heart Chevrolet. August 9, 2012

Someone listened!  They really did!!!  ME!!!  I changed the world!!!  WOOOOOOOOT!!!!!

Okay, maybe I’m reaching here.  If my daily blog hits reach into double digits, I do a victory dance.  (No, I will not post a video of the victory dance.  It’s enough that the people who have witnessed it in person are still running around in circles trying to poke out their mind’s eye with a fork.)

Last fall and winter, I did a good bit of blogging about gender issues.  Roles, stereotypes, perceptions, treatment in the media, politics – all related to gender.  A couple of those posts focused on the condescending and misguided launch of the pink Lego line of toys.  At the end of it, though, I still backed the idea of buying the pink Legos – but buying them for boys as well as for girls.  (I was particularly incensed by this Today Show clip, wherein Donnie Deutch, Matt Lauer, and Nancy Snyderman openly mocked the notion that a parent might ever be brave enough to buy pink toys for their son.  Morons.)  So, if you’re in the mood, you can read my powerful and irrefutable logic regarding pink and pink legos here, here and here.  For those of you who can’t handle that much brilliance in one sitting, here’s a brief summary.

Every color should be for both genders.  Including pink.  The end.  Or something like that.  Trust me, I’m more articulate in the links provided above, so just go read them.

So, imagine my joy and surprise when I was watching the Olympics, and this commercial for Chevy trucks came on.

Notice anything?  ANYONE NOTICE ANYTHING?  It’s an ad for a TRUCK.  The little boy in the ad is playing with a toy version of the TRUCK.  In his lovely toy world he has set up for this truck are PINK THINGS.  Yes.  A pink house, pink ponies, girls in pink, etc.  Among other toys included in this imaginary world are monkeys, a rocket, a Ken doll, and a Barbie-type doll with DARK hair who is dressed like a badass.  (Yes, her proportions are ridiculous.  Yes, her midriff is showing.  I addressed my thoughts on issues like these in other blog posts.)  Even lovelier, though, is that this inclusion of pink in a boy’s world is treated in the commercial as a total non-issue – as I’ve been arguing for YEARS that it should be.

Way to go, Chevrolet.  I wish I could afford to buy a Chevy truck for the sole purpose of making a statement of support and appreciation.  A Chevy TOY truck will have to do for now.  In the meantime, Donnie Deutch, Matt Lauer and Nancy Snyderman can kiss My Little Pony’s pink butt.

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