Hey, Ann Coulter –

Hey, Ann Coulter – October 23, 2012

Dear Ann Coulter,

I will keep this short, and use small words so that you have a chance of understanding getting what I’m saying.

As the author of the following tweet from last night’s debates, you should be ashamed.

For your edification improvement er, info, the word “retard” is defined by Merriam-Webster here.  It has many legitimate acceptable um, okay uses – all having to do with the slowing of growth or slowing down (as in the musical term, “ritard”, which means to play more slowly) of some kind or another.  It’s only recently (in the course of the word’s life-span) that people like you have turned it into an insult, used to taunt and bully people who aren’t neuro-typical.  (Sorry – had to use a 5-syllable hyphenated (word with a dash in it) word there, Ann.  DM me if you need help with its meaning)  Well-done.

A friend (that’s only one syllable, but I can still help you if you don’t know what it means) of mine posted this response.  She joined a link-up in which people can post pictures of their autistic, handicapped, and/or special-needs kids, with the greeting, “Dear Ann Coulter.  This is who you insult with your words.”

Here’s the thing.  I am joining this link-up, too.  My kids ARE neuro-typical, but your words insult them, too.  Actually, they insult me.  They insult anyone who might have the misfortune bad luck of reading them by implying they’d find this funny, smart, or anything other than the hate-spewing filth that it is.

On the positive plus side, I’ve been trying to come up with a word that describes the trend of devolving (not even slowing of growth, but actually moving backwards) humanity and level of political discourse that makes any thinking person throw up in their mouth a little when they hear or see it.  I have a word for it now.  It can be used as a noun or a verb.  (DM me if you need help with the parts of speech.)  Scum-sucking, bottom-feeding evil, inhuman piece of shit, thy name is “Coulter.”


Aliza Worthington

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