Poem: “a raffish sermon”

Poem: “a raffish sermon” February 22, 2016

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a raffish sermon:

a dozen difficult things
may beset you today
you may find yourself undermined
at every turn
your plans for dinner or for your life
can be ruined in a moment
your house may topple or burn
your body or your lover may betray you

it does not mean that the universe hates you

that you are here at all
is so unlikely
from the cosmic balances that make existence of anything solid possible at all
to the personal history that led your parents to meet
and you being here now

the odds are clear
you shouldn’t be here
in the first place

that you exist
is proof that the universe loves you
it brought you into being against the odds

what more can you ask for?

and yes
that may not make it easier
or heal you
or unbreak your heart
but still at the core of it is that truth:

you are here
we are here
an act of cosmic defiance

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