“Inconsistent Me” (A Poem – Week 2 of “52 Makeup”)

“Inconsistent Me” (A Poem – Week 2 of “52 Makeup”) January 16, 2017

For 2017, I’m challenging myself to create one piece of art a week: a poem, a song, a story, a drawing, a photo, a bit of digital art. This endeavor needed a name so I’m calling it “52 Makeup” (a pun on “52 Pickup“). For this second week, a short poem. It really did go from 70 degrees (actually 71, a new record for January 12, my birthday) to frozen wintry mix (on the Saturday of my birthday party, keeping several friends away — ah, well) in two days time around here.

inconsistent_meInconsistent Me

Two days ago, 70 degrees
Today, snow and ice
And you insist that I be consistent?

I change with the wind
I cycle light and dark
Some days clear, some days thick and opaque as heavy fog

I bloom, I shed
I run hot and cold
Quiet as a snowy day, or loud as a thunderstorm

It makes me a poor cog in the machine
This variation
Moving in a natural way

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