Questions of Sexuality and Righteousness

Questions of Sexuality and Righteousness May 1, 2012

sexuality GC2012First, if you do nothing else, read this blog by Dan Dick.  It is a passionate and eloquent call to discipleship, not this watered-down stuff that can be measured on public shaming boards (i.e., electronic dashboards that will measure nickels and noses).

Second, after getting some interesting responses to this post about biblical ignorance and the delegates to General Conference, a few more thoughts popped up today.

I ask: those who adamantly oppose full inclusion of our GLBT brothers and sisters in the life of the church seem quite focused on the genital activities of that group of people.  What if we turned the focus on the genital activities of our straight people with an equally penetrating and condemning eye?

Now, I join the righteous outcry against the so-called “homosexual lifestyle,” that of indiscriminate sex with anyone and everyone.  That kind of behavior reduces others to objects of sexual gratification and destroys both soul and body.

So, why aren’t we working hard at the indiscriminate sexuality of our heterosexual contingent?

For example:

  • How many of our delegates had a lustful thought today or ogled some man or woman on the beach during their free day on Sunday?
  • How many just took a quick peek at some pornography or lustful romance media last night to help them relax?
  • How many of our men spilled their seed outside of a procreative act last night?
  • How many have engaged in polygamous activities (i.e., serial monogamy)?
  • How many were virgins on their wedding nights?
  • How many sowed a wild seed or two or three during their adolescent lives–and especially after being confirmed in the church?

It just seems to me that if we are going to investigate the sex lives of the GLBT crowd that we show the world what hypocrites we are by not doing the same for our so-called “straight” ones.

How about instead of being so focused on the uses of our genitalia, we start focusing on real sexual righteousness?

How about asking questions like these with regard to sexuality:

  • Do you respect your body as the Temple of the Holy Spirit? If so, how does that respect dictate your actions, particularly of a sexual nature?
  • Do you respect all of humanity as made in the image of God?  If so, what steps have you taken to fight the dehumanizing actions of those who produce and distribute pornography?  What actions have you taken against those who buy or seduce young boys and girls and then rent them out for the sexual gratification of others?
  • Do you recognize that thought precedes actions?  If so, how do you discipline your thought life so that you learn to think upon the things that are pure and holy, rather than the debased and titillating?
  • Do you wish to protect the sexual innocence of children?  If so, what steps have you taken to push back on the increasing forces to sexualize even the youngest children by fashion designers, public media and the ubiquitousness of personal media?

Just my morning musings as I stay deep in prayer for all those who are at General Conference.

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