Gleanings From Today’s Newspaper: Cricket , Cauliflower and a Cowardly Pope

Gleanings From Today’s Newspaper: Cricket , Cauliflower and a Cowardly Pope March 29, 2018

newspapers newspaperOne of the pleasures of being retired is the gift of time to read the morning newspaper. I get the real ones: done with newsprint that sometimes makes my hands dirty and which must be recycled and with stories that I would never see if I only looked at online versions, although I do read some of them as well. As I did yesterday, I thought I’d offer some of the snippets of things I learned today.

Soccer Scandal

Please make note of the similarity of the “Deflategate” scandal to the one now roiling the Australian cricket world. Apparently, several players from a South African team were seen scrubbing a ball with sandpaper, an action that changes the trajectory of the ball. This is serious, folks.

Spy Scandal

If you’ve run afoul of the Russian spy apparatus, be careful about touching your front door. It is likely that the deadly nerve poison, manufactured only in Russia, was rubbed on the front door of a former Russian spy who now lives in Great Britain. He and his daughter, although still alive, are unconscious and in serious condition in a British hospital. Also, if you happen to be a Russian multi-millionaire who happens to live in royal comfort in London, you might find your visa revoked.

Baseball Scandal

Baseball players are in it for the money. The lowest paid player, i.e., the worst player on the worst team, will earn $545,000 this year. But at one point, the players got reamed out by their owners for ordering $.75 worth of creamed cauliflower with their meals.

Harassment Scandal

Morgan Stanley, a well-known investment firm, has known for years of the routine mistreatment of women by one of their star advisors. He still works there. So what else is new? The good ‘ol boys club stays in power.  Women just don’t matter. Sigh.

Papal Scandal

For years, Canada forced its indigenous people into boarding schools where they were routinely abused. Many died. Those schools were run by various religious organizations. The Anglicans, Presbyterians and the United Church of Canada have long since acknowledged their unsavory role in this genocide and made apologies. However, Pope Francis refuses to do so. God forbid that priests who have long gotten their jollies from abusing kids would actually have to acknowledge the damage they did.

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  • Robert Limb

    OK, you’re American, so no-one expects you to understand these things, but soccer is another name for Association Football, and has absolutely nothing to do with cricket – but much more importantly, it was the Australian team playing in South Africa who owned up to cheating by tampering with the ball, and it is therefore their disappointment with their OWN team which has been a scandal in Australia – not their accusing of another national side. That misapprehension had to be corrected.

    • Linda Coleman Allen

      Thank you. Many of us in the US are just ignorant of these games and the rules.

      • Robert Limb

        To be honest, American Football is pretty arcane to the uninitiated, too. I only replied to the piece because I thought it left the impression that the Australians were upset with the South Africans, whereas in fact, they felt betrayed by the own team. Imagine cycling was THE biggest sport in the USA, eclipsing baseball and basketball – then try and imagine how the nation would feel about Lance Armstrong.

        • Linda Coleman Allen

          I’m fairly certain that much of this nation is quite disappointed by Lance Armstrong.

  • Chuck Johnson

    This is not so much a papal scandal as papal business as usual.

  • Linda Coleman Allen

    Christy, has your family relocated to the US from Great Britain? I do pray safety over them.