Brett Kavanaugh’s Trashed Life: Who Did The Damage?

Brett Kavanaugh’s Trashed Life: Who Did The Damage? October 1, 2018

So, to get back to Brett Kavanaugh’s trashed life: if it does go down in flames, it is not because the good people of the US want that to happen. It will happen because he refused to answer questions and refuses to acknowledge that he did, at one point in his life, have a severe drinking problem. 

Brett Kavanaugh's Trashed Life: a pile of beer cansIn the Monday, October 1, 2018 edition of the Wall Street Journal, Alan Dershowitz, a self-described liberal, Democrat, and Professor Emeritus at Harvard Law School, makes the argument that Brett Kavanaugh needs to be confirmed as Supreme Court justice or otherwise his life is trashed. Here’s a snippet:

If he is now denied the appointment, it will be because he has been depicted as a sexual predator who deserves contempt, derision and possible imprisonment. He may no longer be able to teach law, coach sports or expect to be treated respectfully. He could be forced to resign his current judicial position, because having a “convicted” rapist on the bench is unseemly. For these reasons, he now has the right—perhaps not a legal right, but a right based on fundamental fairness—to have the charges against him put to the test of clear and convincing evidence or some standard close to that.

So, for this older gentleman, professor of law, what would be “convincing evidence”? Essentially that means a documented piece of The “Honorable” Brett Kavanaugh’s sperm on a piece of Dr. Ford’s ripped off clothing, along with perhaps a few photos of the bruises he inflicted by the brutal, forced penetration and scratches on his body from a younger, much less muscular, girl trying to fight him off.

Of course, none of that happened–she did manage to get away before he could forcibly penetrate her–plus even if he had managed to complete the rape, she was 15 and unlikely to have had the presence of mind of a many years older Monica Lewinsky, smart enough to keep that blue dress.

For people like Mr. Dersowich, then, there is no such thing as “convincing evidence.” Mr. Kavanaugh’s memory, fuzzed as it was from the heavy drinking, would still carry more weight than the memory of a very, very traumatized teen-aged girl. That’s not convincing for most older men, many of whom carry their personal dark secret memories of their days of extreme masculine privilege over the female body.

In the midst of all that is happening, I keep thinking of the words from Jesus as seen in the beginning of the 12th chapter of the Gospel of Luke:

Meanwhile, when the crowd gathered by the thousands, so that they trampled on one another, he began to speak first to his disciples, “Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees, that is, their hypocrisy. Nothing is covered up that will not be uncovered, and nothing secret that will not become known. Therefore whatever you have said in the dark will be heard in the light, and what you have whispered behind closed doors will be proclaimed from the housetops.

Kavanaugh’s secrets are being shouted from the housetops right now. Had he, as a self-proclaimed Christian, been willing to ackn0wledge that his teen-aged drinking habits may have been problematic and did indeed bring about memory blanks, he could still be whispering. But truth has eluded him.

Now, let’s turn to another older guy who might have significant trouble giving credit to anything Dr. Ford might have to say: Orrin Hatch, the Mormon Senator from Utah.

This link will take you to a really good article that gives insight into Hatch’s Mormon world. There, senior Mormon men, once they reach the rank of Bishop, have the right and the responsibility to take children as young as 12 into their private offices and grill them a couple of times a year about anything. This “anything” may include masturbation habits, sexual thoughts, any possible sexual transgressions, etc.

Until recently, parents were barred from those meetings. Now parents get to wait in the hall outside if they wish and can, if asked by their child, be an observer (but not participant) of the conference. This is a copy of the guidelines for the questions.

These guidelines were issued just recently. Some Mormon parents, remembering their own miserable experiences of being grilled about the most intimate parts of their lives while sitting alone in a room with an older man, pressed for more protections from predator Bishops. Sam Young, a Mormon father from Houston, is spearheading this movement.

The vast majority of our leaders are good upstanding men. Nevertheless, we do have sexual predators in our leadership,” Young said in the ad, and later, “Many bishops ask disgusting, repulsive and pornographic questions.

So, Orrin Hatch comes from a world where, first, males carry ALL the power, and second, only males get to do interrogations (no such thing as a female Bishop). The chances of him listening sympathetically to the female accuser of a dominant male probably stands close to zero. Nothing coming from the mouth of a female would ever convince him that a man did anything wrong.

So, to get back to Brett Kavanaugh’s trashed life: if it does go down in flames, it is not because the good people of the US want that to happen. It will happen because he repeatedly shot himself in the foot by refusing to answer questions and by refusing to acknowledge that he did, at one point in his life, have a severe us drinking problem.

One of his Yale drinking buddies had this to say about him:

I can unequivocally say that in denying the possibility that he ever blacked out from drinking, and in downplaying the degree and frequency of his drinking, Brett has not told the truth.

Truth is all that most of us are asking for. As I’ve noted before, we’ve all messed up, especially in our younger years. No one would like to have our lives taken apart in the way that Kavanaugh’s is right now. But here’s the reality: he’s about to be placed in a position where he has enormous power over the people of the US and will very likely do whatever is necessary to limit the ability of a woman to have authority over her own body.

If Kavanaugh’s past, remembered or not, indicates that he did not at one point respect a woman’s authority over her own body but felt his own will should prevail, and he has not publically acknowledged that and repented from that stance, then he should not be a Supreme Court Justice. Of course, he should not be coaching girl’s basketball teams.

Furthermore, he refused to listen to Dr. Ford’s testimony.

Under questioning by Sen. Kamala D. Harris (D-Calif.), Kavanaugh said he did not watch Ford’s testimony earlier in the day.

“I did not,” Kavanaugh said, “but I planned to.”

He said he was preparing his own testimony.

By such a refusal, by his unwillingness to listen to someone whose position he disagrees with, Kavanaugh has made it clear: he cannot serve as a justice at all, and likely should be disbarred.

Yes, Kavanaugh’s life is trashed. And he brought it all upon himself. No one else ruined it for him.

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  • Reese

    Well, at least he didn’t kill a woman like the liberal icon Teddy K! And, having some experience with the reality of college, I believe he must not have been very drunk very often as he was #1 in his class, then #1 at law school and no other accusations all these years. These are real facts, with exact dates, times and locations. They look nothing like the testimony of the accuser who can’t get anything straight, has not named a witness that will corroborate her fantasy, has needed counseling over the number of front doors and is “scared of flying”, except for a plethora of island hoping and cross-country visits. Her story makes no sense with no facts which makes it a vineyard of “truth” for liberals.

    • The Mouse Avenger

      Shut the deuce up!!! This is NOT a place to spew your neoconservative garbage! Dreadful!

      • Reese

        You liberals are so darn cute when you are mad!

        • Barros Serrano

          You conservatives are so darn evil when you’re awake!

      • Iron Mike

        If your only rebuttal to an assertion is ad hominem, then you’ve already lost what little credibility you had.

  • Linda Coleman Allen

    Thank you Christy for this excellent article. You are right, IF he or any man in a place of power, is guilty of these charges, they do need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and not given the right to sit in judgment on any type of case. While I am 98% convinced that Kavanaugh is guilty as charged, he does deserve his day in court. But not as a judge on the Supreme Court.

    • Reese

      As Willie might say, “That depends on what the meaning of IF is…” Wonder what Juanita and Paula might say about the proof presented so far by Dr. Ford. How can you say “98% convinced” without one corroborating witness, no reports, no dates, no address, no nothing? I have a bridge in Brooklyn for sale at a great price, call me.

      • Barros Serrano

        Recourse to the stale Clinton matter confirms that you have nothing.

        Now mention Chappaquiddick.

  • Reese

    WHOA: Rachel Mitchell releases memo all but destroying Ford’s testimony and the Left just CAN’T DEAL Posted at 8:16 am on October 1, 2018
    Sex-crimes prosecutor, Rachel Mitchell, who questioned Dr. Christine Blasey Ford last week regarding Brett Kavanaugh allegedly sexually assaulting her in 1982, wrote a lengthy memo in which she said the Ford case is even weaker than a ‘he said, she said’ case.
    (Uh-Oh. Looks like the pro-prosecutor was not impressed by the Ford) Google the full report. Warning: Liberals might find it disturbing!

    • The Mouse Avenger

      You’re full of manure, you lying, traitorous, Emperor Trumpatine-loving scumbag!

      • Reese

        Au contraire! I am full of FACTS. And my wife and I easily agreed on one front door only… No consultation needed!

        • Barros Serrano

          You care nothing for the FACT that Kavanaugh lied under oath.

          You don’t care to discover the FACTS about the other allegations besides Ford’s.

          You’re lying.

  • victorperri

    Hear, Hear! Having grown up in Utah, although a non-Mormon, I have been aware of the Mormon Church’s bizarre questioning of male youths since my teenage friends informed me many years ago and I further read about it. I will digress. As most of us now know what “ boofing” is, thanks to Kavanaugh’s high school year book and as Steven Colbert helped us to understand, I was wondering can someone “boof” and give a toast at the same time?

  • Iron Mike

    How curious the “Thoughtless Pastor” facetiously asks Professor Dershowitz, “What would be convincing evidence?” and suggests that only DNA would suffice for those who do not find Ford’s allegations credible.

    Not so, dear pastor. It is not too much to request small things like…perhaps if she claims witnesses present—that at least one of them supports her story? Or perhaps provide some details how she got to the scene of the crime or how she got home? Maybe when or where the alleged assault took place? Or perhaps why she went through psychoanalysis to get her Phd without mentioning this trauma and who is responsible? Or perhaps how Kavanaugh’s name is only revealed after her memory magically returns decades later during couples therapy—coincidentally in 2012 when Romney names Kavanaugh as one of his future SCOTUS picks?

    Her memory deficit from 36 years is more understandable than her memory lapses in the last two months. She cannot remember who paid for her polygraph or when it was conducted. She has no idea how the Washington Post got her therapist notes, when according to WAPO—it was she who provided them. This is a disturbed woman, who by her own admission suffers from claustrophobia, PTSD, and anxiety. She is sympathetic, but not credible.

    As Rachel Mitchell’s memo demonstrates, Ford’s story has even less credibility than a he said—she said case. Yet the Thoughtless Pastor is not interested in the truth when it gets in the way of a good crucifixion. We do not need a substantiated or corroborated allegation to sacrifice an honorable man on the altar of political correctness. Let the spectacle continue. Are you not entertained?

    • Barros Serrano

      What is your vested interest in denying a woman’s assertions of sexual misconduct?

      Because Ford isn’t the only one you disbelieve.

      • Everett Kier Jr

        what is your vested interest in affirming what even the New York Times calls a false charge?

        • Barros Serrano

          You are not paying attention. There are more allegations than that of Ford. What about all the others? They were not even investigated. Trumpolini ensured that the FBI investigation was a whitewash, pun intended.

          Kavanaugh lied under oath about his drinking. That is confirmed. Yet, no response from the Senators. The GOP and its maddened adherents do not care if Kavanaugh raped babies every weekend for the past 25 years, as long as he’ll vote for conservative rightwing corporate-sucking fascism and neo-feudalism on the Court. The GOP hasn’t had a soul or warm blood since 1981.

          • Iron Mike

            So we should believe an FBI investigation that exonerates Hillary Clinton, but not one that exonerates Kavanaugh? LOL.

          • Barros Serrano

            The investigations of Hillary were extensive, long-running, and based on nothing but GOP pique.

            Kavanaugh’s investigation was brief and limited. It did not get into the extensive evidence that he lied under oath, that he was a mean drunk and a lowlife toward women. How many of the people who’ve made statements about his behavior at Yale were interviewed by the FBI? None.

            That investigation was a sham and you a shameless ideologue if you hold that up as having any real meaning.

            Kavanaugh’s confirmation was about as legitimate as the State Senate elections in gerrymandered North Carolina!

            Without cheating, the GOP could not win.

      • Iron Mike

        My vested interest is the Constitution and the Rule of Law, not the lynch mob mentality that is not interested in facts and evidence.

  • Iron Mike

    Yesterday, Ford was been exposed as a liar and now faces potential perjury charges.

    In a written declaration released Tuesday and obtained by Fox News, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, the California professor accusing Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, directly contradicts her testimony under oath last week that she had never helped anyone prepare for a polygraph examination.The former boyfriend, whose name was redacted in the declaration, also said Ford neither mentioned Kavanaugh nor mentioned she was a victim of sexual misconduct during the time they were dating from about 1992 to 1998. He said he saw Ford going to great lengths to help a woman he believed was her “life-long best friend” prepare for a potential polygraph test. He added that the woman had been interviewing for jobs with the FBI and U.S. Attorney’s office.

    During a 6-year relationship with Ford (1992-1998), the boyfriend also observed the following:

    1. Ford never said anything about a sexual assault.
    2. She never expressed a fear of flying, even riding in small propeller aircraft.
    3. She never expressed anxiety or claustrophobia while sharing a tiny 500 sq ft. apartment.
    4. She gave specific instruction to someone about how to take and pass a polygraph.
    5. She committed credit card fraud by using his credit card after they broke up, charging $600 of merchandise, and lied about the charges. She only admitted the truth when he threatened to turn her over to the credit card company’s fraud department for prosecution.

    At some point even the Thoughtless Pastor will have to give more thought about Ford’s credibility and her premature condemnation of Kavanaugh. THIS is why we have a presumption of innocence and decide guilt on evidence, not empathy.

    • Reese

      Wait just a minute! You’re not implying that Dr. Ford misrepresented the facts, even uttered untruths, as did her enablers, are you? Liberals would do such things? I’m shocked! Who knew? She’s still not as good of a fibber as the goofy gal who claims to have gone to 10 (ten) spike punch/rape parties! Who would believe that? Most women I know would have quit after 3, 4 max!

      • Iron Mike

        Unlike Liberals, I do not need to imply. I simply provide a sworn witness statement (under penalty of felony perjury) that directly undermines Ford’s credibility as a witness. As the sexual abuse case against Kavanaugh crumbles, the real question for Ford’s supporters is, “What next?”

        Truly thoughtful pastors and honest people of goodwill will reexamine how they have treated an honorable, falsely accused public servant—–and repent.

        True-believing Liberal ideologues will find some way to rationalize contradictory evidence and demand his withdrawal.

        • Barros Serrano

          How comical to see a conservative complaining about duplicity. Nothing you believe is true. All lies. Faux News.

          Liberals maintain the dream of a democratic and just society despite the efforts of the corporate-shill GOP

    • Barros Serrano

      All of that coming from a jilted lover and likely a Republican.

      Nope, there are other accusers and a clear picture of Kavanaugh’s low character has emerged. He is unfit for the judiciary at any level.

      • Rudy Schellekens

        And there comes the Judgment again, likely from a Democrat. What kind of approach is that? Are you a liar and a bitter person because you are of a certain political persuasion??
        Why is it, that Dr. Ford’s claim is to be believed without evidence? From her testimony, which I followed live, she is only sure about ONE single thing: 100% sure that it was Kavanaugh. NOTHING else…
        She claimed to be afraid of flying. I have flown a bit throughout my lifetime, but not near as much as Dr. Ford, and (mostly) in much bigger planes, too. I know people who are afraid of flying. The last time that one oif them was on a plane was in 1973 – flying back to the US from Europe as a military person. There was no other way to get there, or to get back. Since that time, more than 40 years ago, no plane rides. Dr. Ford went as a traveler, not for business, but because she likes to travel. Another person I know would rather drive 3,000 miles to attend a convention in California than fly there- because of a fear of flying.
        What does flying have to do with the alleged sexual assault? Nothing – other than Dr. Ford told one story (fear of flying, that is what I cannot come to Washington) and another story about lots of air miles gathered because of recreational flying. That is a major contradiction…
        Democrats kept referring to the fact that the FBI only needed three days in the investigation into Ms. Hill’s claims. So why can’t that be done here? Now it WAS done here (five days) and now it’s not long enough??
        I have no issue with the fact that Democrats do not support Judge Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. I get that, from an ideological point of view. But what happened here has nothing to do with ideology. Senator Feinstein should have brought this to the Committee as soon as she was informed about the bomb shell she was holding. That, and that alone, is what made the eruption be som public and shameful.
        An investigation could have been started within days after the letter was received – privately, quietly without any of the drama that is now associated with this.
        You cannot help but wonder if this was a designed approach: Let’s see if we can get him dislodged with something.. Nope? Now let’s toss the hand grenade.
        Democrats got their way – because now his “temperament” is not befitting a judge. Whatever happens, the character of Kavanaugh has been tarnished one way or another.
        Having been wrongfully accused of harassment by a former co-worker helps me understand Kavanaugh’s outburst. His reputation is ripped to shreds. His family (not just him, but his FAMILY) was threatened. What kind of society are we becoming? That our children are threatened because of something a parent might (or might not) have done?
        Officer WIlson was cleared from all levels in the shooting that set off the “Black Lives Matter” movement. His family, too, was threatened. How sick are we that we find that “acceptable?”

        IF he indeed can be shown “beyond a shadow of doubt” to have been the attacker (even as a 17 yr old), he should not be voted on, and should be pulled from his current position. And that is what the constitution grants ALL of us who are accused of whatever the crime – innocent until proven guilty.
        This morning Grassley said that the investigation did not corroborate the accusations. Schumer said it did – but refused to mention specifics.
        Again, an accusation – but nothing to support it.

        • Barros Serrano

          you go on and on in an uninformed manner about Ford, mental illness, etc.

          Face the truth, both sides had decided on Kavanaugh’s guilt or innocence from the very beginning. You wanted him to be confirmed, I wanted him rejected and the process delayed until there’s a Democratic Congress in place. That’s politics.

          But really, Kavanaugh is problematic, objectively.

          1. there is evidence, not investigated, that he lied under oath
          2. regardless of criminality, he demonstrated low character as a mean drunk and initiator of bar fights
          3. there are more accusers who’ve not been considered

          The guy is a problem. He is not the sort we’d want on the bench. Nor is Clarence Thomas, but too late to stop that. Kavanaugh is not of judicial temperament. We have BETTER people than that in this country,

          • Rudy Schellekens

            Uninformed, right. Fear of flying is NOT a mental “illness.” I have a fear of spiders – that is not classified as a mental illness. But you will never see me with spiders in my hands or surrounding!

            And yes, of course both sides had made up their mind. But that was based on ideology, not on character. A number of people who are on the Judiciary Committee now were also on the one when he was nominated for his current judgeship. And then, too, the made a ruckus – not because of his behavior, but the fact that he was a Republican! I get that.

            Your generalizations about being a “mean drunk” and initiator of bar fights” is interesting. How many fights did he initiate? You make it sound like that was his lifestyle, rather than an exception.

            I don’t think Kagan should have been on the bench, nor Sotomayor – but for ideological reasons. Republicans helped create a sizable majority for both of these judges to become Supreme Court Justices. So the Republicans were able to see beyond the ideology, and look at the work product. Democrats were complaining about the lack of work product from Kavanaugh – whose documentation as already FIVE times that of previous nominees. It was a delaying tactic, clear and simple. And that, too, I understand.
            But something tells me that if you go back in their lives deep and far enough, there will some stuff that would make you rethink…

            American Politics has become more and more of mud fight since I moved here 20 years ago. I have seen it go down the drain, I have seen the Clinton era, and how it started, The same Democrats who excused Clinton’s sexual misbehavior leaned on Judge Thomas for doing the exact same thing: abuse of a position of power. Clinton did it both as Governor of Arkansas and as a President, He paid to make the Arkansas situation go away. Which, BTW, Democrats now hold against trump who did the exact same thing! And don’t for one minute believe that Clinton paid that money himself!
            And since that time, the cesspool has become deeper and deeper!

          • Barros Serrano

            Your questions about Kavanaugh’s bar fighting and so on are why we need a full investigation, not a limited one of a few witnesses relative only the Ford accusation. There are other accusers, and a lot of others who have information, including the most obvious fact that he lied while under oath.

            I decided about Kavanaugh’s character based on the various statements made by his former acquaintances, and by watching his comportment before the Senate committee. Petulant, angry, indignant, entitled, and his behavior in college was not atypical, that of privileged spoiled frat brats who do what they want, and abuse of women is rampant in that milieu.

            On ideological grounds I want none of the regressive fascists (“conservatives”) on the Court, but the Right has finagled control of the country since the beginning, since the Federalist thuggery over the Constitution, since the Marshall Court.

            Constantly we push to create an enlightened modern society here, more in line with the rest of the developed world, but the corporate-shill conservatives keep inhibiting it.

      • Iron Mike

        Actually, he was smart enough to dump her when he realized how unstable she was. She proved him right by continuing to use his credit cards and denying the charges were hers until confronted with the possibility of criminal prosecution. THIS is the kind of integrity you find credible in a witness against Kavanaugh? That says more about you than her.

    • Robert Limb

      Oh, well if it’s on Fox News….

    • Chari McCauley

      Do you think if we refuse to learn what it feels like to be in someone elses skin…on our own initiative…that Father has a right to present it for us?
      How do parents teach a child right from wrong? Do they ALWAYS step in and save the child from the lesson needed?

      Or, do we have to have a threat, like everything hidden WILL be brought into the light for the whole world to see?

      • Iron Mike

        And what happens when everything “hidden” is revealed to be “invented”? Are you willing to learn what it feels to be falsely accused…to be publicly humiliated before your colleagues and community, to have your family shamed and threatened…all for a false accusation? Perhaps we have to learn to reserve judgment until we have the facts and make decisions based on evidence and corroboration. Perhaps then we can show compassion.

  • victorperri

    Someone in this thread supporting Kavanaugh implied that having compassion is irrational. One of the definite advantages of having compassion is that it means you are not a sociopath. ( And anyone with a certain level of intelligence and education understands that having compassion is a sign of intelligence and definitely not contrary to it.)