Adulting And Christian Bankruptcy: Donald Trump Has Been Good For The Nation

Adulting And Christian Bankruptcy: Donald Trump Has Been Good For The Nation January 9, 2019

Let’s practice the art of adulting, take responsibility for what has happened and find creative and morally sound ways to move forward. The more the church looks like Mr. Trump, i.e., white, older, exclusive, isolated, intolerant of differing views, the less it looks Christian. 

adulting and moral bankruptcy: piggy bank with crutches

I’ve not made any secret of my dislike for President Donald Trump, for who he is as a person, and for many of the decisions he has made as the most powerful person in the world.

I know, however, my reading and news consumption certainly reinforces my views, sometimes blinding me to other, equally legitimate opinions about the state of our nation and the world under his leadership.

Let’s take Mitt’s Romney’s semi praise of Mr. Trump:

It is not that all of the president’s policies have been misguided. He was right to align U.S. corporate taxes with those of global competitors, to strip out excessive regulations, to crack down on China’s unfair trade practices, to reform criminal justice and to appoint conservative judges. These are policies mainstream Republicans have promoted for years.

Frankly, if you look at this list, he seems a reasonably decent POTUS. The list does ignore Mr. Trump’s childish-looking wish for a virtually useless wall. Note: I am not saying we don’t need border security–I just affirm with others that concrete wall technologies or “aesthetically pleasing steel slats” are not the most cost-effective ways to bring it about. I admit, in my deep distrust of him on a personal level that I have not been able to get past, I wonder how many construction companies, expecting to be awarded lucrative bids for his beloved wall, have placed money in his pocket.

Senator Romney’s praise also ignores the concern over the abdication of world leadership roles with other democracies and Mr. Trump’s penchant for cozying up to dictators and other world leaders whose record on human rights show particular disregard for the idea that all share basic human dignity.

Romney’s praise also ignores what appears to be Mr. Trump’s real fear of people who are primarily brown-skinned or who don’t fit the white, “Christian” America demographic of his fantasy country.

Trump taught us the nature of adulting

But, having listed my many objections to this man, I find there is something else that needs consideration here: ways that having him as the public leader has been especially useful for the people of the US and even the world.

the opposite of adulting: a spoiled childMr. Trump has taught us what it means to be a responsible adult.

Adults do these things:

  • Take full responsibility for their actions and recognize that they stand on the shoulders of others who have gone before them.
  • Seek to find the basic commonalities of truth and facts when negotiating complex issues.
  • Treat those who work for them with respect and calmly welcome criticisms of their decisions.
  • Live faithfully to their marriage/partnership vows.
  • Listen to spiritual advisors who encourage humility and discourage ideas of being God’s chosen person who can function without accountability.
  • Engage in life-long learning practices and continually seek the expertise of others.

Now, careful readers know that Mr. Trump does not do any of the above and the result has been an unusually chaotic time for our nation. These are powerful lessons on the nature of adulting, people. Let’s learn from them.

He’s been good for Christianity as well

Not only has Mr. Trump taught us a great deal about responsible living, but he has also been a helpful force for US Christianity.

First, let us stay aware that the embrace of Trump by many Christians has exposed for all the white nationalism underlying much evangelical theology. We needed to see this.

Second, a clear corollary of the first point: the Exvangelical movement took off. This article should be read in full by those who ponder the nature of the church for the future. Here’s a revealing description of this growing demographic:

Exvangelicals, then, are by and large proponents of feminism, intersectionality, racial justice, and LGBTQ rights. We don’t seek a common metaphysics or (a)theology, but rather seek to build bridges between those of us who have left evangelicalism for no religion and those of us who have departed for healthy religion.

Third, Mr. Trump reminds us many “Bible-believing Christians” don’t bother to “believe in” the solidly biblical mandates concerning hospitality, welcome, or the care of the most vulnerable of society, i.e., today’s equivalence of “widows and sojourners”.  In other words, he exposed the extent of the moral bankruptcy of much contemporary Christian thought.

The power of bankruptcy

adulting and bankruptcy

Think of these so-far two years under Mr. Trump’s leadership as an extended period of Lent: It gave us a reason to take a fearless inventory of our souls. As we become more and more aware of that bankrupt state, we also discover a new starting place.

Note the financial parallel: by declaring Chapter 11 bankruptcy (and Mr. Trump certainly can speak to this strategy), corporations can wipe out most of their debt to their various lenders and stay in business. With this newfound financial freedom, a corporation then, we hope, does a significant restructuring and emerges with a different, and, we sincerely hope, better-grounded strategy for the future.

And thus the biggest reason why I think that Trump has been good for Christianity: we can legitimately declare our bankruptcy and aim for a fresh start.

It’s time to realign Christianity with the overarching message of Jesus and recognize its own profound roots in Jewish moral theology.

None of us knows what Jesus would say, but we can guess

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, we land ourselves in spiritual and intellectual dishonesty when we claim that the Bible, always read in translation and written in worlds so radically different from ours, can easily speak in specifics today’s world. But the Bible can and should guide us with the vital messages of grace, forgiveness, actions that lead to the healing of the world, and justice and freedom for the oppressed.

Cartoon by David Hayward, AKA, “The Naked Pastor”

None of us knows what Jesus would say to the LGBTQI community. But we do have an idea what he said to lepers, to women, to others who were considered irredeemably dirty and outside the bounds of the “in-group” considered acceptable to the religious elite. He touched them; he welcomed them without words of condemnation or restriction as to their participation level; he offered them the fullness of the words of life.

None of us knows what Jesus would say to the mega-church leaders of today who publically preach morality but carry on privately with women not their wives, who amass great riches for themselves by defrauding the poor, who aid and abet those who routinely disempower the already oppressed, who compromise their souls for the sake of political power. But we can guess: and it is likely those words would not be supportive or appreciative or even “nice” at all.

Time to savor our wisdom and pass the torch

Do I think the Exvangelicals will themselves be able to create the ideal church for the future? How silly–they have their own baggage, their own flaws. I can remember my youthful zeal for saving the world for Jesus and all the mistakes I made in the process.

But I think we stand on the threshold of a newly powerful work of grace. I feel the breezes stirring. I observe the moments of longing for a real experience of God and goodness. I see the passion to bless our physical world with acts of healing and redemption.

What many in my generation, we massive numbers of Baby Boomers now entering “retirement” age (even as many are unable to actually retire) at the rate of 10,000/day, built in our understanding of Christianity will have to pass away.

We shall have to deal with a great sense of loss. We shall have to accept the grieving that will accompany those changes.

Yes, it hurts to pass the leadership torches to those 30, 40, 50 years younger than we. Our hard-earned scars have taught us much wisdom, and it would be lovely to have that wisdom heard and acted upon. But even if it is not, we must at least listen to these new voices, to their passionate call for an inclusive space that really does welcome all at the table.

Mr. Trump, in his rabid isolationist stances, in his fear of anything that challenges his view of himself, in his lack of moral clarity, shows us precisely what Biblical Christianity is not, even though the Christian world put him in power.

We must thank him for that, not condemn him. He is what he is, and this nation elected him to a place of very nearly unlimited power.

But we must see this truth: The more the church looks like Mr. Trump, i.e., white, older, exclusive, isolated, intolerant of differing views, the less it looks Christian. 

Let’s practice the art of adulting and take responsibility for what has happened. Then let us find creative and morally sound ways to move forward.

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  • Linda Coleman Allen

    Excellent article. You hit all the nails on the head. Our poor country is led by a maniac who cares only for himself. He doesn’t care about anyone else, and the sooner people realize this the better our country will be. What breaks my heart is that people in our precious country actually support him and his sadistic, egotistical, racist views. He does not know God as his fruit bears out. Therefore, his followers do not know God either. They are not fooling anyone but themselves.

  • Ivan T. Errible

    Church is boring.

    • Jeff Hinkle

      Thank you

      • Ivan T. Errible

        No-thank YOU!

  • josephPa

    It is the Trump supporters I don’t understand. Maybe they love power, with no apologies, and no analysis

    • Timothy Weston

      They are trying for a false America that was sold to them

      • dаvе5494

        Ugly old qυeen

        • Sophotroph

          Ladies and gentlemen, the best Trump fans are capable of. Be in awe.

  • Ocelot Aardvark

    I’ll go one step further: According to the description of the Beast in Revelation 13, TЯ卐mp precisely fits that description.

    I have severed ALL ties with ALL of the Harlot of Babylon Churches, when it was revealed that 81% of Evangelicals/Christians support, defend, condone and voted for that hideous Monster! – Revelation 18:4

    If TЯ卐mp is THE Beast (and I believe he is) then ALL of those who still support, defend, condone and/or would vote for him again, already have the
    Mark of the Beast in their foreheads and hands … and they put it there themselves!

    • You chose allegiance to the Beast instead of Christ.
    • You chose to believe the Beast instead of Christ.
    • You chose to follow the Beast instead of Christ.
    • You chose to obey the Beast instead of Christ.
    • You chose to worship the Beast instead of Christ!
    • You chose to accept the Beast’s LIE instead of Christ’s Truth!

    If it’s not already too late, then may I advise those who so rashly surrendered their souls, to immediately:

    RENOUNCE the Beast
    REPENT and
    RETURN to Christ!

    “Beware of False Prophets and Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing!” – Matthew 7:15-21 … Your most infamous leaders have led you astray!

    In addition, the Scriptures explicitly warn us against following anyone but Christ:

    2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

    9) “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie,

    10) and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

    11) For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie

    12) and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.”

    Deny that Delusion! “Work out your Salvation with fear and trembling.” – Philippians 2:12-13

    Otherwise, you are responsible for your own DAMNATION!

    • Angel Shining

      i did too, I saw the writing in black and white when they all voted for him….I ran !!!

  • Reese

    Since television comics are no longer funny, it is so nice to have liberal logic and Democrat duplicity to amuse us:
    1) “Trump the immoral” – yet, he never killed a woman in his backseat, he is a choirboy compared to accusations on Clinton. Then, the stories on JFK, LBJ, powerful men have big egos…
    2) “Trump is white supremist” – yet black and Hispanic unemployment are at record lows. His polling among both groups is nearly triple what former GOP Republicans have had (see for averages)
    3) “Trump is homophobic – yet, his ambassador to important ally Germany and a recent judge selection are long out of the closet.
    4) “Trump is racist” – yet his insistence on a wall is the responsibility he accepts to protect all 330 million of us – all races who are American. He is very anti-drug and the wall is as much or more for that. He is anti-MS-13 and they kill innocent little girls and boys. He is anti-human trafficking… of all races, it seems.
    5) “Trump is isolationist” – because he wants Americas contracts on trade and protection to FAVOR our people, not foreign countries?
    6) “Trump is anti-globalism” – Yep. I wore this country’s uniform and was prepared to die for it.
    7) “Trump is anti-environmentalist” – Have you noticed the riots of middle class in Paris over the taxes they must pay due the Paris Accord?
    There is more, but liberals have not read this far and my fellow Deplorables already know it. Anyway, I need to get to Wal-Mart…

    • Ocelot Aardvark

      Yo TЯ卐mp-TOAD … your Orange-Idol is already responsible for the MURDER of at least 2 children, held with TЯ卐mp’s own authority, in CAGES, in ‘detention centers’ (read: concentration camps) run by TЯ卐mp’s own Gestapo, ICE. And these are only the ones we know about.

      Furthermore, defending and condoning that nazi-wannabe, TЯ卐mp is also a criminal and TRAITOR!
      And so are you for still supporting that ungodly Monster!

      Now TЯ卐mp’s ‘Wall-Shutdown’ … solely to appease his own ego … TЯ卐mp is endangering National Security exponentially more than a few bedraggled, asylum seeking refugees … and also the lives of millions of people.

      TЯ☭itor-TЯ卐mp’s ‘National Emergency’:

      Fraudulent Foundation
      Misuse of Tax Exempt Funds
      Felony Election Fraud
      Blabbed Top Secrets to Russian Spies in the Oval Office
      Hush Money Payments
      Violations of Campaign Finance Laws
      Imprisons, Tortures and Murders CHILDREN
      Obstruction of Justice
      Calls our Friends, Neighbors & Allies “Enemies”
      Yet sucks up to Murderous Dictators
      Exposed Navy Seals and Location to ISIS
      Emolument Violations and Profiteering
      Racketeering and Money Laundering
      IRS Tax violations
      Abuse of Power and Authority
      Violation of Federal Immigration Laws
      Provided False Documentation to Undocumented Workers

      Some “choir boy” eh TOAD?

      Go peddle your bullshìt elsewhere … genuine Christians see your Orange Idol for what he really is … the Beast!

      • We have seen your pathetic posts and this list before. It is you who are possessed.

        • Jeff Hinkle

          Possessed. Lol “ooga booga!” Do camera flashes scare you too? Stone age moron.


          I agree with you Bob. I think Jeff Hinkle is a mind sick.

      • Evermyrtle

        Liberals are basically responsible for millions of babies murdered every year! I don’t think Trump claims to be a Christian, but perhaps, the lesser of two evils!! Anybody out there with a list of Obama’s damages to America??

        • Ocelot Aardvark

          There is no “list” of President Obama’s “damages to America” because there aren’t any.
          President Obama had NO scandals … NONE!

          Furthermore, CHOICE is a Fundamental, God-given Right. Even though I personally do not condone abortion … I do not have the right to force my morality onto others. And neither do you. (Revelation 22:11) There are times when terminating a pregnancy is the right thing to do. (Ecclesiastes 3:3)

          The Scriptures are clear as to when a zygote, embryo or fetus becomes a ‘baby’ … in essence, a human being with a soul:

          • Genesis 2:7 says: “God breathed into man’s nostrils the Breath of Life and man became a living soul.” •

          Since no zygote, embryo or fetus has ever breathed God’s Breath of Life, no one can claim that a zygote, embryo or fetus is a fully formed human being with a soul.

          • Jesus said of Judas Iscariot: “good were it for that man if he had not been born.” (Matthew 26:24). •

          Perhaps those NOT born were NEVER meant to be born in the first place. In any case, it’s not your choice, or decision to make.

          Hypocritical ‘pro-lifers’ (I prefer the term ‘Forced Birthers’) pretend to be so concerned with the lives of children … except when there’s a mass murder in a school … then their guns take priority over the lives of children.

          But I suppose, to the self-righteous, putting children in cages, denying them food, water and medical attention … then letting them die in detention, is “the lesser of two evils”. Could you be any more of a vile, sanctimonious, LIAR?

          • Jeff Hinkle

            I agree on the politics, but your scriptures are no less stupid for supporting progressive things than conservative things. Supernaturalism is shitt


            Jeff, Colombia produces the best Cocaine in the world… te gustaría probar un poquito? Ah pero no hay, ya que ustedes se la consumieron toda!!! Gringo estupido ignorante. Do you understand Spanish? Fucking asshole, you are a real fucking blonde racist that deserves the worst thing. Come to fight me here in Bogota fucking asshole!!! I wait for you motherfucker!! If you continue with your fucking words I will repond you with worst words. Fucking whitey asshole. Remember I have my mestizo dick ready to introduce it in your pure asshole… mmmm delicoius whitey ass you musy have fucking bicth. That is the reason people around the world hate you gringos.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            I hate you for killing F Murray Abraham. Scumbag

        • Jeff Hinkle

          Lucky babies lol

    • Very insightful.Thank you for educating us on what is really going on.

    • sidpol

      None of this is funny. These two posts show the divisiveness that has been propagated by our experience with this administration. There is little information that can be trusted, which has always been true. I will say, much has been revealed about the shortcomings and collusions in the government that needed to come out, just brought it out sooner than it would have been revealed. Much now is also being revealed about the lack of checks and balances in the government as well. But I’m sorry, he is just not the one who will lead us through it aligning with American roots. He is immoral, lives to sue and to conduct his business in the courts, bullies and intimidates those who are not willing to study and to understand his techniques, lives to upstage the Jones, and has now moved into the extremely boring category. One question is how many laws were broken for him to be elected? I simply wait for the American public to wake up.

      • Reese

        What is funny is liberals’ Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) wherein none of the progress made gets any credit, while focus is kept on the negative, whether true or false. Concerning “divisiveness that has been propagated by our experience with this administration”, that is not Trump’s doing. He is merely the front man, the voice, the catalyst representing we who know things like NAFTA and the Paris Accord were lies and theft upon we who pay the taxes here. We know that we pay too much to protect Europe’s lazy, socialist countries. We pay too much for art that is repulsive, for welfare which is more hammock than safety net. And, we want our borders sealed from illegals and any drugs and crime that accompany them. Don’t blame Trump, blame me and my Deplorable friends. We put him there to do what he is doing.

        • sidpol

          Oh, but it is Trump and his antics. The people who elected him were duped. I do blame him and am embarrassed every day by him. I am sorry we cannot have a reasonable, informed debate, instead of just throwing darts at each other. This country is in a sad state. All you say is not defendable. And, sadly, if we had taken this stance earlier, few of our ancestors would have arrived in this country. But since they were from Europe it was ok, white for the most part and similar to those already here…

          • Reese

            You are wrong. We were not duped. We knew exactly what we wanted BEFORE 2016. 16 “Republicans” and 3 or 4 Democrats and one Donald Trump told us what they would do and millions of us immediately said, “Oh h*** yes, build that wall. Cancel NAFTA. Cancel the Paris climate hoax, and above all, lead and live by AMERICA FIRST (after all, we are Americans, our kids live here, theirs will live here, we work here, we pray here, we like it here, America First is the attitude WE have and we want our president to have that attitude too.). We were not duped, we hired the candidate best suited to take us where we want to go. He’s done well so far, especially considering the baloney he has to endure from the fake news and Dem-wits and RINOs!

          • Sophotroph

            I just wonder how robust this illusory world you have made for yourself will be when the Mueller report destroys Trump and all the progress he’s made towards a fascist theocracy falls to pieces.

            What lies will you tell yourself then, I wonder?

          • Reese

            Deep state, fake news, a swamp that does not want to be drained. If the unlikely happens, that they can find a way to dump Trump, they will still have to share this country with 63,000,000 of us – and more – who agree with and support him. Further, when the middle-Americans wake up to the realities of the socialist Democrats who are trying to turn our country into Cuba, Venezuela and other political/economic failures, they will join us. Maybe some millennials will too if their mothers wake them and explain things to them.

          • Sophotroph

            Oh, those ones.

          • Evermyrtle

            Just imagine, we could have gotten Killary and we would be catering to every Communist in sight! JESUS CHRIST would be the laughing stock of the country, again! And she claims to be Christian, I believe!! By the way we had millions of hungry people during the Clinton administration, even though the Clinton s did try to buy the votes of all the poor but did not get them all!

          • Lynn

            You’ve been FOXed.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            Jesus Christ still is the laughingstock. Come arrest me, sissies. I mock the hebrew overlord everyday, along with that sand monkey moohamed as well. Islam and Christianity are both monotheisms deserving the worst possible treatment lol


            I see you are a very poor person wishing to destry Christianity and Islam. I invite you to come to Colombia a kill me by yourself if you are so brave; I do not think so because you a coward that hide behind words just offending people because they think different like you. You are a real poor thing!!! Patetic!!!

          • Jeff Hinkle

            Go overdose on cocaina, you mestizo cuntface


            Colombia produces the best cocaine but in this moment is not available because USA bought all the production… but my mestizo dick is ready for your ass, call me and I will give a special discount for the services of my dick in your asshole bitch!!!

          • Jeff Hinkle

            Calm down Alex Sosa. Go make a phone call out of your briefcase, moron. I hope Tony f**ks you, you little monkey

          • Jeff Hinkle

            No, Finland. Socialism for liberal whites is what works. Forget central America, stupid.

          • Lynn

            Your America is America alone . By the way, Mexico is part of America also.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            I would take up arms for legal weed, p0rn, abortion, and AGAINST sjws too. I hate both sides. I support socialist economics and decadent freedoms, but I also oppose any special groups being protected from mockery.

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            You sir, and or madame … are not a true Liberal or Progressive.

            You’re really a TЯ卐mp Trolling-TOAD.

            Quit pretending to be a Liberal or Progressive. We know you’re not a Believer in Christ …

            so why the hell are you even here?

            Oh wait, that’s what TЯ卐mp’s Trolling-TOADS do … cause chaos, destruction and cause as much pain to others, as they think they can get away with.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            Please. I would exterminate trump in a second. Ein Augenblick, if you would. And of course I don’t believe in christ! Or moses or moohamed. Monotheism is disgusting right wing drivel.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            I bet you just can’t imagine someone with the moral integrity to support abortion with enthusiasm, and not apologetically, you pansy. And decadence is a positive thing. You sound like a comfortable middle class sellout scumbagg, apologizing to fascists and giving in before the argument has even started. You help Democrats lose, you failure.

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            I have NEVER met anyone who supported abortion with enthusiasm. NEVER!

            Furthermore, the violence you have expressed in your own posts prove that you’re the one who is a “middle class sellout scumbagg, apologizing to fascists” … in fact I’ll a step farther, you sound very much like a TЯ卐mp-TOAD in drag!

          • Jeff Hinkle

            Lol then why do I want that orange shittbag to be executed? You idiot. Anyway, you NEVER met anyone like that concerning abortion?? Lol well you have now. No kidding.

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            There’s nothing really left for us to talk about. A true Progressive/Liberal, whether they believe in God or not, does NOT find joy in anyone getting an abortion. But still, that decision remains the choice between a woman, her doctor, and God.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            I want fewer people until traffic starts reducing. Then people can start f**kin with no protection again. But I say give it a couple decades. NO NEW BABIES. If I may paraphrase the recently passed Bush Sr haha

          • Jeff Hinkle

            I support gay marriage too, but only technically. I actually support NO ONE getting married, but as long as people are, let gays do it too lol

          • Jeff Hinkle

            The true progressive embraces human self determination against gods. The brave one is not even the basic atheist. It is one like me, who declares that the existence of god is not the issue; it is beside the point. If there WERE a god we would be right to rebel anyway. Period.

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            My personal “human self determination” includes believing in, and having a loving relationship with
            Our Heavenly Father and His only begotten Son

            By the way, you’re entitled to your own interpretation of being a true Progressive, and I’m entitled to mine.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            Ew. Lol

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            Like I said, you’re entitled to your own interpretation. No one can choose or walk your path for you.
            We’ll all have to answer for ourselves in the long run … whether or not you believe in God.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            Actually, no one has to answer for anything except for in this life, to other humans. I know, it’s not really satisfying to think that H*tler and, say, Mandela both got exactly the same thing after death: NOTHING. Tough shitt. Deal with reality, sir. People have their short lives to seek justice, then it’s over. It’s fundamentally unfair, and hey, if people don’t like it and it makes them depressed they can always check out early

          • Jeff Hinkle

            So, what made you turn down Allah, or Krishna, or Jupiter/Zeus? I’d LOVE to know how your god is any better that these other equally made up options….

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            Because my God, sacrificed His own life willingly, to pay the punishment for my sins and the sins of everyone else on Earth.

            NONE of the others have done that.

          • Jeff Hinkle

            First of all, you have no idea none of the others did that lol. Second, I deny that that sacrifice would be a good thing for us. Christians call that a “gift”; I would return that gift with the receipt haha! I actually think that dictatorial heavenly order is anti-human, and if it were true I would deny that the salvation should be accepted and say that the punishment in store is illegitimate in the first place. Because, the so-called sins, that we are saved from the effects of, are in fact the good things about life. Religion hates human nature, while I say that human nature is in fact superior to any claimed divinity. The “fallen” state of man is to be preferred to the “saved” one. And ultimately, I have no desire to hang out with that god who couldn’t dwell with me unless I gave up everything I value. Heaven for you would be helll for me.

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            The Bible clearly states that the un-regenerated heart would mock and scoff at Christ’s sacrifice … and never understand how
            Eternally Sacred the Blood of Christ is.

            Once the Holy Spirit enters your soul and changes your heart, everything you think you value, becomes like dross and mildew.
            Until then, you are already like a dead person.

            But like I mentioned before, there’s nothing more to talk about.
            I’m not gonna argue the merits of those sacred Truths with someone who only scorns everything Holy. – Matthew 7:6

          • Jeff Hinkle

            I’d rather be dead lol! And of course you are so self centered, thinking I’m picking on YOUR religion. I find Islam much more disgusting. That’s still no points for the Christian team though haha. And in the trump era, the christians are starting to get scary again… And they are “race traitors” too, both white and black (any non Jewish actually) christians. Anyway, I deny the category of “holy”. I wouldn’t WANT the “holy” spirit in me. If satan existed, I would probably be on his side! Of course, there is no actual satan either, just another made up supernatural concept like god, or goblins.

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            Then good bye.

          • Jeff Hinkle


          • Jeff Hinkle

            The Jews, except the hardcore orthodox, are pretty good because they are largely atheists in the West. Imagine that! The people that brought us this cr*p are the ones that have understood it’s bulls**t and been undermining it ! It’s great

          • Ocelot Aardvark

            Yes, we remember. We watched as you paraded around with those ridiculous teabags hanging off your empty, racist heads.
            When the Orange-Beast arrived on the scene, you were only too glad to flock to his side, especially when the Klan fully endorsed him.

          • Guillermo Martinez
          • Reese

            Sorry, I don’t have an image of Farakan to post in response. Or, of Obama’s Chicago preacher. Or, of the many liberals who will not let conservatives speak on campuses…. We all have some nuts in our trees…

          • Guillermo Martinez

   Mr. Reese,

            Like you, I’m a veteran and like you I care very deeply about some of the extraordinary things that are engulfing our political culture at this time.

            At a difficult time like this, it can be incredibly hard to make sense of all the stuff that comes at us from so many places…

            FYI: I’m not a liberal or conservative… those words are meaningless. I endeavor to be a principled political pragmatist focusing on those political notions that all thoughtful Americans share and have in common: thoughtful patriotism, rule of law, fairness, etc, etc…

            But as the saying goes: “if it smells like a duck, walks like a duck, it is a duck…”

            It is painfully obvious that the KKK and the American Nazi Party did support Trump and obviously not Obama. And if you support Trump you support their agenda…

            Trump has clearly, consistently aligned himself with elements in our culture that are racist, bigoted and Fascist in spirit and in intent.

            Take care Reese

          • Reese

            That is not Farakan in the picture, nor anyone associated with Trump supporters. But, I will admit it is disturbing…

          • Guillermo Martinez

            If you support Trump, you’re supporting a person who became POTUS with the support of people who are capable of such horror and cruelty….

          • bitterandhappy

            I am just astonished at your ignorance about what is going on. Do you only watch Fox News and Alex Jones? Please name ONE THING Trump has actually done that has helped anyone other than billionaires. Think hard. Rush off to Fox News to try to memorize a sound byte.

          • Reese

            1) He helped the black folks: Record EMPLOYMENT FOR BLACKS. His approval rating among blacks exceeds other Republicans. Oh? NBC/CNN didn’t tell you?
            2) He helped the Hispanics: Record EMPLOYMENT FOR HISPANICS. His approval rating among Hispanics exceeds other Republicans. Oh? NBC/CNN didn’t tell you?
            3) He helped all Americans: Record EMPLOYMENT FOR AMERICANS. His approval rating among all AMERICANS isn’t great because NBC/CNN didn’t tell you?
            4) He whacked the Paris climate hoax. Did NBC/CNN tell you that even the French middle-class has been rioting over that fraud (the higher taxes part)?
            5) He is re-negotiating bad trade deals which cost us jobs and money. NAFTA closed AMERICAN factories. That meant more people on welfare! Oh, I forgot, you liberals like that part!
            6) My FAVORITE Trump improvement is, because I am a VETERAN, is his improvement in services to my injured brothers and sisters. Previous presidents, both sides, treated them like you-know-what. It will take much time and money, but the VA is improving.
            $) Oh, I almost forgot, I am no billionaire or even millionaire, but I made enough profit on my retirement last year to buy a new motorhome. I am burnin’ hydrocarbons in real style all over our great country!!!
            There’s more, but I gotta get to Wal-Mart to stock up for our next big trip…

        • Lynn

          The homeless would disagree with you and those who need to supplement food stamps with a food shelf. I agree, I do blame you, blind and heartless selves.

        • Evermyrtle

          Just think, that is what liberals do best, get used to it, only we. at the polls can keep America Christian and looking out for all people! Christians and conservatives best be sure to turn up and vote, every chance, you get, because the WORD Of GOD says conditions will get worse and worse, 2 Timothy 3:1-17, look around you and see that is true! Just think, we are slaughtering our own children by the million! True Trump is not perfect BUT he was the lesser of “two evils: Commandment: Thou shall not kill! How many of our babies do Americans kill, every year?

          • Jeff Hinkle

            How many babies? Not nearly enough. I want traffic congestion to disappear.

        • Jeff Hinkle

          Everything you hate, I like.

        • Guillermo Martinez

          From Charlottesville: if you voted for Trump, you voted for this….

    • (((J_Enigma32)))

      “Trump the immoral”

      “But they do it too!” is not a compelling argument.

      “Trump is white supremist”

      I’m not saying Trump is a white supremacists. I’m saying white supremacists think he’s a white supremacist, and there comes a time when there isn’t any distinction anymore.

      Trump is homophobic

      Neatly explaining why he surrounds himself with homophobic preachers and his VP supports the brutal and inhuman “conversion therapy.”

      He may not be homophobic, but homophobes think he’s homophobic, and are emboldened by that. Which is just as bad.

      Trump is racist

      There’s no question this is the case. His article on the Central Park Five is proof alone, not to mention is renting policies and other evidence that’s be dug up about him — granted, it’s evidence you’ll dismiss out of hand because you disagree with it, but just because you close your eyes that doesn’t make it go away.

      to protect all 330 million of us

      From who? The FBI has at least two reports now that highlight the greatest danger to Americans isn’t foreign terrorists, it’s homemade, right-wing terrorism. How quickly we forget the worst terror attack in American history prior to 9/11 was a homegrown one carried out by anti-government activists.

      Trump is isolationist . . . Trump is anti-globalism

      Global problems are not solved with local solutions. What’s more, the global economy is so large and you folks know so little that you can’t just cram this genie in the bottle without hurting a whole bunch of people. Not that you Deplorables care. You like hurting people, so long as they’re the “right” people.

      There’s a lot to criticize about our current model of globalism; the unsustainability being one of the largest of them. But I never see them from your ilk, because you ilk, frankly, are not educated enough to level actual criticisms. So you repeat your bullshit, since parroting is the next best thing apparently.

      Yep. I wore this country’s uniform and was prepared to die for it.

      This has nothing to do with anything.

      Trump is anti-environmentalist

      The Paris Accord doesn’t charge taxes. Seriously, you could not be more wrong if you tried.


      Which only exists because of the globalism you hate so much. Nice undermining of your own position there.

      • Reese

        Better get back on your meds or maybe just one or two sizes larger in underwear…

        • Jeff Hinkle

          Trump needs the electric chair

        • (((J_Enigma32)))

          Ah, and there’s the sort of clever response we’ve come to expect from folks like you. Good showing, old chap. Good showing.

        • Ocelot Aardvark

          Another juvenile TЯ卐mp-TOAD response. No substance, no value whatsoever!

      • Ocelot Aardvark

        Here is the Scriptural explanation as to why TЯ卐mp’s TOADS have such a cult mentality:

        2 Thessalonians 2:9-12

        9) “The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie,

        10) and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.

        11) For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie

        12) and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.”

        They are responsible for their own DAMNATION.

    • Jeff Hinkle

      Trump has killed plenty.

    • Guillermo Martinez

      Trump was elected to the Presidency with the support of the KKK and American Nazi Party.
      If the KKK like you, there is something terribly wrong with you…

      • ITBWTW

        Guillermo is Exhibit 1, in the proof of G.K. Chesterton’s musing that “its not that atheist believe in nothing, its that they will believe in anything!” Don’t lose your tin foil hat there Guillermo!

        • Guillermo Martinez

          ITBWTW, I’m curious where do you get your news information from? FYI: I’m not an atheist.

    • Guillermo Martinez
      • ITBWTW

        Socialist Atheists!! The present Democrat party! Boooo to God!! all you Democrats! Guillermo, thanks for the stark reminder of what atheistic Socialism looks like. An oppression coming to you soon if you buy any part of this article.

        • Guillermo Martinez

          What an odd response… what are you specifically responding to…? Where do you get your news information from? FYI: I’m not an atheist, socialist or Democrat…

          • ITBWTW

            Guillermo, I can only deduce your views of patriotism by the images you post. You posted Socialistic Nazi’s and the KKK in response to Reese defense of American Nationalism. Reese gives an excellently reasoned list of why Trump is a good man and supports Christianity. The author of this article is a loon, as demonstrated by her contortion of facts. She is a classic race-baitor. And no-one is more racist than race-baitors, since they only see through racist lenses. Look at Antifa! Complete copy cats of KKK racism! NOTHING Trump has done has any racial bias attached to it at all. He simply has an American bias, and he is loved for finally asserting that by Americans of all colors and races. It is the liberal race-baitors that are the problem. They hate poor people as demonstrated by their efforts to keep people poor and on welfare, they hate the unborn by their support of abortion, they hate the aged whom they wish to Euthanize, they hate the pious who they isolate and demean for being virtuous, they hate the religious by disrespecting the honor they have for life and forcing them to do evil such as pay for abortions and bake cakes for sodomy. Race-baitors simply hate anyone that disagrees with them and their controlling totalitarian view of power. They especially hate acknowledging a Nation under God, as demonstrated at the Democratic Convention where the loudly boo’d God. They hate the American motto “I Pluribus Unum!” ” From many, one people!” A motto that has made this the greatest society ever to exist in history. Baitors believe the lie that “diversity is a good”. However we are finding out now that “diversity ” is divisive and destructive. It is used to separate and tear down people, not unify them. Especially a diversity that attacks fundamental unifying principles of personal responsibility, personal sacrifice, a nation of laws, not personalities. So I don’t believe you when you say you are a Christian, that you are not a socialist, and not a democrat. You have the symptoms of all three.

            By your use of these images to rebut Reese you show your atheism. You show your racism. You show you too are a race-baitor. In other words, your posted images were a selfie. Something to think about because you are transparent.

          • Guillermo Martinez

            Where do you get your news info from?

          • ITBWTW

            The same places you do.

          • Guillermo Martinez

            …an evasive response to a very simple question. You know nothing about me given that we’ve never met, so you don’t know where I get my news info from… So I respectfully ask again, where do you get your “news” information from?

          • ITBWTW

            Like I said the same places you get it. The media. I am a Catholic. I peruse several Catholic news services from L’Osservatore Romano to Lifesite News. My favorites are Crux and National Catholic Review. But I’m starting to admire the investigative reporting of Church Militant. I like (trust) Investors Business Daily and the New York Times and I daily review Huff Post and Drudge. (both have good articles but more “fake news” on Huff Post having personally researched the sources). I am Jesuit trained with a legal education and have a distinctly Thomistic approach to reason and logic. I am mostly formed by the Faith and the understanding that Christ is The Truth, and the further away from Christ, the more error is present in the story. I am convinced we are a post racial society and have been for over 60 years now and race has nothing to do “with any of it”. Everything can be correctly judged by ‘Behavior’. People either engage in “successful behavior” or “Unsuccessful behavior” and all the gradients in between. If one is winning in life that is directly associated with their successful behaviors. If one is losing at life that is directly correlated to ones unsuccessful behaviors. That is why I abhor Race-Baiting! Its smoke and mirrors and is destructive and hopeless in every sense, and those that use it are simply liars and spawn of liars. So, Where do you get yours?

          • Guillermo Martinez

            I was taught as a young person to cast a wide net when it came to gathering “news” information… In an age of persistent, pernicious misinformation and propaganda, it is important for people of faith to read broadly, to consider contrary points of view in order to understand and facilitate conversations especially with others whose point of view are markedly different…

            The Nation
            National Review
            Huffington Post
            New York Times
            Fox News
            PBS Newshour
            Washington Post, Times
            Vox etc., etc…

            I’m a registered nurse working with the sick and dying . I’m a person of faith, baptized as a Cathlolic devoted to Christ as you are…

          • ITBWTW

            Happy to meet you. But why are you so hateful in your posts? It doesn’t jive with what you claim.

          • Guillermo Martinez

            I haven’t said anything hateful…. but just pointed out that if you support Trump you have aligned yourself with KKK & American Nazi Party which gave their support to Trump. If the KKK & America Nazi Party supports you & likes you there is something horribly wrong with you.

            It’s a fact that is easy to verify….

            I did not engage in any kind of personal attack ie: calling Ms. Christy Thomas a “race baiting loon” as you did in your response to her article, which I suggest you carefully re read…

            with Respect….

          • ITBWTW

            Guillermo, Both of you are loons. Both of you are racists and see life through a soft racism. You are both arrogant in you false sympathies, and refuse to believe man can rise up out of his condition, on his own. And you have to blame someone else for that condition, rather than the unsuccessful behavior exhibited by the individual. Blame is is the most ineffective thing to do when trying to raise standards. All solutions, just like all salvation, depends on the individual. God does not accept blame as an excuse for your short failings. No Christian would bear false witness like both of you have. You and I both know that Trump and his supporters are not Socialists. The Nazis were leftist Socialist and totalitarians. Nothing Trump has said or done could possibly lead a sane person to accuse him of being a Leftist Socialist Nazi. He has only freed Christianity (temporarily I’m afraid) from the leftist anti-God anti Catholic Faith acts of the Democrats. Lets talk about the little Sisters of Charity. Or how about Cuomo and the Leftist laws allowing the murder of infants just passed this week. How about choice as to what you want to bake a cake for?! Guillermo if you are a Democrat, and based on this discussion I’m convinced you are, or even leaning that way, you cannot be a Catholic. Just look at the Democratic Platform, and even you will see that nearly every part of it is Satanic. Catholics pay homage to the Creator. Socialist pay Homage to power.

            Again, your pictures are just your selfies.

          • Guillermo Martinez

            Wow! what a weird, ignorant and stupid response… I don’t think you realize how you come across… Take care! I wish you well… I won’t be responding to any of your postings in the future…

    • Guillermo Martinez
    • Steve Blakeman

      Well said. 2 Thess. 2:11

  • Angel Shining

    I just saw an article on houses made of recycled plastic bottles……build a wall out of that so we can keep our billions that would be wasted otherwise…..if your gonna do something stupid at least use recycled materials and save the tax payers all their money!!!

    • Valerie .Anderson

      As if Trump would do anthing in the least altruistic or sensible He’s not interested in saving
      taxpayers any money. All he cares about it getting their money into his tiny, grubby hands,

  • Shiningriver

    I agree with much of what you have written. However we can know what Jesus would say. He said, “My sheep hear my voice and I know them and another will they not follow.” By the Spirit we don’t have to guess. He said the Holy Spirit would guide into all truth–a greater guide than if he were in the flesh

  • Lynn

    I think Jesus has already given us words to express his complaint. Start with the widows mite which if you read farther expresses the complaint of the wealthy only giving the required 10% when their fair share would be so much more. When the leaders teach in such a way as to make their followers twice as fit for hell.

  • I think this article hits the nail on the head and gets to the heart of the matter. I appreciate how the author helps us look at the dark side of what has been considered Christian, and helps us to see what it means to be mature by looking at what immaturity looks like. Let us be the change we want to see in the world. Let us let go of our certitudes and humbly allow ourselves to be transformed by the spirit of Christ, producing fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control.

    • vmelkon

      “humbly allow ourselves to be transformed by the spirit of Christ,
      producing fruits of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness,
      gentleness and self-control”

      ==What about the parts about happy be he who dashes babies onto rocks, killing first born males, killing first born oxes and other livestock, stoning to death people who work on the sabath, a raper has to pay 50 silver coins to the father and marry the victim, etc.? All those Jesus laws suddenly are considered immoral?

      • Jeff Hinkle

        Exactly. I have a feeling Jesus implicitly doubled down on those lol

    • Robert Conner
  • Dick Modderkolk

    “Mr. Trump shows us precisely what Biblical Christianity is not”
    So close, he’s showing what modern christianity is!

  • Robert Conner

    Laughably stupid example of the No True Scotsman fallacy. Trump’s as Christian as it gets!


    The more the one dis-associates with reality and truth, buys in to every form of sexual im-morality, believes in anything but God, hates the natural differences of human beings, and ignores fundamental rights especially of ‘free expression of thought”, the more they look like Satanists and Statists. They certainly are not Christians. I believe this author falls into this category. And that would apply to anyone who buys her non-sense. Of Course “Non”-sense is exactly what they believe in, its the cultural meme for Satanists, because it has nothing to do with The Truth.