Women Who Abort Are Murderers: Lock Them Up

Women Who Abort Are Murderers: Lock Them Up July 3, 2022

Let’s handle this situation with real justice: if abortion is murder, then women who abort are murderers. In the civilized world, murders must be punished. In other words, lock them up.

women who abort are murderers

The rationale behind the anti-abortion movement states that from the moment of fertilization, the zygote is a person, independent of the gestating woman, and thus endowed with all the rights that come with personhood.

Part of me wants to quibble with this definition since obviously no zygote/embryo/fetus can develop independently of the gestating host. Nonetheless, I have decided it is best to work from this bedrock stance.

Sadly, I have just labeled millions of women, including some people whom I treasure deeply, as murderers. Nonetheless, painful or not, truth must be told.

The anti-abortion movement’s credibility stands upon the full personhood of the zygote/embryo/fetus affirmation again, independent of the person whose womb is being used to develop that life. Full persons whose lives are ripped from them before natural death have been murdered. Period. There can be no equivocation about this particular definition.

We might differ on punishments or repercussions, but we need to recognize the basic fact that guides the entire anti-abortion movement. A murder has been committed. Someone, or multiple someones, must be punished. The real punishment needs to land on the people who had the intentionality to end life: the women who abort, the gestators whose wombs hold human beings whom such gestators have chosen to kill.

Right now, the mainstream of the anti-abortion movement claims to be aghast at the idea of punishing the women who abort, insisting that it stands in solidarity with both mother and child. I appreciate the compassion behind a stance, but it falls apart by the equal assistance that abortion kills a human being.

People who kill human beings are murderers, no matter what their motivation or the circumstances surrounding the death of the other.

Now, we do let soldiers off the hook here–those fighting in wars are expected to routinely kill others. In fact, they are obligated to do so in the name of a larger good, i.e, protecting the sovereignty of an invaded country. No punishment is required of them, and a just society works hard to heal the moral injuries inflicted upon them by asking them to kill in the name of liberty.

But what about the aggressors in a war? Do we not justly seek to prosecute them for war crimes? Although many of Vladimir Putin’s minions may be prosecuted and held to account, ultimate responsibility always lands right in Putin’s megalomaniac little lap.

Women who abort must be punished

So, can we let murdering womb-hosts off the hook by looking at extenuating circumstances?  No, we can’t. First, restrictive state laws make it clear: no exceptions for rape and incest. In other words, even when a pregnancy has been forced upon an unwilling womb-holder (or more likely, teen or pre-teen girl), she must recognize the independence of that life from her own and do nothing to impede its development.

But more importantly, like Putin, the aborting womb-host is the prime agent in the decision to abort, just as Putin is the prime agent in the sickening aggression against the people of Ukraine. To hold medical professionals [i.e., soldiers on the ground] to account for an abortion while excusing the active agent, the woman requesting the abortion [i.e., Vladimir Putin in Ukrine] behind the scene makes no sense.

Thus, should the womb-host decide to end the life of the human being growing within, she has chosen to murder and must be punished. This is a given and we must stop the whitewashing.

Nonetheless, the idea of prosecuting these baby-murderers is sadly unpalatable to many. So, what about just offering blanket amnesty for womb-host murderers?

In the name of justice, we can’t. If they are off the hook then all murderers must also be off the hook.

Now, that last statement seems utterly ridiculous, but it is the logical outcome of all who have come together to equate abortion and murder:  the fully independent life of the human being in the womb has more value than the less fully independent life of the womb-host. The rights of the womb-host are at all times subservient to the rights of the womb inhabitant from the absolute moment of conception.

These are hard statements to swallow. Fortunately, some pastors are beginning to understand their mission here: push for the righteous punishment of women who have indeed chosen to murder. The pro-punishment movement is still small, but it is time for all godly people who stand for law and order to jump on this bandwagon.

Lock her up–that needs to be the rallying cry against all womb-hosts who seek to end the life of the zygote/embryo/fetus. Even if that life may have been forced upon her, it yet lives independently of her will while feeding on the womb-host, affecting her life, health, and well-being, often making her unemployable and, in too many cases, condemning her to a life of poverty and desperation.

Those things do not matter. Murder does.

Thus we must, in the name of all that is righteous, holy, and just, put on trial, imprison, and possibly put to death these murdering women. We need to be especially vigilant with supposed “miscarriages” early in pregnancies and assume that most are abortions in disguise.

After all, the normal medical term for the human death up to 13 weeks gestation is “abortion.” Medical personnel have long figured this out. Clearly, womb-hosts are not trustworthy to handle their own health issues. They must be carefully monitored if we are going to end this endemic of in-womb murders.

Now, if you have read this far, you may suspect that I am writing with my tongue firmly implanted in my cheek. Or am I?

Here’s the problem: I dislike the whole idea of abortion. And thus I wrestle with the issue in this next post.

Photo Credit: Photo 21463781 / Abortion © Pixattitude | Dreamstime.com

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