The Abortion Solution: Repeal The 19th Amendment

The Abortion Solution: Repeal The 19th Amendment December 13, 2023

Repeal the 19th Amendment if you really want to stop abortions. Women have no biblical right to the vote anyway.

Repeal the 19th amendment. This devastated pregnant woman must not have the vote to keep her rights.
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The political news, in addition to being dominated by former President Trump’s hate-filled antics, also now overflows with the agony of the GOP’s dawning realization that their campaign against bodily autonomy for women is not exactly winning the hearts of the US voting public.

Now, when I write “bodily autonomy for women,” I mean this: women of childbearing age (that can be as early as eight years old these days and extended into the 50s) have lost the right to medical privacy or doctor/patient privilege with their gynecological care.

That care now rests in the often grubby hands of mostly male politicians, the vast majority of whom have zero idea of what carrying a fetus to term and then spending the next 18-60 years nurturing and rearing it means for a woman. And who have zero interest in making the lives of these women and children more bearable. Or paying for their medical bills, should the child need extensive care, quite likely, especially in the case of poorer women who lack access to top-quality prenatal care and good nutrition.

Things have heated up with the situation concerning Kate Cox and the necessity of her obtaining an abortion for her non-viable fetus when carrying it to term would very much endanger the possibility of her future fertility and could threaten her life.

The Supreme Court of the State of Texas, fueled by the threats of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to sue anyone and everyone who might in any way be connected with the procedure, chose to deny her the right to make a necessary life-or-death medical decision.

I have written before about the travesty of the law that permits things like this. And she’s just one case.

Finally, there seems to be a significant reaction against this ruling- as in editorials in just about every publication horrified by the inappropriateness of this law and its implications for Ms. Cox and all in that situation.

Let’s get a full accounting of the men’s ED drugs.

At this point, I admit I want at least a full accounting of all the ED (those are Erectile Dysfunction, in case you didn’t know, and if you don’t know what that means, look it up) meds prescribed for every single male involved in this decision. I also want a full accounting of all the pregnancies they have caused and how many abortions they have aided and abetted in the past. And how often they’ve arranged for their daughters to get one.

Remember: no more medical privacy for girls and women of childbearing age is permitted. Those rules apply to the privileged as well as the rest of us.

We can only hope that Ken Paxton suddenly finds a colossal tumor growing in his belly but is denied proper medical care because, after all, it is alive, or it would not be growing.

OK, it’s time to calm down here. Just repeal the 19th Amendment.

The problem facing the GOP is this: because those women can and do vote, and because many of them resent their interference with their health, lives, and future, they are handing some soundly GOP defeats at the polls.

Obviously, to create an abortion solution, this practice must stop. Since the GOP has decreed that these women have no right to control their wombs, they also have zero rights to speak on the issue and need to be silenced.

Repeal the 19th Amendment
Photo Credit: By Clerk of the House – NARA [1], Public Domain,
The solution is astoundingly simple: It is time to repeal the 19th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.

The Amendment reads this way:

The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.

Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.

The reasoning behind this Amendment suggests that women must be seen as fully human and thus capable of rational decisions concerning personal and national interests.

But since the Bible is being used more and more as the blueprint for US society, I would suggest to you that no place in the Bible even suggests women should have the vote. Seriously.

Go ahead: quote me chapter and verse that supports women being able to vote. You can’t find it.

So, let’s stop this travesty. And it’s easy-peasy to do.

Make sure convicted Sexual Predator Donald Trump gets elected again in 2024. He’s already stated that he will put aside certain portions of the Constitution of the United States that he finds inconvenient. Therefore, he can declare the 19th Amendment null and void by fiat.

Should women insist on going to the polls anyway, Mr. Trump simply mobilizes the army to make mass arrests and instructs his minions to go through all mailed-in ballots and discard any sent by women.

The problem is solved.

With only men being allowed to vote, and since not a single one of them has ever experienced a life-challenging pregnancy and most remain delightfully ignorant of the challenges of such a state, particularly for the poor and malnourished, AND because all those new welfare babies soon to be born will give them another group of people to despise, the total ban on all abortions will quickly take place.

Now, a few enlightened men might object, but they can be quickly silenced by more hate-filled rhetoric from the ever-open mouth of Mr. Trump.

Thus, the longed-for “men are fully in charge of everything” utopian society will arise!

The religious folk who are sure the Bible guides all they do (there is some tiny disregard for a clear preference to take care of the unprotected and outcasts of society) will be the total victors, standing atop a growing pile of septic and dying women and girls. Kind of like what Hamas did when they repeatedly raped and sexually abused Israeli women and girls on Oct. 7, 2023.

Yeah, there’s only a difference of degree, not of intent. The goal is to humiliate women and forever remind them of who is in charge.

And that is where far, far too large a portion of the Christian world sits. It’s just horrifying. Unless you are one of them. Then it feels great.


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