The Week-est Link, May 2, 2008: Band of Bloggers Info

The Week-est Link, May 2, 2008: Band of Bloggers Info May 2, 2008

1. I don’t know why I overlooked this in past “Week-est Links,” but here it is: the link to the Band of Bloggers website. If you are a gospel-oriented blogger, go there and sign up to be added to the the network of bloggers. It’s a great way to link up with like-minded writers and to be involved in a wider movement. You do not need to have gone to the Band of Bloggers event in Louisville in April 2008 to be a part of this exciting network. My friend Timmy Brister has started this all up, and it’s going to be exciting to see what the Lord does to use his vision.

2. While we’re on the topic of Band of Bloggers, make sure that you take 45 minutes or so to listen to the moderated panel discussion on “Christ-Centered Blogging.” As those entrusted with the gospel, the panel sought to think through how one stewards this responsibility in the unique context of blogging. I moderated the panel and found the answers of the bloggers (Tim Challies, Thabiti Anyabwile, Abraham Piper, and Phil Johnson) to be provocative and instructive. Also, my friend Tony Kummer was in charge of the sound and did a great job, a fact I forgot to mention at the panel (sorry, Tony!).

3. Blog Gem: “Matthew Hall.Net It would be difficult to find a more thoughtful Christian blog than Matt’s. Matt, working toward a PhD in American Religious History, offers exceptional commentary on historical and cultural trends on his blog. He’s not the most consistent blogger (being the producer of Dr. Mohler’s radio show and the head of a rapidly growing home has something to do with it–not to mention his studies!), but when he blogs, you should note what he says. I love Matt’s writing and look forward to seeing what the Lord does through him in the future.

4. Desiring God has a unique blog series unfolding right now on photography. It’s nice to see a very popular blog expand to the realm of the arts. Check out the series.

5. A funny Salon piece on how online “booklists” allow us to construct false images of ourselves. I’ve noticed this before and attempt to point out, personally, where I’m an actual authority and where I’m an armchair authority. So far, it’s a big zero in the first column and too many to name in the second…

…Have a richly relaxing weekend, everyone.

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