Thom Rainer: Suffering and Sanctification in Nashville

Thom Rainer: Suffering and Sanctification in Nashville May 6, 2010

Thom Rainer, President and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources in Nashville, has a noteworthy post up about his experiences in the recent flood in Tennessee.  With many others, my heart goes out to Rainer and his fellow southerners who have suffered.

He wrote the following in the wake of discovering much damage to his home and property:

I am now looking at the television. I am seeing the stunning shots of the ongoing devastation of Nashville. I am seeing hundreds, if not thousands, of homes and businesses completely underwater. I am hearing of numbers of deaths in the area.

And now I have new emotions.

Why were we spared the massive devastation when others were not? Why were our losses in the tens of thousands when others lost everything?

I never asked, “Why me Lord?” when I thought we had lost all of our material possessions. I knew I had already been blessed so far beyond anything I deserved. But I was having trouble reconciling why we were spared the most devastation when others were not. I do find myself asking, “Why not me Lord?”

Read the whole thing.

I found this a convicting thought, one worthy of pondering, even as many of us aren’t going through nearly the earthly suffering that Rainer and many others are.  To see more pictures of the devastation that can inform our prayers, go here (HT: Challies).

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  • We went through a flood in 2004. Part of the recovery process was focusing on what we had left, not on what we had lost.