When Spirituality Overshadows Simple Humanity

When Spirituality Overshadows Simple Humanity September 19, 2021

What is humanity? Humanity is simply one’s ability to have compassion on a fellow, human being. It is an ability not too hard to possess, we have only misplaced priorities. Putting inanimate things before living things, valuing material and mundane things more than our fellow, human beings. It is good to be a christian, a very active one at that. The kind that goes to church, reads the Bible and prays for hours. The type that embarks on evangelical outreach to different locations and large populations. All of this is good but there is a spirituality which is easier to understand, assimilate and imbibe. This spirituality is one taught and expressed through actions of love.
Food, clothing and shelter are three basic things needed for human survival. It is only a person who has these three core needs met, that will have the time and thought space; the time and thought space to accommodate the words of a preacher. People want practical christianity, the kind that is action oriented and not just made up of words. The words of a preacher can be soothing, encouraging and comforting but it is the actions of love that are more convincing and persuading. Faith without works is dead and spirituality without practicality is no christianity.

James 2:15 – 16: ” If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food. And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled, notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?”.

The preaching of the gospel is good but it is important to put people in comfortable conditions in which they will be more willing to listen to the gospel. Love is enough to win the hearts of hardened criminals, winning them for Christ. You can shower someone with lots of spiritual words and encourage them with your counsel but if you can do more than that, do not hesitate.

One of the reasons why the kingdom of darkness seems to be taking over is because they know how to appeal to the needs of the people. People become eager to walk away from God when they are offered money, clothing, shelter, food, jobs and many other opportunities.

Christians have an unnecessary guilt when it comes to money and desiring more of it. The love of money is the root of all evil, not money in itself. Money in itself is a tool that can be used for evil or for good but when you love money more than God, it becomes sinful. In order to advance the kingdom of God, christians should change their mindset and approach towards money and spreading of the gospel. Let us use our spirituality to press into God’s supply for kingdom finance. The kingdom of God needs to be made known to people in all parts of the world and this requires funding. These people to be encountered will also have needs waiting to be met.

We need to reach out to them spiritually with the gospel of Jesus Christ and practically with financial support. That way, the gospel will be made practical to them. Why won’t their hearts be touched when we show them our faith through our actions of love? Through works? This is why we christians need to ask God for money without feeling guilty. We need to learn to ask for riches without guilt. It is not a bad or proud thing to be rich and abundant.

Money is a tool. A tool that can be used to advance the kingdom of God and win souls for God. It is not like we will be buying people into the church or bribing people to follow Jesus. It is the word of God declared with the power of the Holy Spirit that converts souls and the gospel is best made practical through good works. Some loving actions of love cost nothing but most times, people are in dire need and also want to experience love in such circumstances. May God empower you and I to be kingdom financiers, to advance His kingdom on Earth for His glory.

We do not serve a poor God. We serve a rich God, an abundant God. A God of infinite abundance. Therefore, we should tap into His abundance by asking with faith. It is our divine right as the children of God to be rich because our Father, the master of the universe is rich. Christ became a curse that we might be blessings and poor that we might be rich. He has won the victory, let us walk in the liberty He has won for us. In health, finance, relationships e.t.c, let us claim our liberty in Jesus Christ.

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