The Power of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ

The Power of The Resurrection Of Jesus Christ September 27, 2021

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a powerful mystery that the devil and his cohorts did not see coming. It was all part of God’s hidden agenda for the salvation of mankind. Jesus shared this hidden agenda of God with his disciples but most times, he would do so privately because the information was not for everyone to know. The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a mystery that every Christian should be thankful to God for. This is because what Jesus Christ allowed himself to be used for, was marvellous.

Jesus Christ is the Son of God. Out of His humility, obedience to God and love for mankind, He took the form of sinful man and died for our sins. People don’t usually get it or find it relatable to themselves when it is said that Jesus Christ died for their sins. The reason why it is put in that way is because Jesus was innocent. He did not commit any sin but he came primarily to die for the sin of others. Everybody’s sin, past sins, present sins and future sins has been taken by Jesus. He took it all because he wants to take the blame, take the accusation, take the guilt and set us free. He gave us his purity and innocence, and took our sin and filth. Jesus not only took our sin and filth, he also killed the ability to sin in us.

But one would wonder how we come into all of this and how we can connect to become part of all this. We become part of this when we believe in Jesus Christ and are baptised in His name. When we believe in Jesus Christ, everything that He is and offers becomes real in our lives. The power in Him as the son of God, becomes something that we experience. It ceases to be words but realities to us. When we are baptised with water, it is a physical activity that brings us into a spiritual reality: that when we believe in Jesus Christ, he washes us clean of all our filth and sinful nature, making us new and just like him. The deep part of this is that, when we are baptised, we are spiritually incorporated into the body of Jesus Christ. The body that was battered and bled on the cross, that is the body we become part of. It makes us part of Jesus so that as he died and put sin to death, as we enter into Him by faith and baptism, our sinful nature is also put to death.

As he was on the cross bleeding with stripes here and there, on entering into him, our sins are washed away. When he died, we died with him, descended into hell and conquered death and hell with him. We have victory in Him and through Him.

After Jesus Christ had died and descended into the hell, part of the work of salvation was already done. Our sinful nature was put to death, our sins were washed away, death and hell were conquered, the souls in captivity were set free and He overcame evil spirits. All this happened spiritually. The people on Earth were still mourning his death, some were losing faith but a promise was yet to be kept.

When he rose again, oh! What a glorious morning! We rose with Him in victory. We became his purity and righteousness. We were made right with God. We entered into eternal life, the very life that he is. He conquered the grave and we conquered it with Him. He gave us the very faith in Him that we have. We know his word is true because he keeps it. If Jesus, even at conquering sin and death, did not rise from the dead, we will not have any access into eternal life. It is his resurrection that ushered us into the new life, into new existence, new worth, new meaning and new creation. He gave us faith and hope.

We believe so much more because he rose from the grave and ascended into heaven. We believe that he has won everything for us, we sit with Him in heavenly places and reign with Him from there because we are in Him. We do not need to work to earn God’s mercy.

We do not need to make up for our sins, his blood and purity is standing in for us. All we need to do is to believe and connect, then will we have all things through Christ. All this and more is ours to enjoy when we believe, declare and confess who we are in Christ Jesus.

So, He has done it all. Let us live, move and have our being in Him. We are sufficient in all things in Him, He is our Yes and Amen to God’s store room. If you lack anything or you are short of anything, ask in the name of Jesus Christ, and you will have it. Especially when you ask with faith in your heart. We know that as God raised Jesus Christ from the dead, we will resurrect too.

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