Sensory-Friendly Mass Directory Now Available

Sensory-Friendly Mass Directory Now Available February 28, 2022

Over on, I’ve posted a sensory-friendly Mass directory. I hope this helps autistics and families find a family without sensory issues.

Body and Blood of Christ
Body and Blood of Christ (CC0 Annie Theby on Unsplash)

One of the biggest steps the Church needs to do now to include autistics is making a sensory-friendly Mass in every city. Asking a few autistics I know, I have found a number of locations that have such Masses. I looked at the US and Canada…

  • This is presented as-is and to-the-best-of-my-knowledge. I cannot gurantee the information in the map.
  • Each location has details and usually a link to the website.
    • Some are specific areas like a reverse cry-room, some are special Masses explicitly sensory-friendly, and others are Masses that are the most sensory friendly in the area even if not done for that reason.
    • Different locations use different terms. I will usually include this in the description.
    • Not every one is every week. (Honestly, with the autistic love of order and regularity, we should work to make these all weekly.)
  • I am relying both on parish descriptions and descriptions by atusitic individuals.
  • Please comment below or use the contact form above if something needs updating.
  • This will be pinned to the menu on this site and I hope to regualrly update it so it can be reshared every few months.

Read the rest over on I will be posting more over there so subscribe there for the latest.

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