Hedge Crossing & Spirit Flight

Hedge Crossing & Spirit Flight May 5, 2016

On the Wings of Spirit We Fly

Hedge-Crossing, Hedge-Riding, Wind-Riding, and Myrk-Walking; these are just some of the terms for Spirit Flight. It is a journey you take in Spirit form or in the Dream World in which we meet at the Witches Sabbath or join with our Fetch Beast in the making of magic. While Hedge-Riding, we are able to journey to realms we cannot get to in the waking world. In Spirit form we can ride the Current of Enchantment to worlds Unseen, the kingdom of Faery and the Shadow-Lands.

As we attend the great feasts at the Witches Sabbath provided by Hekate, Queen of Witches, we ready ourselves for the Night Battles. We side with the Benadante—Good Walkers—Seelie Court, or with the Malandante—Bad Walkers—Un-Seelie Court, in a battle for the good of the worlds, Seen and Unseen. Of course, who are we to decide what is good for the Worlds; what may seem virtuous in Faery may in reality be immoral in the waking world. Things are not as they seem in the Realms of Shadow and Enchantment; beware of who the true monsters are.

"Triple Hecate" by William Blake, From WikiMedia
“Triple Hecate” by William Blake, From WikiMedia

There are many ways in which we can travel to the Spirit Realms, finding what works for you can take many attempts of trial and error. Swaying, drumming, hissing, dancing, and deep meditation are just a few ways of gaining access to Spirit Flight. The creation of Flying Ointments can be dangerous if toxic herbs are used in its making. There are ways to make the ointment without the dangers of poisonous herbs, finding the right concoction for you is the trick. Again, it’s all about trial and error; that, of course, is what’s so rewarding about Witchcraft—the magic and enchantment that fills our lives.

Once we find our method of flight, we whisper upon the Winds of Change the destination we wish to visit. Here, we can fly on the Witches Broom, change shape into bird or animal form, or take on the visage of our Faery-Self. When we arrive, the time for magic and mayhem begins. We join others in the Dance of Enchantment and prepare for the Battles of Night. We watch as the Wild Hunt swarms the worlds Seen and Unseen and we join in the Feast of the Wicked.

To return to the Realm of the Living, a simple wish upon the Winds of Change and visualizing our corporal bodies will help us to awaken and come back to ourselves. The eating of solid foods and engaging with our family or pets will help to ground and center after a night of Hedge-Crossing. Though you may find it hard to travel in the beginning, after much practice you will find that with ease you can slip into the trance-like state needed for the Spirit-Flight. Believing in yourself is the key to any form of magic and enchantment.

The Arte of the Damned

51wD0MJgLfL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_Witchcraft is terrifyingly beautiful and insanely ecstatic. It is who we are, our blood is aroused and our eyes opened by the Dance of Life and Death. To be a Witch is to awaken to our true selves, the mysteries of the Worlds are ours to discover and embrace. The finding of our Familiar/Fetch Beast is akin to finding a long lost loved one. They are part of us and are the key that unlocks the Gates of Faery, the Shadow-Lands, and the Witches World of Enchantment.

Our Familiar/Fetch Beast may be bodied or pure spirit. They may be animal, part animal, or humanoid. Familiars’/Fetch Beasts have mastered the art of shape-shifting, they have learned to ride the currents of Witchcraft, flying off to aid us in the making of charms and enchantments. They can take the form of Dragons, Griffins, Gargoyles, and other mythological beasts. At times nothing more than a cloud of smoke, our Familiar/ Fetch Beast is always with us, comforting in their very presence in our lives. To form a loving relationship with our Familiar/Fetch Beast will insure a lifetime of enchanted companionship.

You cannot summon the Familiar/Fetch Beast, they will make themselves known to you when the time is right. They are with you from the beginning and will be with you in death. When you feel the rustling of your Familiar/Fetch Beast it will be accompanied by a deep sensation of love and longing. If it is fear you feel, then either you are not ready or this is not your Familiar/Fetch Beast. Cleansing and the setting of wards will aid in non-friendly spirits harassing or trying to contact you.

The cauldron and the stang/staff are the two tools I use most often in my craft (besides my mind and spirit). The stang aids me in access to the World Tree and the cauldron aids in the access of Hekate’s Cave. Both connect me with the Realms of Faery and Shadow, allowing me to ride the Currents of Enchantment. The stang/staff can be decorated with horns, antlers, and feathers and the cauldron can be a cast iron cauldron or any other vessel you feel drawn to. There are many other tools that I use in the Craft—a wand, knife, herbs, and enchanted waters all aid me in their own unique way.

The life of a Witch is one filled with enchantment, the world’s Seen and Unseen carry with them the knowledge of the Beloved Dead. The Blood of the Witch has awakened as we join in the Ecstatic Dance of Faery and Shadow. Magic can be found everywhere, the key to finding it lies within the Heart of the Witch and Faery. As our lives converge on the World of Enchantment, we become one with Nature and Hekate. Like Circe and Medea, we are Her Children of the Night.

An excerpt from: Hekate: A Devotional by Vivienne Moss

4535About the Author: Vivienne Moss is a solitary witch, mystic, and priestess of Hekate who resides in a small Indiana town. She spends her days brewing up trouble with her two daughters, and her nights dreaming the enchanted life . When she’s not writing, you’ll find her taking long walks through the forest or strolling through the local cemetery. A lover of all things occult, Vivienne dedicates her time to the study of esoteric knowledge. Vivienne’s hope is to share the magic of the world with fellow seekers of Witchdom.

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