The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 February 14, 2012

Bottom Line: This third movie out of four is more of the same: frothy romance with a rotten core.

The Gist: Bella Swan marries her glittery vampire boyfriend, but their unbelievable honeymoon is cut short by trouble. As always, werewolf Jacob Black, vampire Edward Cullen, and the lovely Bella emote, grow angry at each other, stalk out, reunite, emote some more and have huge problems that require lots of emoting. Oh, and Jacob takes off his shirt.

The Verdict: Skip it. Run far away. For more on my reactions and why Bella would be better off dumping both Edward and Jacob to go to law school, read my full review.

Be Aware: Rated PG-13, the film covers married honeymoon sex, which is shown but not shown, and a bloody medical situation, which happens mostly off camera but is rather intense. Plus, Jacob takes off his shirt a lot.

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  • Ashley Gantt

    Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 1 was great. I couldn’t wait ’til it came out. My favorite part was when Jacob imprinted on Bella’s baby. The part that I thought was funny was when Jacob stood up to Sam and his clan. He didn’t want to her Bella nor the baby. The wedding was kind of weird because I wanted to see more and their honeymoon was cut short because Bella got pregnant. There was one thing that made me sick and that was the way Bella looked while she was pregnant but other than that I loved it. Any movie that has Taylor Launter in it I will watch. Because he is such a cute and sweet individual.

  • Ashley Gantt

    I wanted to see more of what happened after Bella turned but of course when it gets to the good part it goes off.

  • Emery

    Thanks for the review! Even though it’s short, it definitely sounds like it sums up the movie for what it is. I’ve read a lot of other reviews that would agree with you, so I’m not too disappointed that I didn’t catch this installment in the theaters. I did notice it is available on PPV in HD through my Dish subscription, so I think checking it out that way will be the best option for me. I do like what Robert brings to the table, and seeing he is a handsome man, watching him in Dish HD sounds like a great plan to me! A couple of my co-workers at Dish are obsessed with Twilight, so they will be delighted to hear I’m finally going to watch it, lol. 🙂