Home Viewing: The Grey

Home Viewing: The Grey May 17, 2012

Bottom Line: A tense, suspenseful walk through wolf-infested Alaska that doubles as a philosophical metaphor for life and death, the film isn’t perfect but is good.

The Gist: A plane full of burly, tough oil field workers crashes in remote Alaska. Not only do they have to find a way out, but they have landed in the territory of burly, tough wolves. Liam Neeson stars as the leader of the pack, the human pack.

The Verdict: Watch it. What we say we believe in the comfort of our lives changes drasitcally when facing death. Men wrestle with wolves, but metaphorically, they’re wrestling with mortality, love, and God. Liam Nesson is fantastic. Some of the scenes are a bit unbelievable. The special effects are minimal, but director Joe Carnahan uses them to good effect. Read our review and interview with Carnahan.

Be Aware: Rated R, the film has intense, gory violence and men who talk like, well, Alaskan oil field workers.

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