THE ANTLIZT: January 24, 2018

THE ANTLIZT: January 24, 2018 January 24, 2018


A curated selection of articles of interest from the past week related to Christianity and culture.

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How the #metoo movement became a feminist sexual revolution. “Oh, girls, look what we’ve done now. We’ve gone too far. The growing backlash against the MeToo movement has finally settled on a form that can face itself in the mirror. The charge is hysteria, moral panic, hatred of sex, hatred of men. More specifically, as Andrew Sullivan complained in New York magazine this week, “the righteous exposure of hideous abuse of power had morphed into a more generalized revolution against the patriarchy.” Well, yes. That’s rather the point.” [LongReads]

Divorcing sex from love hasn’t made sex more fun, more safe or less complicated. [WP]

Viva lé revolution(?): on the ‘progress’ of the sexual revolution. “The pervasive and paradoxical perspective on sex is this: sex means nothing and sex means everything.” [Patheos]

Cornel West: America is spiritually bankrupt. We must fight back together. “The political triumph of Donald Trump is a symbol and symptom – not cause or origin – of our imperial meltdown. Trump is neither alien nor extraneous to American culture and history. In fact, he is as American as apple pie.” [Guardian]

Ta-Nehisi Coates on Cornel West’s one-sided war. [Atlantic]

On – improving workplace culture, one review at a time. [New Yorker]

Roe v. Wade was about more than abortion. [NYT]

Science is giving the pro-life movement a leg up. [Atlantic]

“I’m unapologetically pro-life but am ashamed that Trump spoke at the March for Life.” [American Magazine]

The Japanese words for ‘space’ could change your view of the world. [QZ]

Can the earth feed 10 billion people? We have 30 years to find out. [Atlantic]

RIP George Lindbeck. [YDS]

We’ve been tracking the response to David Bentley Hart’s new translation of the New Testament. Here’s his response to NT Wright’s critical review. “He is, however, kinder to me than I would have been to him had I written a review of his translation; so, I suppose I should not take umbrage. I do want, however, to reply, because his remarks, to my mind, exhibit a host of what I regard as some of the profounder errors that can be made by any reader or translator of the New Testament.” Yikes.

Why pain is necessary. An interview with a neuroscientist on our brains and the evolution of our feelings. [Nautilus]

How to see a memory. “Every memory leaves its own imprint in the brain, and researchers are starting to work out what one looks like.” [Nature]

Peterson’s worldview is complex, although 12 Rules makes a heroic attempt to simplify it into digestible material. It might be encapsulated thus: “Life is tragic. You are tiny and flawed and ignorant and weak and everything else is huge, complex and overwhelming. Once, we had Christianity as a bulwark against that terrifying reality. But God died. Since then the defence has either been ideology – most notably Marxism or fascism – or nihilism. These lead, and have led in the 20th century, to catastrophe.” [Guardian]


Neil Diamond announces his retirement from touring after Parkingson’s diagnosis. 50 years of making magic – it’s been a good ride, Neil.

This video is Neil doing a Beatles cover. Be sure to watch to 2:11. Check out the NYT and NPR articles for extra vids.

Here’s another one for good measure: Sweet Caroline.

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