Math and Morality Index

Math and Morality Index August 5, 2010

In August of 2010, I wrote a series of posts on the relationship between math and morality.

  1. “From Dreams I Proceed to Facts” — an introduction to my views on math and metaphysics by way of Flatland
  2. Hail to the Cylinder God — being able to make negative definitions of God is essential
  3. As sure as I am of anything — how does evidence for morality compare to evidence for causality, or the reality of sight
  4. Tangled Up in Blue — a discussion of the tension between societal norms and the actual moral values they’re meant to be applications of
  5. On what evidence? — I answer commenter’s questions about why I feel the evidence for absolute morality is compelling
  6. Optimized and Arbitrary — why game theory should make us understand that stable societal norms are not the same as moral norms
  7. Optimized and Arbitrary (Part 2) — what does it mean that we have strong preferences for particular stable/resilient societies?
  8. Empirics, Morality, and Rational Ignorance — some moral questions come down to empirical evidence, may I trust other people’s reports on these facts rather than investigating myself?
  9. One last post on sight — far from a direct representation of reality, I like to think of sight as a n-1 dimensional representation of an n dimensional reality

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