All the Atheist Round Posts are Up!

All the Atheist Round Posts are Up! May 31, 2012

If you’ve been waiting to vote in the Ideological Turing Test until all the entries in the round were posted, now’s your chance. You can browse all thirteen entries at the index post. Currently, the sample sizes are lower than I’d like, so, by all means, forward the link around to any friends, listservs, or bloggers you think might enjoy the project. This isn’t a rigorous scientific poll, so snowball sampling is a-ok.

The first entries in the Christian round will start going up either Friday or Saturday, and I’ll announce by Monday how long the atheism polls will stay open. Oh, and since this question came up in the comments: I don’t guarantee an even split between atheist and Christian contestants (and it would have been hard to achieve one, given that I have an odd number of entries). So don’t worry about quotas, just judge each entry individually.

Once you’ve finished voting, you’re free to gossip about the entries in the comment threads.

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