2012 Queer Blogathon [Index Post]

2012 Queer Blogathon [Index Post] June 12, 2012

In June of 2012, I took one leg of the Secular Student Alliance Blogathon, promising to put up twelve posts in twelve hours, all of which were prompted by comments on the mammoth thread “Go Ahead, Tell Me What’s Wrong with Homosexuality.”  I started with empirics, and somehow meandered off into discussion of companionate marriage and bank robberies-as-first-dates by the end.  The Blogathon raises money for the SSA, and, of course, they’ll welcome your donations even if you’re reading this long after the Blogathon has ended.  If you’re on the fence, you can read my pitch on why even Christians may want to give to the SSA.

  1. This is why ‘Pragmatism’ isn’t an ethical system – What kind of empirical data would suggest that living an active, gay life was bad for you?
  2. “The rumba is a vertical expression of a horizontal desire” – In which I have strange ideas about how we decide which kinds of eroticism need regulation
  3. “We know where great sex is; we don’t know where great sex isn’t” – Commenter Jerry thinks the Catholic model for relationships is the most likely to work, which doesn’t mean others can’t
  4. It’s Teleology All the Way Down – I’ve got a problem with utilitarianism
  5. Let’s assume gay marriages were really worse… – People studying gay marriages may be making the wrong comparisons
  6. Let’s assume gay marriages were really worse, ctd… – Or possibly tracking the wrong dependent variable
  7. Are Civil Rights Asymmetric? –  Does it make sense to move as slowly as possible when expanding rights to new classes?
  8. How Critical is Sexual Desire to Human Identity? – Some of the natural law arguments I’ve heard have a very narrow definition of human flourishing
  9. I’m ok with companionate marriage – Commenting on that gay Mormon guy happily married to a woman
  10. Companionate Marriage for Everyone? –  I may agree with Alan Jacobs that we’d be better off slightly closer to the companionate marriage end of the spectrum
  11. What dating process would give rise to companionate marriages? – Dating might be more fun if it were like the most awesome college application I know of
  12. Data! Data! Data! – There’s a new study out trying to assess the impact of gay families.  But there are some problems

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  • Douglas Naaden

    Hey, I’m a cradle-born Catholic with a degree in Philosophy. If you want to e-mail me about the homosexual stuff, by all means I’d love to talk about it.
    I didn’t look much into the articles behind the heading. But there seems to be a trend in your titles that the morality of sexual relations begins and ends with how much it profits/hurts someone to live that lifestyle.
    I would recommend Sexual Wisdom, a book by my uncle, to looks at some medical reasons on why it hurts. But even if it didn’t, it is ultimately beside the point. A thing is immoral or not in relation to the Truth, so even if an immoral act does not hurt us (in regards to temporal goods), that does not make it right. That the gay lifestyle or playboy lifestyle or whatever life style ends up hurting is more confirmation of the immorality of it than the proof.

    • Aaron

      What I don’t get is why does it matter whether or not it hurts the individual or society? If one accepts an objective moral law- like Leah does- it makes no difference. Leah’s a virtue ethicist, not a utilitarian, no?

  • Rebecca

    One of the authors of this article against gay marriage is a non-Christian gay man, you might find his arguments convincing: http://catholiceducation.org/articles/sexuality/ho0064.html

    This is also written by a gay man, but it is the story of his spiritual conversion: http://www.catholiceducation.org/articles/homosexuality/ho0001.html

    I really hope you read them both. I’ve re-read them many times, they have so much to offer.

    • Hugo

      As the son of a loving single mother I find the arguments in those links abhorrent!
      “Boys cannot learn how to become healthy men from even the most loving mother (or pair of mothers) alone.”
      I’m 40 have been happily married for 15 years, have 2 beautiful loving daughters, love life, and I’m financially better of than most of the planet, please tell me how I’m not healthy?

      • Dan

        “Boys cannot learn how to become healthy men from even the most loving mother (or pair of mothers) alone.”

        Funny, I’ve been married for seven, have two beautiful, loving children, love life, and I’m financially better than most people on the planet, and I recognize fully the defects in me caused by the lack of a male role model growing up. There are no universals in something as subjective as relationships, but only generalities; you have one experience denying this, I have one confirming it. It may not be your experience, but it is definitely true for some.

        • Mandy

          “Boys cannot learn how to become healthy men from even the most loving mother (or pair of mothers) alone.”

          Your response to Hugo doesn’t make the above claim true. However, his response to this claim does refute the initial statement. Are there going to be boys raised by a single mother or two mother who are not well-adjusted? Sure. But that doesn’t mean it’s because he had no father figure. However, the fact that Hugo doe recognize that he is a healthy man despite the fact that he was raised by a single mother refutes the statement that no boy could learn how to become a healthy man without a father in his life. Furthermore, fathers are not the only male role models in a boy’s life. Do you honestly think that a child raised by a woman has no exposure to adult men?