Meanwhile… June 23, 2012

This is the view from my porch:

This isn’t an Andrew Sullivan game to guess where I live.  This is the reason I have no power or internet and probably won’t until Monday.  So be extra-specially patient if your comments get stuck in the spam filter.  Also, please understand that even when my power comes back on, I won’t be responding directly to emails and comments that ask things like “Why Catholicism of all religions?”  I know everyone is interested in that question, so I’ll eventually be posting on it here, but I can’t start private dialogues with folks or my head will explode.  Merci!

Also, just so you understand how slow the repairs will be, a dialogue with one of my housemates:

Him: I think Pepco might really be trying to deal with this quickly.  They got a lot of criticism last summer for how slow they were to restore power.

Me: So they learned that no matter how bad they are, all we can do is complain?

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