Your daily dose of anti-gnosticism!

Your daily dose of anti-gnosticism! September 1, 2012


Look how delicate and lovely my metatarsals and phlanges are!

If you’re anywhere near a Bodies exhibit, I really recommend a trip.  First of all, it’s not gross at all (and this is coming from someone who covers her eyes when watching House).  I was really overwhelmed by the beauty of human anatomy each time I went, and I felt a surge of that awe again when I got to peer inside my foot on Friday.

Of course, we’re not in wacky old antiquity, where they took routine fluoroscopes at the shoe store.  These are diagnostic x-rays, and it turns out I’ve broken my littlest toe at Aikido class.

So, if people want to give me a little crowdsourcing help, I’ve been trying to become stronger by alternating between the 200 squats and 100 push-ups apps, but both are nixed during the six week recovery period.  I definitely recommend these.  I followed the 200 sit-ups one to completion, and do 200 situps before bed and when I wake up now.  And when I started the push-up app, I couldn’t do one push-up.  I followed the program doing push-ups off a table until I was strong enough to start over doing kneeling push-ups, and, after about three weeks of that, I was able to restart doing actual push-ups.

While all those exercises are kiboshed, can people recommend any upper body exercises that won’t involve putting any pressure on my foot?  Bonus points if I can outsource deciding what to do to a schedule, like I do with the apps or if there’s an easy way to gamify them.  I have access to a gym with weights and machines and stuff, but I’d like to have some stretches and/or exercises I can do at home, so there’s a low barrier to actually exercising.

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