My Belt is being Phagocytosed!

My Belt is being Phagocytosed! October 22, 2012

This is the last in-progress Monday update for my Ms. Frizzle costume you’ll get.  I’ve got to have the whole thing finished by this Saturday.  So, I spent most of Saturday drawing germs, tracing them onto interfacing, ironing the interfacing onto fabric, and then pinning and topstitching the appliques onto the dress.

In case that was a little in the weeds, I’m drawing designs onto this kind of fabric:

Streptococci cut out of interfacing. (Some of them are going through mitosis!)

The interfacing gets ironed onto the pretty fabric to make it stronger and to keep it from wrinkling.  I learned that lesson from Covus Tristis’s sewing blog (she’s where I got the pattern for that Hufflepuff surcoat).  Once I add the strep cells on, it looks a little something like this:

White blood cells engulfing strep

Tonight, during the presidential debate, is probably going to be mostly red blood cells.  And I have big plans for a T4 bacteriophage.  And I think I’m going to use smallpox to cover up the cheery embroidery on the collar.  Any other suggestions for your favorite plagues are welcome.  The best bugs for this purpose will have fairly distinctive shapes.

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